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Exemple de missions de Radovan, freelance REDHAT OPENSHIFT

Etatde Genève, Switzerland –Migration of the E-Votation platform to modern RedHat private cloud solution using OpenShift-Dockers-Kubernetes(current)Evolution of the legacyimplementation to the new generation IT infrastructure using RedHat on premise cluster platform.Focus is on security and modern modular IT approach using micro-services, Docker and application container orchestration via Kubernetes to provide IT services on demandMore details not possible due to NDA

Nestle, Switzerland –Data integrationfor data analytics and high-throughput data processing(current)Data integration with iRODSobject store, Clarity and other various LIMSsystemsData and API integration with the R-Studio statistical developmentenvironmentData integration for REST APIs in IP search domain.High throughput screening data integration(Molecular devices/Leica/Olympus/MDC Store/Vendor APIs)New generation data-warehouse for OMICS analytics with output to multi-dimensional data structuresMulti-study and clinical trials secured data platform connected tointegrated data-warehouseHigh throughput data processing platform -full stack (Python, Mongo, NODE.JS)More details not possible due toNDA

TOMTOM, Netherlands -TomTom GO navigationsystemTotal automation system and data integration for continuous integration using REST and SOAP APIs for JIRA, Perforce andQuickBuildImproved Continuous integration 24/7, build system, test and diagnosticsautomationImproved multi-platform code quality assurance process on Android, Linux, Windows, iOSImproved the Android performance tuning, debugging, root cause analysisprocessMore details not possible due toNDA

SCS Group, Switzerland -Cloud platform digital TV distribution start-up HTML5 live & VOD cloud video streaming platform on Linux Ubuntu/CentOS VMsImplemented support for WEBM videocontainerImproved buffering scheme and multi-threading of the streaming relay server More details not possible due toNDA

Histowiz Inc, USA -Biomedicalstart-up-Technology AdvisorTechnology & design advisory for the cloud processing system of histopathologydata at early stage More details not possible due toNDA

UN (Geneva) -Java Team Lead ******** S&H Switzerland -Financial planning system Financial planning system using seldom connected clients across field missions for off-site data synchronizationImproved project tracking financial analytic andinsight process Streamlined on-shore/off-shore projectorganization
Established best ITIL practices for SW support, maintenance & qualitymonitoring

Givaudan SA (Geneva) -Data Architect -Financial controlling system Data Warehouse, Data Integration and Business Intelligence global projectsDesign of themulti-dimensionaldata-mart, ETL andinterfacesFunctional & Technical specificationsdocumentsUAT test campaign preparation and testspecificationsCoordination of the global Go Live execution with cross-functional teams Application Go Live went on-time with zerodefects

CERN (Geneva) -Data Architect -High Availability 100 nodes databaseclusterDesign & production deployment of the Oracle real-time performance monitoringsystem

CERN (Geneva) -Data Scientist -Scalable world-wide data distribution forLHCDesigner of the distributed transactional SQL over HTTP technology Deployed across 30 sites and system synchronized almost 2TB of datasetsPeak daily performance was 100GB data with throughput up to 100 million requests a month at average request size of100MB

Object-Relational middle-ware technology project (big data) Scalable, fast multithreaded database middleware(multi-back-end)Technology achieved during the period of 4 months, to produce, store and distribute over 400TB of data

CERN (Geneva) -Computer Scientist -Simulation system for nuclearcollisionsData models for the 3D geometry of the Monte Carlo GEANT4 simulation systemRun-time optimizations of the memoryfootprint

Creator of the 3D modelling and exchange language(GDML: ********)GDML is used in all CERN LHC program experiments (ATLAS, CMS, Alice and LHCb)GDML is also used for cosmic radiation simulations inNASAand radiation stress testing for satellites in ESA

CERN (Geneva) -Computer Scientist -ATLAS nuclear detectorsystemReal-time electronic calibration system for ATLAS Hadronic End-cap on VME platform Optimized the data acquisition system with highly tuned network datatransferAchieved total automation using the hand written scripting language for measurementsteering

Nuclear Research Institute (Slovakia) -Computer Scientist -HPCComputingProbably the first Linux installation done in Slovakia in 1993HPC cluster based on Linux for the nuclearsimulationsLAN/WAN development of the campus & regional InternetnetworkDNS, WWW, Mail and Terminal services, Linux routers, bridges andfirewalls

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