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Scrum est une méthode de gestion de projets. Scrum permet d'améliorer la productivité avec des méthodologies moins lourdes. La méthode Scrum est aussi une méthode qui permet de gérer les projets de développement de logiciels. Scrum peut aussi être utilisée par des équipes de maintenance. Dans le cas de très grands projets, les équipes se multiplient et on parle alors de Scrum de Scrums.

Résumé de missions de Dov, freelance SCRUM résidant dans les Yvelines (78)

In a nutshell:
An out of the box, pragmatic and passionate thinker and doer with vast experience in
❖ Agile transformation on all levels: training, coaching, mentoring and accompanying (including startups, multi-sites/ continents/ enterprise)
❖ The Scrum/ Kanban process (experienced Scrum-master, PO, and Trainer)
❖ Inciting change to organizations, teams, people (personal coaching) and processes.
❖ Rich software development experience (J2EE, C++, Spring, Web-apps, Backend, Real-time etc.)
❖ Management 3.0 passionate practitioner, and a Happy-Melly active member.
❖ Agile-coaching - helping organizations, teams and individuals focus on impact using agile practices and coaching sessions.
Direct communicator and change-agitator, frequent presenter in Agile & Scrum conferences.

Actively engaged in Global Organisations: Israel, Paris, Hong Kong, New-York, Romania, India, Thailand.
Result oriented - determined to harness the power of an agile mindset for the best results possible.
Strong believer in trust fun and humor as tools for change.

The Meeting Spicer: a card and app activity to facilitate meetings and hack team culture thru micro-learning :
Agility Scales: member of Jurgen Appelo’s writing team for the new project of Agile Practices app.
Happy Melly: The great Happiness at work community

The Agile HR Manifesto: The manifesto of ‘doing’ HR the agile way.
Professional experience:

9/2016-present KT-AXA (Bangkok)
Business: Insurance
Role: Agile Transformation coach (HR & IT)
❖ Work with C-level: mainly CPO (Chief People Officer) and CTO (Chief Transformation Officer)
❖ Train and coach/ mentor Scrum teams, Scrum-masters and Product owners
❖ Build and coach a team whose role is delivering of agility and happiness at work.
❖ Work with HR on Management 3.0 issues (employee satisfaction and focus, measuring impact)
❖ Apply agility in HR-team work (short term measurable team-goals, measuring impact, etc.)
❖ Intervene (C-level) to promote agility :No-meeting Fridays, Global learning-day, etc.
❖ One-on-one sessions on all levels to understand and tweak agility and engagement.
❖ Numerous trainings, workshops in various teams and levels (Dev, BA, Training-team, HR, etc.)
❖ Create and nurture the the Scrum-master community
❖ Animate several large Open-space-Technology events (60 people, 3 hours).
❖ Get company involved with the bangkok Agile community.
Reference(Chief People Officer): “...ability to ask questions and make people look at things in different perspectives”

6/2016-9/2016 Tanker (Paris)
Business: Encryption (startup)
Role: Agile coach
❖ Help harness agility to make an effective team and deliver an ambitious product on time.
Reference(CEO): “In the first four weeks Dov made possible to multiply our velocity three-fold, and lowers massively the stress level at the same time. ”

2/2016-5/2016 Voluntis (Paris)
Business: embed medical intelligence app for chronic patients.
Role: Agile coach (Kickstarting an Agile transformation)
❖ Training a team (+ PO) and tackling regulatory constraints of a medical product.
Reference(PO): “Dov was really implicated onto our business and understand our business goal.”

2/2014-1/2016 - Ullink (Paris)
Business: Financial market trading solutions
Role: Agile-coach(multi-site), Scrum-master, Fun-Sheriff
❖ Reporting directly to CTO (120 members, 4 continents), enhance Agile maturity company-wide.
❖ Training and coaching teams (Hong-Kong, NYC) to bootstrap Scrum.
❖ Energising the SM community worldwide to constantly re-examine Agile values and implementation: workshops, coach-retreat, serious-games and numerous one-on-ones.
❖ Taking fun seriously, creating the role of a Fun-Sheriff (CHO equivalent), with world-wide Fun-Deputies and a fun-budget - taking charge of valorising fun as a company-asset.
Scrum-Master of two teams.
❖ creating a 360-feedback system (with zero cost), bringing higher value than ‘traditional’ 360.
❖ Initiating exceptional and regular company-wide agile-related events and ceremonies (such as multi-site Open-space and a Coach-retreat weekend in Rumania).
❖ Initiating, facilitating and leading Agile related Brown-bag-lunches
Product director - Paris: “Dov is a pure source of creativity. He’s also constantly keeping up to date with new ideas and experience from the worldwide Agile community. “
Scrum Master - Paris: “a fabulous cocktail to energize your teams and shift mindset in your organization”
Senior developer - Cluj: “Free thinker. Innovator. Trend setter. Movement shaker. Agile.”
Scrum Master - Hong Kong: “Dov helps to redefine the scrum process we used to have and makes the process much more fun and harmonic! “

3-12/2013 ******** OpenTrust (Paris)
Business: Electronic signature, authentication management.
Role: Proxy PO, Agile Coach, Scrum-master
❖ Reporting directly to CTO to put in place Scrum and Agile, serving a team of 8 people (Dev, QA, Doc), helping recovery from a previous implementation failure.
❖ Proxy Product-Owner: define Business Value and Minimal Viable Product. represent stakeholders.
❖ Agile Coach:Training a team to Scrum and coaching team and Scrum-master.
❖ On-time delivery of an ambitious project under committed time and budget.
❖ Put in place Behavior Driven Development (using Cucumber)
Reference (Lead dev/ Scrum-master) “Thanks to Dov, the team became more efficient, more wide mind and more agile. A great agile coach !”

8-12/2012 ******** GE Healthcare (Buc/ France)
Business: A SaaS solution to manage medical equipment
Role: Project-Manager/ Scrum-master
❖ Take in charge the project (silverlight based), to successful Beta.
❖ Serve a team of 8
❖ Put Agile in place. (revive demos, retrospectives, estimations, DOD, etc.)
❖ facilitate conceiving and following thru a manageable release plan.
❖ Automate unit tests, functional tests, revive test suite (from failure and low performance)
❖ Define and follow-thru KPIs (Business Value, Velocity, Failure rate).
Reference (Product Owner): Dov managed through fun games/ceremonies and leadership to have the Dev Team trust him, while always focusing on ROI and timeboxes.

9/2011-7/2012 ******** Omnikles/ Oodrive (Paris)
Business: Dematerialising the French public-service bidding system.
Role: Project-Manager, Team-lead (Scrum-master) of 6 people.
❖ Project manager of Omnikles (a suite of Web apps with obsolete technology) following an acquisition by Oodrive.
❖ Putting in place development processes such as: code-reviews, unit-tests, ticketing between dev. and support, debugging techniques.
❖ Recruitment process
❖ Java/J2EE tech-lead (SPRING, OOD, design-patterns)
Scrum training and functioning.
Reference (Team lead): “a unique combination of a large set of technical skills ,a unique managerial view, and an informal pragmatic and direct approach. “

4/2009-8/2011 ******** Systran (Paris)
Business: Automatic language translation (online and standalone)
Role: As a project & team manager (5 people) , put in place Scrum (as a scrum-master)
❖ Plan and deliver a high-scale client-server product. (with a .Net client, outstanding ergonomy, and a multi-tier web application)
❖ Architecture of an extensible environment supporting distributed translation.
❖ Introduction of new utils and techno (Spring -IOC, MVC, sécurité, ActiveMQ, Maven, code reviews and refactoring)
❖ Full delivery of two web apps: Doc-base manager and Training, and a web translation tool (systranet)
❖ Rewrite of complex modules (Java & Javascript)
❖ Pass of a Security audit
Reference (Tech lead): “Not only did I find the intelligent and humane way Dov applied Scrum exceptional, but I especially liked the dynamics and efficiency that he managed to contaminate our team and project with.”

1/2006-12/2008 ******** BMC France (Aix-en-Provence)
Business: Identity Management
Role: Senior developer, integration (software and human sides) of BMC-Israel & Calendra-France
❖ Client: Developing highly customizable clients (SWING et JSF)
❖ Server: Workflow engine, Dynamic schema editor (EJB+Spring, Web Services, RMI),
❖ Web dev (JSF, JSP, XSL, SOAP), two rich clients (SWING).
❖ Responsible for a big prod. manage user events and crisis.
❖ Coordination of multi-site dev., including (France), Israel, US and India

2/2002-12/2005 ******** BMC Israel (Tel Aviv)
Business: Identity management
Role: Team management
❖ Responsible for several identity managements applications in development and maintenance state.
❖ Managing a team of 8 people located in Israel, UK and USA.
❖ Challenges include (tech) performance, ergonomy, production, integration, as well as (human) team integration.

1/2001-12/2001 ******** MobiMate (Israel)
Business: PDA apps warehouse (Palm-pilot, J2ME, Windows-CE)
Role: Team manager, Tech-lead, Idea-generator
❖ Design and develop home-user and business applications
❖ Mentoring a team of 5 people.
❖ Client relationship and negotiation
❖ Consultant for external software companies

9/1994-12/2000 ******** NESS Technologies, Real-time dept. (Israel)
Business: Air-surveillance real-time systems
Role: Team-manager/ Tech-lead
❖ Responsible for a team of 6 people
❖ Development of air-surveillance and flight-control systems (for military and civil use)
❖ Responsibility of the simulator component, including graphics, mathematical modeling and real time responsiveness.
❖ Responsible for a distributed air-control system (used to present day in TLV airport…...

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