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Qu'est-ce que CALYPSO ?

CALYPSO est un logiciel Front To Back, couvrant la plupart des familles de produits financiers. Architecture et les technologies retenues : JAVA et RMI. L' interopérabilité de CALYPSO est grande et les systèmes cibles variés (Unix, Windows, VAX,... Sybase, Oracle, DB2, ...).

Résumé de missions de Mohamed Habib, freelance CALYPSO résidant dans Paris (75)

Professional Skills
Since 06.2010
Calypso Competence Centre (Technical):
 Business Change Requests
 Incident and QA
 Error analysis + source code analysis

 Clearing for CDS Trades, ERS(Grid)
 Production Monitoring – 2. And 3. Level Support
 Hotfix, Rollout and QA
 Training
 Error analysis + source code analysis
 SEC-Audit
Calypso topics (among other things)
 Workflows, Trades (CDS, iTraxx), Transfers, Messages, Tasks, Scheduled-Tasks, Reports, MarkIt data interface, user permissions, user configuration, Nnovation process, SEC, database structure and Performance Tuning, providing kpi’s

SaaS-Solution for Calypso intellixx
Since 01.2009 Business Conception & IT-Implementation for a Calypso SaaS – Solution:
• IT-Architecture
• New GUI-Definition/Implementation for Lightweight Web-Client (Flex)
• Design and Implementation the services for Web Server Application (Axis2/java)
• Mapping of Financial Products in Calypso
• Market Data & Pricing

Generic Integration Solution for Calypso
since 01.2007
• Design and implementation of a module that combines mappixx with calypso for integration purposes. This module generates and deploys connectors as Engines between Calypso System and other Systems. These generated connectors include mappings between CalypsoML and other System Structure defined by mappixx. This includes: Maintaining custom code and scripts in Repository and merging and resolving conflicts.

since 2007 Calypso Fine Tuning and Support:
• Setup Engine thread for multiple Events and various business requirements
• Managing Task Station
• User Management: Access Permissions
• Database Administration, Monitoring and Tuning
• Bug Identifying and logging to Calypso/Internal team

Legacy System Adaptors
for Calypso
02.2006-12.2006 Design and implementation of a configurable module that perform the import and export from/to Calypso System based on CalypsoML.
The configuration is made using the Calypso Environment properties, and this configuration allows user specifying the products and the Trade events to treat.

BPM for mappixx
BPM standards analysis and graphical prototype development for modeling BPM.
GUI-Mapping Tool

06.2004- 08.2005 Design and implementation of the following modules in an EAI mapping system:
• Structure parser: an XML-Schema [xsd] parser module.
• C-Builder: a C++ code mapper generator.
• XSLT-Builder: an XSLT code mapper generator.
• Structure creator: graphical module for structures definition. This module generates xsd associated to defined structures.
• DbSchema: graphical module for database schema extraction and transformation into xsd.
• RVSchema: xsd generator for Rendez-Vous messages.
• Graphical user interfaces unification (buttons, colors, size)
• Simulator prototype
• Systems connectors' integration: mappixx System extension with connectors using OpenAdaptor [Open Source].

Risk Management System:
08.2003-05.2004 Analysis of a Risk Management System developed in Objective-C in order to port it to Java platform.
Analysis and implementation of syntax converter from Object-c to java.

XSLT- Gui-Mapping Tool
05.2002-07.2003 Design and implementation of a the following modules in a graphical mapping tool:
• Graphical mapping definition,
• Demo-tour development with flash

03.2002-05.2002 Design and java implementation of a financial tool calculating the Zero Bond prices from coupon bond prices using bootstrapping method.

Trading System OPUS:
Database Reverse Engineering: Perl module that parses and split a sql script of database schema.
Automatic calculation of market data in OPUS system credit derivatives.

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