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Exemple de missions de Guillaume,

    Jan 2018 - Jan 2020

    Sector: Aerospace and Défense
    Position: Production and cost Analyst
    Build a core model for all factories (standard production until final assembly line factory with sales configurator).
    Process schedule for all factories for the main assembly line factory.
    Definition a standard Project (PS) by Aircraft family for main target: global cost analyses by Aircraft number, aircraft family and by factory.

    Jan 2018 - Jan 2018

    Sector: Aerospace
    Position: Production
    Write functional specifications for data migration (BOM, Routines, Workcenters, Product Order…)
    Data analysis before integration.
    Help support in the war room

  • Position: Consultant Warehouse Management

    AIA SIAé Bretagne Sector: Aerospace and Défense
    Jan 2015 - Jan 2015

    Lead the WM implementation for all the tools (aeronautical maintenance) for 3 air-base (Lanveoc, Landivisiau, Lorient)

  • Position: Consultant logistic Transport (deployment Cor Model)

    ARKEMA Sector: Chemical Acrylique Country: France and Germany
    Jan 2013 - Jan 2015

    Training K users and end users for main factory in Germany and 5 Factories in France
    Lead UAT France and Germany Supply chain et transport
    K users Training
    Help support

  • Position: Consultant Senior Supply Chain deployment Cor Model

    Inter Connect (Bangkok)Sector: Aerospace Country: Thailand - France
    Jan 2012 - Jan 2013

    Customising Supply Chain between the France and the Thailand with transport rules.
    Help support for all the company in Thailand for 3 month (logistical, finance, purchase and production)

  • Position: Consultant Senior Supply Chain

    SBM Sector: Resorts, Games, Lounge Pubs Country: Monaco
    Jan 2011 - Jan 2012

    Implementation module MM (60000 Materials master)
    Update the Condition price (mass maintenance)
    Flux Interco 12 companies, 200 Plants
    Management technical field (CCR)

  • Position: Consultant Senior Production

    HOLOGRAM Sector: Industrial Reprography
    Jan 2011 - Jan 2011

    Implementation of module MM and PP
    Schedule 13 level of bom for the planning with GANTT
    Management processing control and recording results
    Traceability Up/Downstream) in 100 % include rubbishes

  • Jan 2009 - Jan 2009

    Tyco Flow Control Tech- Manufacturing of industrial Valves
    Position: Senior Production planning Consultant
    GAP analysis between core-model & local needs
    Core-Model adaptation & Unit test
    Training to Key-User
    Support to Integration test & Go Live

  • Position: Senior Project Manager

    Groupe FEHR- Building
    Jan 2009 - Jan 2011

    Definition of business blueprint
    PS Implementation
    Follow up and progress analysis,
    Levelling turn over by average rate

  • Position: Consultant Senior Supply Chain

    FAMAR Sector: Beauty Care Country: France
    Jan - aujourd'hui

    Implementation Supplier Schedules for all the factories in Europe
    Audit Data base to create a new core model to have the same way to plan the supply chain
    Implementation the « make to stock » with the Forecasts

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