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Exemple de missions de Michael, freelance PHP habitant le Nord (59)


2019 – 2020 : Stellar – Senior PHP DEVELOPER
- PHP backend API development on Symfony 4 framework
- VUEJS frontend UI development.
- Development of a SAAS in the aim to manage collaborations and analyze any influencers,
audiences and campaigns over Social networks.

2017 – 2019 : Emakina – Backend PHP DEVELOPER
- PHP backend development on Symfony 4 framework, E commerce platform in microservice
- Elasticsearch data management, data and logs fetching, indexing, updating, Kibana
Strong API development thru ********
Mass multi user geolocation based API development with Symfony, Posgres and Posgis
Druplal and ReactJS front end development.

2017: Idweaver – Backend PHP DEVELOPER
- PHP backend development on Laravel framework
- Development of a Dashboard and analytics charts tool for ******** in the aim
to follow, automate, compute and compare results of internal and global Ageas group surveys
by sectors, countries, units ….

2013 -2017: ******** – CTO
- PHP backend development on Symfony framework
- Frontend JavaScript on AngularJS and ReactJS
- Mobile IOS/Android on React Native
- Cloud infrastructure configuration, monitoring and maintenance on Amazon Web Services
- Linux and webserver configuration for production, staging and development environment
- Scrum and project management

- Frontend website development, based on CakePHP framework.
- Members get member and promotional tool development.
- Management improvement of subscriptions, packages and pre paid offers.
- Rest webservice API optimisation within Slim PHP framework in order to improve customer
experience on Android and IOS smartphone app
- Extranet PHP, HTML, JavaScript tools development for order capture and customer
management in Mobistar point of sale. Development based on a custom PHP Framework
and inspired by several MVC framework like Symfony, including Doctrine entities manager
patterns, namespace autoloader, routing and URL rewriting, HTML view rendering by Twig
- PHPUnit unit testing
- JavaScript, JQuery, Backbonejs, Dojo development AND CSS bootstrap integration for web
client interface
- MySQL Database.
- HTML and CSS render to PDF document by PHP engine with Prince XML.
- LINUX batch Shell scripting and SOAP XML webervice for reporting and data transfer
between front office and back office.
- Titanium Appcelerator IOS IPad tools development for shop's sellers

2004-2007: Evolution S.A. – CDI
- Intranet DotNet C#, HTML, JavaScript web tools development for improving the
communication and transfer of digital streams between different actors in the commercial and
advertising process.
- DotNet C# Image bank platform and marketing ad management tools.
- JavaScript, AJAX, WYSIWYG module integration in a .net C# document and multimedia
assets library.
- SOAP webservice communication between LDAP service and intranet website.
- MS SQL database query and IIS web server virtual host configuration.

2004-2007: Evolution S.A. – CDI
- ASP to PHP migration of ********
- MS SQL server agent job configuration.
- .NET C# data update and client order transfer batch.
- Search engine rank optimization, URL rewriting.

2004-2007: Evolution S.A. – CDI
- Web Catalogue integration through a Flash action script module "pageflip" ********
2007: Bandito studio S.P.R.L. - FREELANCE
- PHP MySQL development of communication marketing offers tool tailored to customer.
- Template edition through HTML JavaScript WYSIWYG tool.
- Word and PDF rendering and PHP customer mailing.

2007: Bandito studio S.P.R.L. - FREELANCE
- PHP MySQL Development of customers registration system for testing new vehicles
- PHP HTML Emailing.
- Frontend Flash actionscript client registration entry form.

2007: Bandito studio S.P.R.L. - FREELANCE
- Analysis and PHP MySQL development of a system to provide supermarket items
according to their shelving capacity.

2004-2007: Evolution S.A. – CDI
- Technical Analysis of a JAVA picture render engine in order to create custom bike

2002-2004: Vinci Informatique Solution S.P.R.L. - CDI:
- Analysis and PHP development of CMS
- Flash actionscript frontend interface.
- ********, ********, ********, ********,

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