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CV de consultant control m

Exemple de missions d'Eman, Consultant control m

Senior Business Analyst

Feb '17 - Sep '17
Financial Crime Risk Management Global Standards Programme, CDD & TOM Contract role
â Provided guidance on how to implement Client Due Diligence CDD Standards to prevent individuals & entities
from using the bank's facilities for the purposes of financial crime Three Lines of Defence
â Shaped and prioritised the 2017 CDD Book of Work across 3 workstreams CDD, Transaction Monitoring &
Screening and Governance & Reporting
â Assisted transition to Business As Usual of the Financial Crime Risk vision across GBM and created key documents
in compliance to the overall Target Operating Model TOM
â Developed high-level solution proposals in conjunction with the CDD Design team for the Design Authority and
provided CDD Requirements for Business Documents BRDs
â Identified synergies and dependencies across multiple projects and worked col aboratively with Financial Crime
Compliance Team, Policy, Technology team, Front/Middle and Back office
â Ensured oversight of al CDD projects and alignment to the Strategic Operating Model, and helped prioritise the
CDD projects into IT releases

Finance & Risk Senior Consultant
Jan '16 - Feb '17
Société Générale AGILE - Monitoring & Reporting
â Provided input to the creation of the new Central Management Tool which wil enable the tracking, monitoring
including screening and reporting of any suspicious activities Agile Methodology
â Gathered Requirements using Interviews, Requirements Workshops, Document Analysis, Surveys and
Task/Process/Workflow Analysis selecting the appropriate means of representing the business requirement and
ensuring traceability back to source
â Contributed to the Definition of the new UAR process Unusual Activity Report which wil link to the French
Regulators platform for investigation purposes
â Ensured Continuous Improvement for the Agile Team, and that the value stream mapping was completed in order
to remove waste in the process. Collaborated with the Business Architect, Product Owner, Agile team and relevant
subject matter experts to define concise and effective User Stories from the Capabilities Roadmap
â Participated in retrospectives to ensure the Agile Team continuously improved and ensured that value stream
mapping was completed in order to remove waste in the process
BNP Paribas Compliance - Monitoring & Screening Hybrid PM/BA
â Helped shape a consistent and sustainable Financial Crime Model including processes regarding the
treatment of fraud alerts
â Documented business processes within the team in charge of UAR Unusual Activity Report
â Assessed gaps in the internal system and helped deliver suitable solutions in compliance to the CDD TOM
Target Operating Model
â Coordinated with TRACFIN Service of French Ministry of Finances fighting money laundering on a new
process to exchange data regarding money laundering practices
â Defined a comprehensive list of all potential frauds from individuals and legal entities abuse of a vulnerable
person, organised scam, corruption, terrorism financing, and misuse of company assets, forgery and
falsification, drug trade, tax evasion

E m a n E z z a o u i a

P a g e 1 3

Société Générale MiFID 2 / European Union 4th AML Directive
â Helped increase general transparency regime within the current CDD Operating Model and Transaction Reporting
that involves notification to the competent authority
â Defined new KYC standards across Group Société Générale with regards to the Programme KYC Harmonisation
focus on Correspondent Banking , and identified other impacts of MiFID 2 on current organisation
â Established the list of beneficial changes to be made with minimum disruption to production systems
â Ensured accountability and ownership for all tasks involved and continued focus on quality and service availability
â Evaluated the impact of each change on the current and planned services and plan the change management
process in conjunction with Release and Configuration Management
ADD UP Consulting Paris

Senior Consultant

Feb '15 - Jan '16
BNP Paribas Securities Services Regulatory & Anti-Money Laundering - KYC Remediation Project
â Defined an appropriate Methodology and Due Diligence approach to verify the identity of the customer/relevant
third parties based on Global Policy and local regulatory requirements
â Identified Customers/Third Parties for a proposed relationship focusing on the nature of the client's business, the
risk profile and the proposed transaction and services
â Carried out Due Diligence checks Lynx & Vigilance tools and information searches per standards and undertook
additional reputation checks and diligences when necessary by screening various public sources
â Analysed and submitted opinions on the acceptability of the customer, completeness of the KYC file and
compliance with internal policy and external regulatory requirements
â Approved the Customer on the Client Referential system in accordance with the KYC assessment, indicating
appropriate roles and restrictions
â Escalated the KYC profile to Compliance for review/approval when required, with highlight of material risks or
concerns as wel as any exceptions or missing information based on internal policy or external regulatory
CONSULDEAN Ltd Paris Senior Consultant - Sanctions & Embargoes

Apr '15 - Jan '15
Société Générale GBIS/GTPS/IBFS
â Participated in an international investigation in relation to Embargoes and US Economic Sanctions by the Office
Of Foreign Assets Control OFAC
â Implemented new Sanctions Guidance and Key Screening Principles
â Helped enhance the Sanctions Operating Model including the research of sanctioned transactions with an
embargoed country or SND list Specially Designated National
â Prepared Main Guidelines & collaborated with the E-review Project
â Established the Legal Protocol of research on how to identify potentially impermissible transactions with legal
focus on USD Clearing and U-Turn payments
â Analysed previous KYC Process & verified KYC policies

Legal Advisor - European Regulatory Affairs

Oct '13 - Mar '14
â Analysed European Legal Requirements focusing on the European Directive 2000/60/EC establishing a framework
for Community Action in the field of water policy
â Ensured Compliance of the chemical documentation in order to fulfil the European legal requirements
â Designed new Legal Forms in compliance with Safety and Quality data model Label/Certificate of analysis , and
developed business procedures for orders of chemical products HYDREX
â Helped resolve Legal Issues related to chemical transportation and legal ties and reviewed documentation for
European regulatory submissions
â Designed Regulatory Strategies based on sector gap analysis and due diligence activities
Junior Lawyer - LIBOR & EURIBOR Manipulation
Mar '13 - Sep '13
â Contributed to international investigation with regards to the manipulation of interbank offered lending rates
conducted for multiple banks and clients
â Reviewed the LIBOR setting process fol owing, and helped define new workarounds to mitigate the risk of
â Helped define a compliant framework that reflects appropriate senior management approvals and insist on
awareness of the LIBOR submission process
â Maintained adequate and effective Organisational/Governance Arrangements for the process of making
benchmark submissions
E m a n E z z a o u i a

P a g e 2 3

â Provided accurate Advisory Reports with regards to latest financial markets developments and regulations to
enhance the reputational risk of the clients
Masters in Contract Law and Statutory Liability - Chambery University - France

Masters in International Law - Bordeaux University - France

Bachelors Degree of Law & European Studies - Strasbourg University - France

Scientific French Baccalaureate - Equivalent to A-level

â English Fluent
â French Mother tongue
â Arabic Mother tongue
â MS Word
â MS Excel
â MS PowerPoint
â MS Project
Further Interests & Activities
â Handbal , Vol ey Bal , Running
Business Analyst, Financial Crime Risk,

E m a n E z z a o u i a

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