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Exemple de missions de Marcus, freelance ARCPLAN INSIGHT

Sales Planning/Reporting IBM Cognos TM1
Project activities : Implemention of a worldwide planning tool for Sales, COGS, Intercompany relations with IBM Cognos TM1; Further enhancement of the existing reporting application for Saleschannel and Servicelevel-Reporting and consolidation of the Reportingapplikation („Continental Reporting“); Education of internal specialists, Back-end, Front-end, Interface programming (SAP CENIT, Cognos Controller), TM1 Software configuration and upgrade.
Project description : Based on an existing reporting application a planning module is developped and continuosly extended. The Reporting is extended as well and freed from old and untransparent modules (e.g. Security; Replacement of long running load processes/Rules). The internal specialists are trained.
Duration : since 10/2014, 05/2014-06/2014, 07/2013
Client, Location : Industry, Aarburg
Tools, Methods : Cognos TM1 10.2: TurboIntegrator, Rules, TM1Web, Active Forms, MDX, TM1 Architect, SAP-Cenit, Cognos Controller Interface

IBM Cognos TM1-Consultation and Development
Project activities : TM1 backend development: Rules, TI processes, test support of end users
Project description : Conception and implementation of a worldwide planning application with IBM Cognos TM1 for Budgeting and Forecast of the whole credit business including a balance and P&L module.
Duration : 07/2014 – 09/2014
Client, Location : Automotive, Munich
Tools, Methods : Cognos TM1 10.2: TurboIntegrator, Rules, TM1 Architect, HPQC, Scrum, Excel 2010

IBM Cognos TM1-Consultation and Development
Project activities : TM1-Backend-Development: Rules, TI-Processes, delivery of a service- and support concept, Business Test support
Project description : A new worldwide Tool for Planning, Budgeting and Forecast with TM1 and Arcplan is established. The Task is to create a financial amortization calculation for Retail and Leasing products.
Duration : 01/2014 – 04/2014
Client, Location : Automotive, Braunschweig
Tools, Methoden : Cognos TM1 10.1: TurboIntegrator, Rules, TM1 Architect, HPQC, Scrum

Solution Architect IBM Cognos TM1
Project activities : Development of a PoC in the project „Business Plan“ in 2012 and further development in 2013. The planning solution is based on Active Forms and TM1Web. The project methodology is agile development.
Furthermore the work included the setup of a standardized methodology for all TM1 projects in the division and coaching of colleagues.
Project description : A new Business planning tool for the division is developed. An existing Excel solution shall be migrated to TM1. Different affiliates and Business areas contribute to the plan for the years 2014-2018 and until 2032 respectively (project planning). Plan data are input for P&L, Cash Flow, Balance strategic and CAPEX-Projects. Top-down adjustments by the central Finance department on all levels are possible. A workflow module will support the planning process.
Duration : 11/2012-10/2013
Client, Location : Pharmacy, Basel
Tools, Methods : Cognos TM1 10.1: TurboIntegrator, Rules, TM1Web, TM1 Architect, Cognos Insight, Excel 2010

IBM Cognos TM1 Consulting
Project activities : TM1-Consulting and development with regards to the planning application CHQ_FMP which is used for the internal IT costs and revenue planning. It was a firefighter task to bring the pilot application into production within a short time.
Afterwards a prototype based on Active Forms in the Web was developed as a possible alternative to the application which is difficult to administrate due to the deployment of the API.
Project description : The project CHQ_FMP of the internal IT department is used for the planning of costs and revenues for administrative and development projects for the next two years. It contains the input of target values on different aggregation levels and the comparison with the budget. The GoLive was in November 2012.
Duration : 08/2012 – 12/2012
Client, Location : Automotive, Stuttgart
Tools, Methods : Cognos TM1 9.5.2: TurboIntegrator, Rules, TM1Web, TM1 Architect, VBA, TM1-API für VBA, Excel 2003, Excel 2010

Sales Budget Planning with IBM Cognos TM1
Project activities : Conception and development of a webbased planning tool for Sales planning with TM1
Project description : Based on an existing TM1 reporting system a planning module was developed. Several dynamic input sheets were created to capture product sales and quantities.
Duration : 07/2012
Client, Location : Industry, Aarburg
Tools, Methods : Cognos TM1 9.5.2: TurboIntegrator, Rules, TM1Web, TM1 Architect, Excel 2007

BI development and administration
Project activities : IBM Cognos TM1 and Microsoft BI-Consulting, Development of the planning application STAIRS for the Financial Target Review of Daimler Trucks including planning of Contribution margin/Capex/CashFlow.
Maintenance and continuous development of the application Code-DB with price and cost information. Maintenance and continuous development of the application Herstellerleasing.
Project description : The project STAIRS ist part of the strategic plan of Daimler Trucks. The contribution margin per subunit is consolidated to EbIT.
The IT-Tool “Herstellerleasing „ displays Leasing- and Buy-Back-business of DAG separated into P&L and balance positions. The tool also serves as a planning instrument, which forecasts existing assets and enables planning of new assets. The application Code-Database is the central database for the documentation of Code costs for price information.
Duration : 11/2011 – 06/2012
Client, Location : Automotive, Wörth
Tools, Methods : Cognos TM1 9.5.2: TurboIntegrator, Rules, TM1Web, TM1 Architect, Cognos 8.4 BI, MS Access 2003, MS SQL Server 2008, T-SQL, SSIS 2008, SSAS 2008

IBM Cognos TM1- maintenance and continuos development of TM1 applications
Project activities : Error elimination and continuos development of the pilot application “BD/IV”. Continuous development of the HR TM1 planning application „Exposé“.
Project description : BD/IV: planning and forecast tool in TM1 for demand coverage of xDSL products. With the help of the application the process of demand planning, technical planning and assignment is supported.
Project description : Exposé: Planning application for the organizational commitment based on factors like duties, organizational entities, products, and geographical and temporal entities.
Duration : 01/2011 -05/2011
Client, Location : Telecommunications, Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Tools, Methods : Cognos TM1 9.5.1: TurboIntegrator, Rules, TM1Web, TM1Contributor

Redesign TM1 application for Balance Planning, Project BAPS
Project activities : Multidimensional Modelling, Rules calculation, implementation of plausibility checks, Implementation of a security concept, coaching of internal administrators, Requirements engineering.
Project description : Redesign of the central planning application BAPS for the Controlling and operative divisions. The application serves as a step for the company-wide planning and is reported to CFO.
Duration : 10/2010 -12/2010
Client, Location : Automotive, Stuttgart
Tools, Methods : Cognos TM1 9.5.1: TurboIntegrator, Rules, TM1Web, Cognos 8.4 BI

Cognos-TM1 Finanz-Planungssystem
Project activities : Creation of a planning application for Costcenter-, project-, capacity and balance planning as well as reporting. SAP BW interface programming, Calculation of allocations, term of payment, percentage of completion, Cashflow, Internal and external services etc.
Project description : Establishment of a new decentralized planning application for Controlling and operative departments. Automatic import of meta- and transactional data from SAP-BW, Calculation of derived measures with TM1 Rules, Creation of input forms for plan and forecast data.
Duration : 07/2010 -09/2010
Client, Location : Industry, Duisburg
Tools, Methods : Cognos TM1 9.4: TurboIntegrator, Rules, TM1Web, Syskoplan

Project Management CMMI
Project activity : Project management according to CMMI standard for
- reporting application PlanusNT,
- application “DWH Basis” and
- project „Online Business Reporting“
with an overall budget of 1 Mio EUR/year
Project description : The task was project management for the internal service provider. This includes project controlling and planning and negotiation with the stakeholders: Finance department, Steering board, Application management, Change management board, Project teams, PMO).
Duration : 05/2009 -06/2010
Client, Location : Financial Services, Frankfurt
Tools, Methods : CMMI, JIRA

Technical Test DWH
Project activities : Establishment of a test framework for technical DWH tests: test planning, test coordination, test case execution and documentation, coaching of internal staff, coordination with business test groups
Project description : Acceptance test of a new DWH with emphasis on technical issues (job loads, availability, monitoring)
Duration : 04/2009
Client, Location : Financial Services, Stuttgart
Tools, Methods : V-Model, Oracle 10g, Business Objects XI 3.1, Pentaho Kettle

Business Objects Reporting for Credit Management
Project activities : Development of a new universe and WebIntelligence reports for analysis of billing, dunning and call campaign management on SAP-FI CA tables (Cash per bill cycle, Open invoices, Cashing und Dunning Lock), Creation of SQL scripts to fill aggregate tables, technical concept
Project description : Establishment of a BO-Reporting for the Credit Management and campaign management with source data from SAP FI-CA
Duration : 02/2009 – 03/2009
Client, Location : Telecommunications, Hamburg
Tools, Methods : Business Objects XI R2, BO Designer, SAND/DNA Database

Pilot for cross-divisional financial reporting
Project activities : Conception and implementation of a MS Access Data Warehouse for cross-divisional reporting (Country/Region P&L report, One Bank CE...

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