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Exemple de missions de Paul, consultant remedy habitant les Alpes-Maritimes (06)

Branch : IT Outsourcing Company
Company/Institution : STERIA France Department: Shared Service Center Storage
Contract type : Freelance Contractor Renewals (every 3 months)
Assignment : Storage Specialist Sophia Antipolis Cote D Azure France
Duration : June 2011 November 2012
Title : SAN Storage and Virtualization Specialist
Technical Engineering and Management at Steria’s Shared Service center for Sterias portfolio pool of business Clients working as a SAN storage virtualization Specialist with
Technical emphasis to providing technical SAN engineering Administration and solutions in a large and varied enterprise environment for many diverse clients and projects.
DMX4 symcli expert storage integration and management provisioning Luns and storage and
BCVs and replication setups including migrations, operational work adding and removing storage in the enterprise.
Clariion management integrations and operational work, to expert level
VMAX Storage provisioning and SRDF replication and setup
VNX Management expert level including Recover point setup for replication
Vplex provisioning host and LUN integration and new client setup
IPSTOR and ESX management of Storage
Management of IBM storage arrays Extra Duties for on call for all of the Storage Environment
Cisco Zoning and switch management setup of new clients management of existing infra.
Cisco fabric and device manager and brocade switch administration
New service take on and integration for new clients unisphere and navisphere and recoverpoint
Daily production management Stars Ticket requests enterprise work
Storage array moves and relocations
Recent take on of Netapp and HDS storage
Management of netapp Aggregates, qtrees, shares, vifs, thin provisioning, and provisioning
My time is booked by capacity management on timed projects for delivery for all of Sterias
Portfolio of customers.
Planning and execution of Change requests and break fix problem resolution.

My Clients Freelance Contractor Prestige Include :
Lichtenstein Landes Bank Zurich, ALSTOM Schweiz, UBS Monaco WMI, UBS WMI Zurich Switzerland,
ZURICH Financial services Zurich, IBM France HQ, BP Central London and Docklands, Accenture & British GAS UK, o2 Munich Germany, T-systems Muenster Germany, EDS Germany, STERIA France, National Westminster Bank UK

Branch : Systems Engineer: Required for Concept work and extra SLA work not met by the outsourced project.
Company/Institution : LLB & Swisspartners Zurich Outsourced iTRUST
Contract type : LichtensteinLandesbank
Assignment : Specialist
Duration : (short term backfill to fulfill extra SLA tasks fixed short term contract over Christmas period)
Title : Senior Systems Engineer Wintel Engineering
December 2010 & January 2011
Senior Systems Engineer Wintel Engineering
Design a Maintenance Window Concept for entire site infrastructure (Patching, firmware, Software matrix updates).
Design a notebook integration concept for VMware VDI and improve & secure laptop security policy lock USB ports
Implemented Active Directory Clean Up best practice
Breaks fix 3rd Level Microsoft Environment Problems
Integrate pimphony VOIP desktop phone into VMware sessions & Finapps
Integration of an IP management tool, Vital QIP
Put in place Change Management Processes which had not previously existed
Review of Backups and cleanup of monitoring alarms.
Improve the current patching concept and processes.
Documentation to a high level
New product evaluation – Purchases (recommendations). IP man QIP.
TLS encryption certificates for mail system LLB Zurich & Lichtenstein
VMware Site Recovery Manager solution and proposals ESX fallback DR
Presentations Support of VDI infrastructure via support calls.
Documentation Produced & Work Completed ahead of schedule.
The work schedule of 3 months completed in advance.
New product evaluation – Purchases (recommendations). IP man QIP.
TLS encryption certificates for mail system LLB Zurich & Lichtenstein
VMware Site Recovery Manager solution and proposals ESX fallback DR
Presentations Support of VDI infrastructure via support calls.
Documentation Produced & Work Completed ahead of schedule.
The work schedule of 3 months completed in advance.

Branch : Transport Turbine and Power Company
Company/Institution : ALSTOM (Switzerland) Ltd.
Contract type : Contractor
Assignment : Wintel Engineering and Project Management
Duration : October 2007 – October 2010
Title : Senior Project Systems Engineer
European Data Centre consolidation program similar to my assignment duties previously at Zurich
Financial Services Zurich and UBS Zurich and UBS Monaco. Supported ALSTOM Business
Transport, Power and Turbine Businesses.
Third Level Support specialist and project support Microsoft systems Engineer (senior) and on-call Duties.
Technologies: HP Blade c/7000 Enclosures and Proliant and IBM e-series
Windows 2000 Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 R2.
VMware ESX Server
Citrix Management Applications and HA and DR.
Production and Project support in Engineering Capacity.
Tasks :
Migration of server infrastructure from all over Europe to Switzerland
Blade and Vmware solution adopted on rapid project delivery to new standards, HP family hardware and operating system on Windows 2003 and also extensive SAN integration.
Support of Citrix applications.
Delivery of Server Infrastructure Installation Configuration and AD integration.
Planning and Delivery of new concepts, design and implementation work.
Extensive Change Management Planning for Large Infrastructure Changes
Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 Domain Controller Upgrade Programs
Regular virtualization of servers to save costs of physical hardware where possible and server decommissioning. Delivery of new Infrastructure and Wintel estate management and in addition daily business. Maintenance Weekend SW Updates firmware and patching
Matrix implémentation.
Management of HP service packs and baseline software and management.
3rd Level Systems engineering and Administration of Windows 2000 and Windows 2008R2
Deployment and configuration and enterprise management of the OS.
3rd Level break fix remedy call handling
San Intergration Expert of Virtual Connect Configuration and Intergration
Extensive Project and Business Support and Management Meeting

Branch : Banking
Company/Institution : UBS Wealth Management International Zürich
Contract type: Contractor
Assignment: Wintel TSG
Duration : Feb 2007 Contract extended until October 2007
Title : Wintel TSG Senior Wintel Engineer
Produced a corporate standard build revision with all the relevant software and patches per hardware platform Dl300-(G1, G2, and G3).
MOM Server management monitoring Alarm point & Net-cool.
Maintenance weekend work and ON-Call duties & Testing of DR
Management and processing of AD and Samurai internal banking systems and bespoke apps. Configuration and setup of Control-M and other bank applications.
Moved to UBS Monaco: Sent on-site to Grande Bretagne in Monaco
Pilot Rollout W-XP program EUPI Server Migration W2KA W2003 WS.
Staged new servers and all infrastructure and services and migrated
DHCP, WINS, Home Directories, User Profiles, Group shares, Printers, Net-backup, and
File and print servers & Large corporate data moves.
Local Server security policy and server hardening.
HP Servers and IBM server specialist including all infrastructure management a successful pilot was completed successfully and documented the model was then replicated for all other satellite sites by the local support.
Provided Site PC support Functions for raised tickets.

Branch : Zürich Financial Services Unterrohrstrasse 5, 8952 Schlieren Zürich CH
Company/Institution : Insurance
Contract type : Freelance Contractor Senior Systems Engineer
Assignment : E-Server management and Wintel enterprise engineering & Project Migration.
Duration : 27 August 2005 – January 2007
Title : European Infrastructure Engineer Technical Projects
European Wide Data Centre Consolidation program from the rest of Europe to Switzerland Data Center.
Migration of HP and Other Hardware to IBM Brick and Blade Servers San Setup
Performed P2P and P2V migrations to blade Enclosures additionally provided project support and was country manager for UK and Germany Migration responsibilities.
I worked as a 3rd Level Enterprise Engineer specifically in Microsoft Engineering as a Data Center Engineering IBM Blade E-series and HP Proliant and VMware Management. SAN intergration

Branch: British Petroleum 108 Pinners Hall Moorgate Central London EC2N 1ER
Company/Institution: BP London
Contract type: Freelance Consultant for BP Smart centre Program
Assignment: BP Global (Project OPSWARE-ATE asset tracking)
Duration: 01 March 05 – 26 July 05
Title: Global Project Infrastructure Engineer
The setup and deployment and support of infrastructure to facilitate global asset tracking discovery for OPSware-ATE and deployment of a discovery detection capability within 4 data centers Naperville, Tulsa, Houston, European data center, and rest of the world regions (Global).
Staged deployment of asset tracking agents to entire BP infrastructure including all industry recognized multiplatform Hardware and Software platforms in the BP corporate estate and 85000 desktop clients incorporating various methods of delivery including passport explorer.
A great deal of corporate wide communication and authored change control to facilitate project advancement as a technical hands on project engineer which also required building strategic relationships with BP corporate operating units, owners & stake holders. BP was able to accurately cost the Oracle License cost burden with this tool based on my reporting which was a high level issue.

Branch: Accenture
Company/Institution: Accenture (UK headquarters)
Contract type: Freelance Consultant
Assignment: Accenture Clients British Gas Global, Banking ...

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