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missions de développeur java webmethods

Exemple de missions de Kader, Développeur java webmethods habitant la Haute-Garonne (31)

Dynamics Research Corp. (DRC) [11/01/2010 – Present]
Design and maintain DOD Enterprise Correspondence and Control System (ECCS), a system that tracks and manages tasking assignment and correspondence statuses.

STG Inc. [12/09 – 10/15/2010]
Design and develop web-enabled information systems to support the Office of Foreign Missions (OFM), branch of the US Department of State, and to allow diplomatic personnel to request a variety of services, from license plates to foreign mission official security protection during a visit. These systems were developed with JEE technologies including Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) and JSF.

Designed and developed various types of information systems, for the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and US Patent Office. Also provided production system technical support to Help Desk:

• Configured Apache HTTP Server to allow Single Sign-on (Oracle’s Webgate) in an effort to integrate a few of the agency’s Document Management Systems, leveraging many of the above-mentioned Java technologies, including client side JQuery style of JavaScript.

• Developed a web-based Equipment Tracking system on behalf of EPA’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM). This system tracked equipment transfers from warehouse to warehouse and across superfund regions. This effort relied on Spring MVC and AJAX, leveraging Java through Direct Web Remoting (DWR).

• Designed and developed a web-based EPA Superfund Document Management System to track cleanup statuses throughout EPA regions. This system leveraged Java Spring framework Inversion of Control (IOC) capabilities, and Hibernate Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) powers.

• Designed XML-based web service to support Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Substance Registry System (SRS) easy lookup and identification of chemical/biological substances extracted from superfund fields. This system relied on Hibernate (ORM) to fetch the substance data from Oracle database, and on WSDL/JAXB technology to bind Java content objects to XML Schemas and return an XML documents to requester using Apache Axis SOAP over HTTP transport protocols.

• Developed and integrated a Watchdog application for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This web-based system can monitor multiple systems and their resources, as well as post graphic alerts on the client browser. The software technology involved includes Java, JSP, Struts, Unix Shell and Perl scripting.

• Designed two web applications based on Java and JSP, to support the US Patent and Trade Mark Office (USPTO) Application document viewing capability. These applications were deployed in iPlanet Application Server, to receive queries initiated from a front-end client browser, and return patent application document images for viewing. The back-end document metadata originated from an Oracle database, accessed through Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). A three-tier model system was developed to separate the database interface tier from the client web server tier, and was built on Java Remote Method Invocation technology (RMI) for query service transport.

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