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OPEN SOURCE : spécificités

OPEN SOURCE est une qualification qu’on attribue aux logiciels ayant une licence basée sur l’OPEN SOURCE Initiative. Autrement dit OPEN SOURCE s’applique aux logiciels ayant la possibilité de libre redistribution, dont le code source est accessible, et de travaux dérivés.

Exemple de missions de Jean, freelance OPEN SOURCE résidant dans l'Ille-et-Vilaine (35)

Consilience Ventures
Head of Architecture
juin 2018 - Present
♫ Around the world, around the world ♪
Technical architecture of a mutualist startup accelerator.
Technologies: #elixir #graphql #react #ethereum #dockerswarm , #ansible
Open Source Consultant
juin 2018 - Present
Région de Nantes, France
OW2 Consortium
mars 2017 - Present
OW2 Consortium
Individual Member representative in the Board of Directors
mai 2014 - Present
OW2 is an independent open source community committed to making
available to everyone the best and most reliable enterprise computing
infrastructure software, including middleware, application platforms and cloud
computing technologies. The mission of the OW2 Consortium is to develop
a code base of open source software and to foster a vibrant community and
business ecosystem.
As member of board, representative of individual members, I am actively
participating in:
- the definition of OW2 with regard to next-gen R&D programs (H2020),
- the refinment of the OW2 principles with regard to open-source licensing, and
its application in the Technology Council,
- the promotion of OW2 toward individual contributors.
KBRW Ad-venture
erlang senior developer and architect
août 2016 - juin 2018 (1 an 11 mois)
* erlang/elixir backend developer
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* Frontend developer
* Architecture
* Integration / deployment / devops
Research Engineer - OCCIware project
décembre 2014 - août 2016 (1 an 9 mois)
As the main developer of erocci and architect of the OCCiware project, I am
now participating to the design and implementation of an industrial resourceoriented toolchain. It is based on OCCI standard, erocci technology.
OW2 Consortium
Technical Committee Chairman
janvier 2015 - janvier 2016 (1 an 1 mois)
Leading Technical Committee at OW2.
While helding this position, I have made OW2 making great progresses on:
- the definition and promotion of the Technology Council existence and vision,
- the increase of synergies between OW2 projects,
- the involvement OW2 in OCCI initiative,
- the refinement of the OW2 principles with regard to open-source licensing,
- the enrollment of OW2 in next-gen R&D programs (H2020),
- the definition and recruitment of an OW2 CTO.
Consultant Open Source
septembre 2012 - janvier 2016 (3 ans 5 mois)
Co-founder et Responsable technique
mai 2013 - novembre 2014 (1 an 7 mois)
Trying to bring idea to life...
Responsable projets cloud computing
janvier 2013 - novembre 2014 (1 an 11 mois)
Coordonner et gérer les projets collaboratifs sur le cloud computing. Intégrer
ces projets dans les objectifs de R&D interne.

Since Sept. 2012
Independant consultant in Open Source Systems and Innovation management
Since Jan. 2012
Expert for European Commission IT Research Programme
March 2012 – Aug. 2012
Innovation Manager at Mandriva, France
> Leading collaborative scientific projects
Cloud Infrastructures, electronic reader, collaborative platforms security, code quality
> Managing innovation strategy and prospective
Technology transfer to products
Referee: Jean-Manuel Croset (CEO) ********
Jan. 2011 – Feb. 2012
Product Manager at Mandriva, France
> Head of infrastructure management products : Pulse2, MDS
Strategy, roadmap and release management
Development team leading
Partnership development
Referees: Dominique Loucougain (CEO) ******** Stéphane Laurière (CTO) ********
Sept. 2010 – Jan. 2011
Architecture and development of a financial dashboard tool.
> Technologies: Python, PyGTK, MySQL, InnoSetup
Oct. 2010 – Dec. 2010
Integration Engineer at CAPS company, Rennes, France
> Integration of HMPP compiler suite for GPU into various development environments.
October 2007 – September 2010
HPC Engineer at Kerlabs company, Rennes, France
> Integration operating system/hardware
> Datacenter administration
> Architecture and development of a datacenter management system (network and nodes provisioning, cooling and power management).
> Pre-sales: solutions architecture (HPC, mini-clusters, etc.), conventions (SolutionsLinux, SuperComputing USA, Laval Virtual, etc.)
October 2005- September 2007
Research Engineer at INRIA Research Lab, Rennes, France
> Kerrighed project: industrialization (packaging, integration, website).
Administration of Kerrighed clusters.
Daily tests platform development and management.
> Integration into grid and cluster systems (OSCAR, XtreemOS)
> Referees: Christine Morin ******** David Margery ********
Apr 2005 – Aug 2006
> J2EE Developer: various projects on J2EE platform : CMS, real estate management, intranet, etc.
Companies: Atchik, SQLI, Aliacom
Environment: Tomcat, Apache, Struts, Eclipse, LDAP
Referees: ******** ********
April – July 2001
> Conception, development and deployment of a web-based network management application. Environment : Perl CGI, MySQL, Apache. CNRS-CESR research lab, Toulouse, France.

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