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Exemple de missions d'Olena, Consultant Business Object habitant les Hauts-de-Seine (92)


Client Experience Strategy implementation
Client Entreprêteurs Crowdlending B2C and B2B2C platform
May June 2017

Recommendation for Client strategy implementation as part of my Client Experience Certificate course

Proof of Concept for Salesforce/ Pardot CRM implementation
Client Sycomore Asset Management
April 2017
Creation of a POC to the asset management specs, including tracking investment flows per fund per investor. In cooperation with Twelve Consulting and Salesforce

Pardot implementation and Salesforce adoption boost
Client Xebia Professional Services and Training
February 2017-May 2017

Analyze business needs
Oversee the project
Configure Salesforce and Pardot
Clean, import, and start usage of legacy databases while creating cross-BU view on clients
Create new processes for social networks presence, event management, whitepaper distribution, website engagement
Create a closed loop marketing process for potential leads with new prospects and existing customers
Implementation of marketing ROI management
Train users and help implement best practices

Pardot implementation on top of Salesforce refreshing
Client Cellenza IT services
January-May 2017

Analyze business needs
Oversee the project
Configure Salesforce and Pardot
Implement thought leadership strategy
Closed loop marketing process for potential leads with new prospects and existing customers
Work closely with HR to solve their specific needs engage and attract potential candidates
Train users and help implement best practices

Improving business processes to generate additional revenue from Tier 2 and 3 customers
Client Indinvest French financial media B2B company
June 2016

Analyze existing business practices and business needs
Meet users, managers, other stakeholders and understand their needs and constraints, avoid potential conflicts
Salesforce system configuration access rights, object customization, new objects, business processes
I proposed new business processes and implemented them in Salesforce


Centralization of the information on leads and sales deals and not just contacts , structuring sales process, and freeing up sales employees time spent on low productivity tasks

Member of the board responsible for member management ongoing
Organisation Women in ETFs world wide non profit professional association

Administration of the CRM YourMembership platform, http //********
Approve new members
Design workflows, user guidelines, dashboards, policies


Steadily growing number of members
The organization is weaned from the use of a spreadsheet that persisted after the CRM system was adopted
The management has now real time and actionable reporting on the membership growth and its drivers

Reference User and Sales team representative for Salesforce implementation 2012-2015
Organisation NYSE Euronext 90 users in the company

Design workflows, dashboards, collected user requirements
Execute user acceptance tests
Provide specifications to administrators to set up the desired processes customization, campaigns, opportunities, business processes
Coach managers and other users on good practices
Collect good practices from other departments
Engage with the Executive sponsor to drive the adoption


The organization was able to get centralized database for all contacts and activities around contacts, and adopt the system, in spite of resistance on several levels
I became a Person to turn to with all questions on Salesforce in the Sales and Account Management department 30 people

Business Development and Key Account Management roles 2005 - 2015 , NYSE Euronext

Act as advisor to Euronext s clients so that they can grow their business technical, regulatory, new products
Lobbying mainly internal and French authorities on behalf of clients
Manage relationships within key customers on C-level and Heads of trading / IT level
Participate and manage industry workgroups
Look for new business opportunities on assigned territories / for assigned products in particular, France, Switzerland, UK, other EU countries
Promote adoption of new web based platforms making sure the service is approved, installed, and used as frequently as possible


A number of sales deals bringing recurrent revenue streams in the range of 30 to 300 K per year
Adoption of Euronext s web based trade and indication of interest platforms such as Bclear and Cscreen within Tier 1 French banks and their teams in London SG, BNP, Natixis, Calyon
Comprehensive databases for each assigned product, territory or account that other departments could also exploit

Consultant, project management 2003 - 2005 , for Euronext, with PS Consulting

Project Help Euronext.liffe create and optimize Sales and Account Management operations in Paris

Create and maintain intuitive, structured, shared and export-ready contact database 6 users
Create client interactions reporting tool
Create business intelligence tools for monitoring Euronext s clients and competitors activity
Manage relationship with my own client portfolio


Actionable information on Euronext s customers available at all times
Excellent Euronext s customer satisfaction per annual independent survey results and direct customer feedback

Consultant, project management 2001 - 2002 , MCI later 3S Informatique

Project Help Euronext with key market IT systems migrations switch to new trading and clearing systems

Manage relationships with key customers on C-level and Heads of trading / IT level
Communicate project roadmaps
Organize and steer User committees, workshops, post meeting follow-ups
Provide reporting on user readiness to management
Handle ongoing customer issues feedback, orders, complaints
Handle relationships with third party partners independent software providers of Euronext s customers


Euronext s customers met the deadlines for key IT systems migration milestones

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