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Résumé d'expériences de François, freelance SIEBEL résidant dans le Bas-Rhin (67)

AIRBUS, Toulouse, 7 months 2008-2009 Siebel Expert
 Knowledge and equipment transfer
Airbus decided in 2008 to assign Siebel 7.5 and 7.8 applications maintenance to my company. In this context I was responsible for all the knowledge and equipment transfer from the previous provider to the new one.
 Design of HW and SW target development environments
 Purchase and install of software
 Training the IS team
 Setting up / adapting maintenance process
 Recurring activities / resolving urgent tickets and evolutions
 Functional Design based on Siebel 7.5 Marketing / Events, and Siebel 7.8 Service
 Architecture Design: Siebel upgrades, Multilingualism…
 Quotes for bid contracts
 Diagnostics
 Development of changes with Siebel Tools and Unix batches
 Technical Management of team activities (3 persons)
 Technical and Business relation to Oracle/Siebel provider
 Functional and technical Areas
 Siebel Events, Siebel Remote, customized for the « Airshow » management, involving intensive email push and reception automation, interfaces with external registration web sites and back office systems, local airshow platforms involving Siebel Remote and Regional nodes complex architecture
 Siebel Service, customized for Airbus site services activities, involving multilingual portal web front office, Siebel assignment manager, back office interfaces

BOUYGUES TELECOM, Paris, 3 months 2008 Project Manager
 Integrated in the IT governance team of « Traviata » project, this project aiming to refund the field marketing for household customers
 Management of the subcontracting IT company in charge of Siebel Marketing and Siebel BI (Analytics) integration
 « Secret » mission to challenge and propose alternative quotes and bids to Bouygues

ALCATEL – LUCENT, Strasbourg, 6 years, 2002 to 2008 Siebel Configurator
then Siebel Lead Configurator
then Siebel Architect / Project Manager

 2002 : Starting with configuration/scripting activities on Siebel Field Services 6.3 (Siebel Tools, Siebel VB) during 2 month, before contracting for higher position hereafter

 2002-2003 : Technical lead of a 4 persons development team, plus American former developers, for re-localization in France of development of the Sales Force Automation « Orion », using Siebel Sales and Siebel Forecasts (version 6.3).
Application production stayed in the USA, and was being deployed in Europe, then Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East, which required my high involvement synchronizing business needs and both IT/production team, and development activities.
This project involved daily work and synergy with business representatives (based in Paris) and IT partners in USA and Australia. Evolutions included renewal of the pipeline management, multicurrency implementation, online reporting flexible custom development, together with the integration of the solution with both Alcatel Referentials and Cognos-based “olap” reporting tool

 2003-2004 : Increasing development activity with 7 persons, adding the quote and proposals module while keeping the corporate solution active with interfaces. This improved dramatically the efficiency of the collaborative sales effort between Alcatel’s solution teams and Alcatel field sales forces.

 2004-2005 : Migration to Siebel 7.5 web-based solution, together with functional evolutions aiming the North America and Latin America areas to join the Orion community. In addition to the technical migration challenge, this project had the original goal to serve 2 different sales methodologies into a single common tool and a single reporting layout. This was also an opportunity to introduce some local “administration” features, that are not provided in the standard Siebel application.

 2005 : Project Manager for Siebel Marketing 7.5 and Siebel Data Quality implementation, from preliminary scenario studies, up to its rollout in North America as a first step. This enabled sales force, and Marketing department, to better manage the « target to lead to order » process, in an integrated and single tool, with real-time pro-active interactions between these actors. I was in charge of designing the architecture, recommend a scenario, then designing the solution with the business representatives, then having a newly hired dedicated 4 persons development team realize it in 3 months. This involved Siebel Marketing module, and “multi-repository” architecture, since the “Sales Forces” development team still developed its own evolutions

 2006 : Helping the new Alcatel Project Manager for a the most important project we ever had, aiming the integration within the tool of the remaining 30% of Alcatel-Lucent sales activity not yet using the tool (channel sales of Enterprises solutions). The solution reliability and functionalities was a key factor of success, against Alcatel Enterprises previous solution based on Salesforce.com. Sales, reporting and Marketing activities were implemented in a single step, with the effort of 7 persons during 6 months.

 2007 : The solution had become complete and mature, but data growth led to performance issues. At the same time, Alcatel started to outsource development to offshore, and drastically reduced local development manpower.
I changed then my activity for the Architecture, designing and leading implementation of many performance improvements. This involved diagnostics in tight link with Oracle, benchmarks, hardware upgrades, server assignment redesign as well as the reporting architecture, and application optimizations.

SOPRA GROUP, Paris, 2 years, 2000 & 2001 Technical Manager of CRM Competency Center
Sopra Group decided to develop the group’s offer in CRM, for both business consulting on one hand, and integration activities on the other hand.
I participated first as simple consultant, to the creation of the business consulting competency center. The activity was focused on both CRM pure approach through real cases among our customers, and product selection/implementation control for some of them.
Then I moved to the 2001 newly created CRM Integration competency center, as Technical Manager, and led the resource, training and technical activities of the centre.
Factually a lot of short missions were led, some sample of them below:
 Groupama / Consulting for global urbanization strategy on customer referential
 Celio / Project manager for third party maintenance at part time (1 day/week)
 Orga Conseil / Implementation of Selligent CRM
 Alcatel / Preliminary study / Field Service / Siebel
 La Poste, Renault, Michelin, Credit Lyonnais … : presales activity, proposal writing, quotes, gap analysis with Siebel / Onyx / Selligent …

AREVA, Cherbourg, 8 years, 1992 to 2000 Application Manager, then Domain Manager

1992-93 Project « Plan budgétaire à Moyen et Long Terme »
 Maintenance of the Enterprise Budget Forecast tool (Bull GCO7 TDS/Cobol)
 Reengineering (whole rewrite) of this tool
 Project Manager, for the extension of the tool to long term and organizational simulation features. Design of sophisticated features (matrix of cost calculations, edger splits with sophisticated models, etc). Managing the external development team in Paris during the 4 months of development, implementation and rollout.

1993-97 Domain co-manager « Financials »
 The domain included purchasing, sourcing, accounting, stocks, budgets, capitals, EDM, for which I was co-leading a 7 to 14 persons.
Technologies were VMS/Pascal/Cobol, Bull Gcos7/TDS/IDS/Cobol, Oracle/Centura.
ISO9001 certification obtained in 1993, renewed in 1997.

1997-99 Domain Manager « Security, Medicals, HR »
 My company won this new maintenance domain, and I was assigned its management, with a 7 person team.

1998-99 Year 2000 and Euro migrations
 I designed the work methodology, and led the important adaptation efforts of the maintenance teams, for both « financials » and « SMH » domains.

1999 – Project Manager
 I design and led the realization of the new software for the internal Medical Laboratory. This software had the particular point to require advanced constrained planning features, due to the very high quantities of analysis in this industry. Technology : Centura /Oracle)

Miscellaneous, Lyon, Paris, 1988 to 1992) Consultant and Junior Project Manager
Through many short or less short missions (up to 1 year) I learnt 3 complementary basics of the IS activity :
1. Programming/using operating systems on mainframes, (GCOS7, many missions of some months)
2. Functional design in relationship with business representatives (Groupama – 1 year, Jacquet, 2 months)
3. IS project management (Bull – internal, finalization of a project – 9 months)

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