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Exemple de missions de Mark-Allen, freelance WINDOWS SERVER 2016

04/2017 – Current ALPHA Systems, Switzerland
Position: Technical Project Manager / Cloud Architect
As a cloud architect and project manager, my responsibility is to design, architect, and install a Windows Server 2016 domain, consisting of multiple Hyper-V servers, SharePoint Server 2016, MS Project Server 2016, and a private Azure Stack Cloud. The deployment will be done with the latest Windows Server 2016 Windows Deployment Server (WDS). This is Phase I of a project that is expected to include the development of complete migration processes between VMware, Hyper-V, Azure Stack and Azure Public.

08/2014 – 03/2017 T-Systems NL
Position: Senior IT Project Manager
As a Senior IT Project Manager, I lead a global team responsible for the migration of Linux and Oracle servers for a large Tier-1 gas and oil international client.
Teams, totaling about 20 people, consisted of Linux admins, Oracle DBAs, reps from networking and storage teams, and included the server build team.
We handled discovery, preparation, server build, networking changes, firewall changes, migration processes and documentation, and the actual migrations themselves. Almost all the migration procedures were developed within this team, which significantly improved our performance, migration burn-rate, where through four main projects (two in Houston and 2 in Amsterdam) we migrated with no roll-backs.

05/2014 – 07/2014 T-Systems NL

Position: Programme Manager (Interim)
I was hired specifically to begin the European transformation and transition project until a full-time employee could be found. As an external, I was not eligible to continue with the project. My responsibilities consisted of working with the Bid Team to improve our proposal and ensure the technical points of the contract were accurate. I also began the resource search process, defining broadly what PM and technical resources were needed and where to hire them. Additional responsibilities included budgeting and forecasting. I also wrote many of the virtual platform descriptions and the X2V migration process documentation.

10/2011 – 04/2014 T-Systems NL, London, United Kingdom

Position: IT Project Manager
As a Senior IT Project Manager, I had two positions on the Philips Global Account; Global Decomm Manager and Handover Change Manager for the Reshape Project. As decomm Manager, I led a small team of 8 people based in Europe and Asia; responsible for the verification and decommissioning of servers and other hardware infrastructure globally for Philips, both internally on Philips sites and in the T-Systems data centers.

During the Reshape project for the PGA, I was responsible for a team of 8 people who created and coordinated all infrastructure handover changes for the project, globally. In addition, we were also responsible for infrastructure CMDB changes, and maintain the consistency and integrity of the CMDB.

My central role put me as the main contact person responsible to the client for all their decommissioning requirements. Regular meeting were required to maintain and improve the communication between customer and global data center sites.
07/2010 – 10/2011 T-Systems NL, London, United Kingdom
Position: Project Manager
The role was project manager for a large, global transformation project for Philips of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I was in charge of migrations in the region AMEC, and some in EMEA.

02/2010 – 06/2010 ALPHA Systems Transformations Ltd., London, UK

Position: Project Manager for Virtualization and Wintel systems
My role was improving the virtualization technologies and master system build methods for VMware servers, including VMware ESXi 4 and VMware Server v2.
Microsoft technologies used are: System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Windows Deployment Server (WDS) on Windows Server 2008.

03/2009 – 01/2010 T-Systems Ltd., UK.

Position: Programme Manager for Wintel systems
My position was Programme Manager in a UK-based transformation project for a large gas and energy company.
- Designed a “virtualization tracking” document to control the complete process of VMware ESX4 virtualization of hardware servers to virtual machines, from design considerations through the decommissioning servers
- Consulted on design and architecture for the VMware VSI and VDI infrastructure
- Managed virtualization of Active Directory and Altiris software deployment servers onto VMware VMs
- Managed virtualization of Citrix servers (Windows 2000) onto VMware VMs
- Managed virtualization of several client-specific server groups on VMware VMs
- Modified the step-by-step implementation process documentation that I helped create on previous transformations to fit the current need

10/2007 – 03/2009 Hewlett-Packard Ltd., UK.

Position: Senior Consultant for Transformations and Migrations
I worked as a Primary Technical Lead of the Windows Server Team on a global virtualization transformation project for a global mining company. The client has over 150 sites world-wide and 100 Windows domains, totaling over 2,500 servers.
Assisted in the design and architecture of the global VMware Virtual Server Infrastructure (VSI), and the installation of hardware.
My responsibility was managing a small team to handle all aspects of Windows server transformations, including server selection, physical server relocation, server on-site transformation, domain and IP migrations, and all pre- and post-transformation tasks.
Using documentation and processes that I developed on previous transformations and modified for this specific client’s requirements, I was able to save a large amount of time to begin actual transformations. It also increased the standardization of these processes and documentation, which could subsequently be used on future projects. This had a very positive effect on our transformation delivery schedule.
I was also involved in cross-country transformations, where we specifically designed the transformation process to exclude any physical relocations; rather we consolidated the function to either a new physical server or a virtual server, and then migrated the data across the network.
On a global basis, we transformed over 500 servers, most being relocated/consolidated into one of the four global data centers; Johannesburg (South Africa), Melbourne (Australia), Santiago (Chile), and Swindon (UK).
Our transformation success rate was 100%, where we never lost a server, nor had to revert back to the previous state.

03/2006 – 9/2007 Hewlett-Packard EMEA, Helsinki, Finland

Position: External Senior Consultant
My part of the Transformation Project was Windows server migrations for a global oil company separation. I was the Primary Technical Lead for server domain and IP migrations for Windows member servers and clusters.
Wrote almost all of the 50,000 lines of VBS script code for automating server information discovery, migration, and verification. After original project was completed, I was asked to continue with additional domain migrations, along with Groups, Users, and Printer migration.
The final transformation task was to deploy the Symantec ESM monitoring client, using a “script-wrapper” method I had developed earlier. The deployment consisted of 2 HP clients with a total of 2500 servers in-scope. The redesigned and automated the deployment method for ESM client decreases installation time by about 90%.

01/2006 – 02/2006 ALPHA Systems, SwitzerlandPosition: IT Technical Consultant
As part of the Microsoft Longhorn Server Beta Team, I was taking part in integration testing and migrations within Windows 2000/2003 domains. Most of the work was around the transformation and migration of old NT4 and 2000 domains to the new Windows 2008 (Longhorn) domain structure.
Also worked on the latest version of Microsoft Virtual Server for the process of physical to virtual (P2V) migrations.

01/2005 – 12/2005 Nestlé, Vevey, Switzerland
Position: External Senior Consultant
Part of a two-man team that designed and built Nestlé's new global server platform, which is based on Microsoft Windows Server 2003. This system design includes hardware and software architecture, complete build process and documentation, anti-virus protection, monitoring, and hotfix updating.
The build process for the systems is based on WinPE (Windows Pre-Installation Environment), along with numerous scripts, which control the entire staging of the Windows server.
Server roles in the design, which can be automatically installed, include IIS, File & Print services, Name services, DFS, Virtual Shadow Copies, Domain Controller, Cluster servers, Exchange servers, and 'hardened builds' for DMZ placement.
Designed and built the Nestlé Domain Controller Promotion process which is now built around Microsoft’s Install From Media (IFM). This process also includes encryption and decryption of the DC media. It has decreased DC promotion time from days to hours, and improved DC promotion reliability.

10/2004 – 12/2004 ALPHA Systems, Switzerland
Position: Technical Consultant
Designing a system methodology for quick configuration of Windows systems, using VB Script. This includes architecture, documentation, programming, and monitoring.
Supporting Microsoft clients on the MS Newsgroups. in the capacity of technical consultant. Areas covered are setup, configuration, networking, Active Directory, and scripting.
Speaker at several Citrix conferences in Europe, covering high-availability and fault-tolerant architecture, along with BCP designs. This included the Citrix iForum and Solutions Summit in Zurich (CH), Frankfurt (DE), and Munich (DE)

04/2004 – 09/2004 HP Managed Systems, Böblingen, Germany

Position: Microsoft Windows Specialist, and Citrix Specialist
Main function was providing a complete OS platform review of the client’s Windows servers in Europe, including current system-state status, recommendations for improvem...

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