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LINUX : spécificités

Linux est un système d'exploitation du domaine publique! Linux est dédié aux ordinateurs de type PC et aux environnements SUN. En plus Linux est un système multi-tâches et multi-utilisateurs. La particularité de Linux par rapport aux autres systèmes d'exploitations est d'être un logiciel libre sous une licence GNU/GPL. Linux équipe surtout les serveurs avec une part de marché de 24% en 2004.
Exemple de missions de Nicolas, freelance LINUX résidant dans les Alpes-Maritimes (06)

March 2002 – Today: IBM, Linux systems/Clusters expert
ADEX is a French company specializing in computer management (systems and networks). They are a one of hundred Software firms in France, and employ 200 consultants. The business is represented in Paris or in the south of France, either in ESR offices or sub-contracted to other companies. To maintain a very high level of expertise ADEX work with his own employee or with recognized Freelances.
I signed with ESR in March 2002 and was assigned to IBM where I joined a team of fifty systems managers (AIX, Linux, HP, and SUN). We support many customer accounts covering both day-to-day and project aspects.

• Build, configure, and validate new Linux environments, with Cluster solutions.
• Systems administration, support and upgrade of Linux systems (mostly Red Hat Enterprise Linux)
• Linux Systems Clusters installation, configuration and administration
• Install, Configure and administrate VMWARE ESX server (with mostly Linux virtual machines deployed).
• TSM client configuration and management.
• Storage administration on ESS, DS8000 architectures with McDATA switch migrating to Brocade and FOS.
• Project tasks assimilated to architect/Project manager work.

Example Achievements:
 Built new RHEL with small applications (such httpd) clustered with RHCS
 Built VMWARE ESX servers with SAN Storage on large IBM X series (8 to 32 CPU)
 Migrate Volume Group using SAN between two Linux servers.
 Build and administrate a 6 node Linux Cluster hosting 45 Oracle 9i databases with clustered LVM.
 Install, modify and validate some RHCS configurations.
 Deploy and manage a clusters of ESX Servers (from 3 to 8 nodes) hosting RHEL VMs in hot fail-over mode. Then documenting solution to allow cloning of the project.
 Build and manage a fully automated Linux network install server based on kickstart with pre and post script configuration.
 Build and manage a RHCS cluster using a DRBD meta-disk to keep data synchronization among cluster nodes as a cheap cluster without SAN solution.
 Manage SAN assignation and zoning on ESS and DS Storage Architectures.
 Extract, format and analyze performance statistics on Linux.
 Tune Linux systems for several problems (Disks IO, Oracle performances, RAM tuning for Java and more)
 Skills transfer to Czech system administrators for basic actions.
 Write and update documentations.
 An a lot more projects during all those years.

August 2000 – September 2001: UPC France, Linux and unix system manager, windows administrator
UPC France, now known as Numericable, is an ISP with extended services such as phone and digital television on wired network. Customers are both private and company. They are present in France for a total of 480 employees.
I was a full time employee for UPC France and my job was to furnish a Linux/Unix (mostly solaris beside Linux) specialist skills and Windows servers administrator.

Responsibilities & achievements :
• Install, configure and manage Sun Solaris Servers acting as DNS and DHCP for the end customers.
• Build the systems (Linux) and monitoring tools of the NOC (Network Operating Center) used to monitor and manage health of the systems and specific hardware (wired network) throughout France territory.
• Manage the NOC systems (Linux) and help operators to gain sufficient skills and understanding to analyse level 1 and 2 problems. I gave 1 week formation to them then act a technical support to them capitalizing their new skills.
• Manage some Windows systems hosting SQL server databases.

June 2000 – July 2000: Team Partner Group, Systems Manager
I was a full time employee for Team Partner Group and my job was to design and migrate the internal windows network to Windows 2000. Windows 2000 was just available and with my experience from Microsoft I was one of the few people to allready had 1 year experience on this product. I was also assigned to manage the few Linux servers Team Partner Group had.

Responsibilities & achievements :
• Migrate the whole network to a Windows 2000 network using active directory from an existing NT4 network. This included migrations, installations, configurations and network design.
• Classical system management of few Linux servers mostly used as web servers and secondary DNS for a sub-network.

Mai 1999 – Mai 2000: Microsoft France, System Manager
Team Partner Group is a French company furnishing services to IT clients mostly by sub-contract. I was a full time employee for Team Partner Group and my assigned client was Microsoft France as a Windows System Administrator. I was working with the Microsoft employee in Les Ulis in the south of Paris. This was my first real IT job and I stopped my Bachelor in Montreal to have the oportunity to work for Microsoft.

Responsibilities & achievements :
• Managing the internal NT4 network counting 1200 workstations.
• Install, configure and manage servers and occasionnaly workstations as level 3 support.
• Migrate the NT4 network to Windwos 2000 network during the Windows 2000 RC1. Microsoft employee was all beta testers for new products.
• Support level 2 on windows 2000 problems. Bug founds was sent to Redmond USA to the developpement team. Support level 1 was done by another team.
• Winner of a technet award for finding a famous bug resolution conserning NT4 software installation on Windows 2000.

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