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Qu'est-ce que NETBACKUP ?

NETBACKUP est un logiciel édité par Veritas. NETBACKUP est un logiciel de sauvegarde et de restauration de données utilisé en environnement de production. NETBACKUP fonctionne sur diverses plateformes: Windows, Unix, Linux et Netware.

Résumé d'emplois de Fabrice, freelance NETBACKUP habitant les Hauts-de-Seine (92)

Professional experience

Octobre 2012 Creator, Owner
Current Mission (60 months) :
EDF = Architect Backup : NetWorker / Avamar / StoreOnce B6x00 / Commvault
Backup Software Migration Plan
Build Call for Tender
Rewrite from zero.
Upgrade Assesment NetWorker 8.x
Impacts, gains.
Assessment Avamar v7
Impact, gains.
Assesment backup VMware (NetWorker 8.1 +EBR)
Assesment Replication inter-site + PRA/PCA (HP B6200 StoreOnce)
Missions :
Disney : Installation Veeam / DataDomain (TSD Migration)
Exane : Moving an Avamar Grid between datacenters
GoodYear (Amiens) = AER (MAN) and Avamar optimization (10 days)
Ventes Privées : Backup Infrastructure Audit (5 days)
AnyWay Solution : Pre-Sales activity (Claranet, Ventes Privées)
LOXAM = Backup (PCA/PRA) VBA Implementation (NetWorker / VBA / DataDomain) (10 days)
Atos = NetBackup Support L3 for offshore account (3 months)
Generali = Cluster Implementation on Solaris Servers (10 days)
SSII = Pre-Sales activity (Banque de France, URSSAF, La Poste) (30 days)
Fujitsu Siemens = Pre-Sales activity (10 days)
Groupe Chèque Déjeuner = Implementation Dell M1000E + Open Manage (10 days)
Alternative Groupe : Présentation Gamme Sun (5 days)
Groupe La Banque Postale : Implementation SVM (Solaris Volume Manager) and VNX (EMC²)
Groupe La Banque Postale = Call for Tender help
L'Argus Automobile : Installation VNX5300 / Powerpath / Fast Suite
Trainings EMC products (BRS line)

EMC² - BRS (Backup and Recovery System)
Janvier 2011 – Juillet 2012 Pre-Sales BRS
Provide transversal (Backup line products) expertise to CORE Business EMC²
Products Certifications = NetWorker/DataDomain/Avamar/Centera/SourceOne
Tendres Responses and defences .
Architecture and Sizing.
POC Implementations in customer situation.
Partners Help for EMC² - BRS
Members of development of a worldwide competition knowledge base.

Janvier 2010 – Décembre 2010 Technical Specialist
Professional Services Implementation for Quantum France.
Offer Software Trainings to technical people
Responses and Defences of Services Tenders
SFR Encara Project: DXi Quantum Implementation on Datazone NetWorker.

Sun Microsystem (Oracle)
Juin 2006 - Décembre 2009 Consultant Sauvegarde
Establishing and maintaining the FalconStor VTL solution at PSA:
Several areas NetBackup, 8 clusters 800To two sites spaced 500km.
Study a deduplication solution on behalf of PSA.
Definition of technical specifications for a High-Availability solution based on Symantec software at Gemalto.
Establishment Cluster VTL + in Cimafap, training VTL +
Establishing VTL + 2 * at Groupama in a NetBackup infrastructure of tens of areas, install ACSLS-HA servers for controlling two SL8500 libraries.
Privileged interlocutor for La Banque Postale
Migration of the Aix backup solution (NetBackup) previously placed on Solaris.
Integration of Symantec clustering software (VCS) for NetBackup software, CFT and / scheduling monitoring solutions on IBM P595 server.
Definition / Design and implementation of a virtualization solution VTL SUN + (2 * 80 TB cluster).
Integration of new backup servers (IBM P695, Sun E20K)
Privileged interlocutor for La Poste: writing procedures for migration / merger of the former small robotic (L700 / L180) to the new centralized robotics (SL8500).
Upgrade backups NetBackup 5.x servers to 6.5.X
Presentation of the innovations introduced by new versions of Symantec software.
Securing robotic control servers at Bouygues Telecom and drafting procedures of "disaster recovery"
Setting up an archiving solution for Airbus (Toulouse) based samfs.
Integration of two VTL + servers within the Carrefour backup infrastructure.
Customer training to VTL +

2000-2006 Consultant Sauvegarde
Council backup architecture, integration, installation and configuration of software and hardware and third party software StK:
ACSLS (StK) Products Symantec (formerly Veritas: VxVm, VxFs, VCS, NetBackup) samfs (LSCI / Sun), VTL (Falconstor)
Technical Correspondent for La Banque Postale.
Setting up a backup solution and clustering based on NetBackup and VCS Setting up an Activities Recovery Plan and preparation of the operating documents.
Integration of backups on disk and Vault / Reporter Advanced tools (Symantec).
Technical Correspondent for La Poste.
Installation of NetBackup software on all IT production sites of La Poste (mail services and human resources).
Integrating Vault and overhaul of backup policies.
Integration of NDMP servers (R200 NetApp).

1995-2000 Support logiciel
Installation, Software Support StK and third (direct relationship with the US to Veritas / Symantec)): ACSLS, NetBackup (Veritas), Time Navigator (Atempo) Networker (Legato), Disk Extender (OTG) samfs (LSCI) .
Customer Training at StorageTek and other software.
Training of maintenance technicians.

1990-1995 Technicien de maintenance
Responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting the hardware StK in Mainframe and Open environments.

Professional training
Certification : H0B0
Certifications OS: Solaris 8, 9, 10, Windows 2000, Linux RedHat , (SQL Exchange 2000)
Certifications Produits: Avamar, NetWorker, DataDomain, NetBackup, VxVm, VxFs, VCS, TiNa, ACSLS, IpStor, NSS
OS connus: AIX , HpUx , Data ONTAP
Outils de sauvegarde connus: Commvault v11, TSM
Archivage: Enterprise Vault, SamFs (exLSCI) , DiskExtender OTG, SourceOne
Virtualisation: Data Domain, Avamar, Quantum DXi, VTL 4 et 5 FalconStor, VTL + / VTL ++ SUN
EMC² : DataDomain, Avamar, Centera
Quantum : Gamme Dxi, Robotique Scalar
Sun : VTL + et ++ (OEM Falconstor) et disques (OEM LSI)
Falconstor : VTL et NSS (IPStor)
StorageTeK : Toutes Robotiques et tous types de lecteurs
Switchs Cisco, Brocade,

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