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Exemple de missions de John, freelance MIDDLEWARE habitant les Hauts-de-Seine (92)

07.2009 - present Société Générale Bank - La Défense, Paris
Position: Contract Senior Consultant & Middleware Engineer
Department Middleware Payment System Team
Duties: Supporting (3rd Level) Société Générale Bank’s Global Middleware & Application platforms for WholeSale and Private Banking across Solaris, Linux & Windows in an MQ Clustered environment. Architect, Solutions Designer, Technical specialist, Mentor.

WebSphere MQ (formerly MQSeries) V5 & V6 Administration
WebSphere Broker V6 Administration (some)

- Team leading & mentoring of colleagues and new arrival staff
- Managing the stability of the Production MQ environments to ensure
maximum quality of service, supporting a global infrastructure across
different Time Zones.
- Identifying and minimising risks and coordinating resources in case of issues
- Providing On-Call support 24x7 (out of business hours) with a sense of urgency
- Defining, implementing and managing the MQ Architecture for
European, Asia Pacific & American projects
- Designing and implementing a high availability MQ Cluster infrastructure
- Designing and implementing WebSphere MQ interfaces for Applications
- Technically assisting project teams in their MQ implementations
- Building, managing and supporting multiple environments : DEV, ATE,
- Coordinating with the various skills teams involved in System & Application
- Implementing Disaster Recovery sites to minimise operational downtime
and Business impact. Performing test exercises
- Installation, Upgrading, Patching & Configuration of WebSphere MQ
- Managing the MQ Internal & External HUBS
- Managing POCs
- Managing MQ server migrations
- Planning for the upgrades of existing WebSphere MQ servers to MQ V 7.x
- Designing and implementing message Flows for WebSphere Message
Broker (some)
- Implementation of MQ Software’s monitoring tool - QPASA
- Writing and updating technical documents, operating and escalation procedures
- Scripting in Perl & Korn shell
- English language support - for emails, phone calls & conference calls liaising with a variety of International / Global clients of the Bank

Environments: WebSphere MQ / some Broker Administration - V6.0, V5.3 ;
Solaris (8 & 10), Linux (RedHat) & Wintel ;
MQ Clustering ; SSL ; OAM ; Connection Factory (JNDI) - connects JMS to MQ ;
QPASA Configuration Management & Monitoring Tool ;
Eclipse platform, MQExplorer, various MQ SupportPacs, Rfhutil, AutoSys
Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Citrix.

05.2008 - 06.2009 ING Bank - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(2nd time working at ING Bank)
Position: Contract Senior Consultant & Middleware Engineer
Change Implementation Management
Department OPS & IT Special Infrastructure Services
Middleware Support

Duties: Supporting ING Bank’s Middleware environments for WholeSale Banking across
Windows and UNIX platforms.

Special responsibility for upgrading Websphere MQ Middleware from V5.3 to V6.0 on UNIX (Solaris 8, 9, & 10 & AIX 5.xL) and WINTEL platforms (180+ Machines) with exceptional access to 'root' UserID for system administration purposes.

Building environments and solving technical problems in the Acceptance and
Production Environments. Liaising and co-operating with other related
Departments ; supporting developers and projects on their way to Production.

WebSphere MQ Administration
- Upgrading & Patching existing servers from MQ V5.3 to V6.0
- Installation and implementation of MQ V6.0 on new servers
- Design of WebSphere MQ interfaces for Applications
- Configuration over a large parc of Servers (more than 180 machines
in the Acceptance and Production environments)
- Detect and resolve MQ software and configuration issues
- Monitor the Acceptance & Production environments and respond to alerts,
MQ Application failures etc to ensure a maximised performance
- Monitor the successful execution of scheduled tasks/scripts
- Monitor the Departmental Mail Box and respond to incidents
- Escalate incidents that cannot be resolved to the appropriate Teams
- Follow the incidents and problems until the solution is productive
- Attend to any other task as assigned by the Operations Management
- Provide Documentation of Bank processes and procedures at Middleware level
- Provide training and education at different levels
- Scripting in Perl and Korn shell
- 24/7 Standby Duty

Environments: SUN Solaris 8, 9 & 10
AIX 5.xL

WebSphere MQ - V6.0, V5.3 Solaris ; AIX & WINTEL ;
Eclipse platform, MQ SSL ; OAM, MO71 Monitoring package ;
MQExplorer ; PQEdit ; qload ; Candle Omegamon XE for MQSeries configuration and monitoring , SUN Cluster HA (High Availability) for WebSphere MQ

Windows XP, MS Office, MS Outlook, Novell
Peregrine IRMA service management software including problem tracking and process automation for managing the Middleware service desk. Also, ARS Remedy.
Knowledge of ITIL (incident & change management processes).

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant environments.
05.2006 - 04.2008 German Stock Exchange - Frankfurt, Germany
Deutsche Börse Systems (2nd time working at the German Stock Exchange)

Position: Contract Senior Middleware & Internet Engineer - Production Support
Department Server Operations
Duties: Day to day administration and support of all Unix (Solaris, Linux, AIX) Production and Test Environments of the German Stock Exchange, working alone as well as part of a Team. 24/7 Standby Duty.

Unix - Systems Administration Tasks : Solaris, Linux & AIX
Installing software, performing package and patch administration, managing disk devices and file systems, performing system boot procedures, performing user and security administration, performing system backups and restores using TSM,
writing of scripts for admin-related tasks, handling upgrades of OS and system software, follow-up on patches and version control of system software, monitoring and maintenance of all Unix environments. Zone administration for Solaris 10.
Scripting in Perl and Korn shell.

WebSphere MQ V5.3 & V6.0
Migration from V5.3 to V6.0 - Solaris, Linux, AIX.
Designing and implementing MQ infrastructure on Solaris, Linux and AIX.
MQ administration & support, monitoring, troubleshooting and testing.
VERITAS Cluster Manager ; PQEdit ; qload.

WebSphere Application Server (WAS) V5.x and Network Deployment Manager
for a trading platform based on a Multi-Tier architecture and follows the Java2
Enterprise Edition (J2EE) standard.

The application is operated redundantly using Websphere Cell, Deployment
Manger, Nodes and Cluster. Coordination of infrastructure change requests,
patches, configurations and handling deployment of new releases. Hands on
management of administration topics and control of the hosting partner.
Installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting in a Mission-critical application Environment.

APACHE WebServer V1.x & V2.x and TOMCAT 5.x
Installation handling, configuration, patch administration, troubleshooting,
deployment management of ’war’ files, deployment of application software
and Portal administration. Module configuration, redirects and proxy, squid,
plug-in handling including AJP configuration. Load Balance cluster.

Installation and configuration including JAVA configuration.

Installation and cloning of virtual machines, configuration, patch management, troubleshooting.

Connect:Direct (C:D) V3.6.01
Configuration, technical administration & support, monitoring tasks, troubleshooting and testing.

General Installations
Java, Apache, Tomcat, Oracle Client, DB2 - install and configure for Unix,
general J2EE handling for Swapstream and WebStart.

English language support - for emails & phone calls

Environments: SUN Solaris 8, 9 & 10 (SUN E10K & E15K) systems administration tasks
SuSe Enterprise Linux 9,
AIX 5.xL
Windows 2000, 2003, MS Office, Lotus Notes, Novell, Citrix Metaframe/Terminal Server,
Veritas Cluster Manager, TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager), XML, FTP, SFTP, SCP, WinSCP, Filezilla, Putty

11.2004 - 04.2006 ING Bank - Brussels, Belgium
Position: Contract Senior Consultant & Middleware Engineer
Department Middleware Engineering & Connectivity Services

Duties: Supporting ING Bank’s Middleware platforms.
Lead specialist with particular responsibility for MQ Middleware running on all z/OS LPARs.

Building environments and solving technical problems in the Development,
System Test and Production Environments. Liaising and co-operating with
other related Departments ; supporting developers and projects on their way to Production.

WebSphere MQ Administration
- Installation and implementation of MQ V5.3
- Configuration over a large parc of Servers (more than 200 machines
in 3 environments)
- Detect and resolve MQ software and configuration issues
- Design of WebSphere MQ interface for applications
- Modification of the architecture to improve performance and stability
- Provide support for Development, Test & Production implementations
- Monitoring of MQ Components using Candle Command Centre
- Educate Team members, Applications teams, Operations staff in product usage and new features/capabilities

ING’s Middleware Administration and Implementation...

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