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 From Jan 2015 to Present
Audi-VW Automotive (Belgium)
SCM APO PP/DS SNP v7.0 Optimizer
Functional, Technical Deliveries Project :

Enhancement of Model Mix Planning uses the Optimizer component.
Building of he data relevant for planning is transferred to be optimized. Optimization of the optimization procedures defined in the procedure package to determine the best solution and transfers the results back to Model Mix Planning.
Construction of Model Mix Planning carries out takt-based scheduling using the data from iPPE Line Design and the line resources.
Assigned restrictions categories according to the business requirement of client with planning version assigned to production and restriction group.
Maintaining Master data and linked to external Production Control System.
Scheduling Interactive sequencing with constraint in model Mix planning in APO.

• The planning of the components required for the orders is integrated in the planning run of Model Mix Planning. Depending on the setting in the product master of the product to be planned, APO calculates the required components either using the rapid planning matrix

 From Nov 2012 to Dec 2014
GE (General Electric –Power Energy) Gent Belgium

Blueprint, Functional, Technical Deliveries Project :

Gathering requirements of Core Team and End users on Worshops ( Europe, America USA, Asia).
Resposabilities :
• Performed AS-IS/TO-BE Study with core team members and presented reports after completing GAP Analysis
• Involved in the monitoring of proper transfer of Master Data from legacy system with R/3 through CIF.

Main Tasks:
• Set up Integration models for transfer of Master data, transaction data.
• Configured PPM/PDS explosion and scheduling, firming, pegging, setup times, converting planned orders in PP/DS, configured PPDS module including converted SNP planned orders into PPDS orders, exception groups in the PP/DS planning log, product view.
• Set up PP/DS master data such as PP/DS PDS, set-up groups/matrices, , configured PPDS module including converting SNP planned orders into PPDS orders, generate detailed production schedule, optimize production schedule.
• Converted planned orders to production orders release and confirm production orders.
• Created an optimized and feasible production plan, splitting into daily orders, fix planned and production order operations.
• Maintained PP/DS Master data such as Resources and PPM
• Maintained Detailed scheduled Planning board profile.
• Planning parameters settings, Defined Alert profile, Maintained strategy profile, Maintained time profile & optimization profile and Defined propagation range.
• Maintained PP/DS heuristics, Product Planning Table configuration and user exits.
• Configured PPM/PDS explosion and scheduling, firming, pegging, setup times, converted planned orders in PP/DS, exception groups in the PP/DS planning log, product view
• Developed user training documents and conducted Knowledge Transfer.

 From Jan 2012 to Sept 2012
CElSA Manufacturing Metal (Spain- Bulgaria).
Consultant- SAP ECC6 PP PI SCM APO PP/DS SNP v7.0
Roll Out Project :Review Functional and Technical Deliveries
• Follow up of Planning with final assembly.
• Review Production Order as well as Capacity Planning component and Operational Process (Campaign processing and Conversion ...)..
• Creation of Rough cut environment planning profile with version management
• Change Capacity levelling with PPDS
• Testing on UAT and integration with WM LES.

Setting up and spec
 From Jan 2011 to Dec 2011
Innothera Pharmaceutical ( France- Bulgaria).
Consultant- SAP ECC6 PP PI SCM APO PP/DS SNP v5.0

Implementation Project :Blue Print ,Functional and Technical Deliveries
• Enhancement and implementation of Production Campaign PP PI- PCM.
• Blue Print written and enhancement and configuration, pametrisation on PPDS
• Create and Plan multi-product campaigns and executed functions of campagns-in campaign creation,Campagn processing etc..)
• Setting up and specified Master Data and transferred from ECC 6
• Worked on PP DS horizon on Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Oder production and external procurement in Plant an Planned Order
• Configured Production Planning in PPDS , CTP before running
• Worked on Heuristics for PP and execution procurement BOM level .
• Go Live of PPDS (heuristic PP DS and deployment availability Check.
• Checking DP and BW with ECC with CIF and Master Data
 Testing flows SNP (heuristic) and PP DS based on flow
 Roll out with several End users.

 From Jan 2010 to Dec 2010
Royal DCM N.V (- Switzerland ).
Consultant- SAP ECC6 SCM APO PP/DS SNP v5.0

Implementation Project on SNP/PPDS
• Review Design and BluePrint on SNP and Master Data
• Writing Functional and Technical deliveries on PPDS -SNP based on flow charts .
• Realised SNP workshops with Business and key users and buildes Prototype.
• Implementation Planning And Post Planning with Shelf life.
• Enhacement Master Data Receipts for structure planning Production and ressource for SNP Heuristic for on MES Planning and MPS
• Building Heuristic for Planning Production ,SNP Heuristics and CTM.Prepared PP/DS core Interface with split architecture and settings CIF.
• Prepared Stock batches withPegging requirements with MPS planning.
• Integrated ATP in Production allocation with safety stocks, planning around MRP types.
• Testing PP/DS SNP CTM flows with Mercury Tool in QUA .
• Integration PPS and PPM SNP CTM QUA and Prepared GO Live.

 Since July 2008 to Dec 2009
Consultant- SAP R/3 ECC5 PP APO PP/DS Bridgestone( Belgium-Germany)

Review Blue Print and Maintenance Project
• Support 2nd and 3rd Level on Application for Production Planning and integration to PP/DS and ECC5 with process Implication for Rough –Cut and Detail planning.
• Checking global Master data of Production with Data migration and Resource PDS and PPM for SNP.
• Resolve issues on Rough-Cut Production planning and integration to PP/DS and ECC5.
• Resolve troubleshoots on Heuristic for Production planning and Reporting and sales in Make to Order and CTP process and ATP.
• Liaising with end users and Business Analyst on testing some processes.
• Help on Rollout project and post implementation support in Europe.
• Rollout with many change requests Key users..
• Support 2nd level with end and Key users.

 From Jan 2007) to June 2008
 GE Health (Norway
Consultant- SAP ECC5 APO SNP/DP 5.0

Full Life cycle Implementation APO SNP Project
• Enhancement of APO DP and SNP on ODP (Operational Demand Planning ) project.
• Worked on Functional and technical deliveries of DP:
• Generated Forecast: Review Historical Data , Disaggregated /Aggregated data at different levels and clients.
• Created Master Forecast profile and statistical. Created Promotion and Life Cycle profile. Reviewed forecast.
• Worked on Functional and Technical deliveries of SNP on Optimiser and Heuristic for Cost profile.
• Created Replenishment Forecast.
• Defined definitive Replenishment/Deployment (with PUR, PO, Stock Transfer Order, Sales Orders Inventory etc.)
• Enhancement of Release to Demand planning. And Reviewed data in ECC6.
• Enhancement of Master Data and Transactional Data from BI and ECC6.
• Executing several waves of Integration Tests with Mercury.

Consultant- Support 2Nd Level SAP v 4.6 APO SNP/DP 4.0
• From June 2006 to Dec 2006 GSK (Belgium-UK)
• Enhancement of second scenario of solution on America and Europe sites ;
• Initialize the templates for each areas and solution for Countries.
• Defined Master Data on DP and SNP integrated with ERP system by CIF and BI
• Re-initialize the DP/SNP planning area for each zone.
• Follow up on Go live solution and resolving DP issues on Roll out with change request.
• Testing for the Forecast of DP and actuals of SNP with change data solution

Consultant SAP APO SCM V4.0 and PP
• From Dec 2005 To May 2006 Arcelor (France- Belgium)
• Define final DP solution (integrated other sites) and SCP .
• Change Master Data , model and Version Management.
• Change Request on Make-To-Stock and Make-To-Order and Consumption Forecast.
• Change Request and maintaining mass maintenance of APO DP Master Data.
• Support and improvement of Sales and Allocations Forecast check with ATP
• Testing and Go Live.Support users and sites for Roll out of integration solution for to manage Supply Chain with SAP APO and DP.

Consultant Support SAP PP – GMI-UK
• From Jan 2005 To Nov 2005
• Support 2nd level on end users
• Maintain all change request on Master Data PP and MRP
• Work on Data Conversion PP and MM on MSP
• Testing of New solution after Change request.
• Resolve escalation on Roll out issues.

From May 2002 to Dec 2004 Siemens ( EDS France)
Carbury Schweppes (France-UK): Consultant: SAP APO SCM /DP V3.1
• Enhancement of Global DP project with Templates worldwide (America, Asia, Europe) .
• Support 2nd Level on DP Forecast Consumption and planning promotions on Make-To-Order
• Testing and Go Live.
• Support and Roll out for Europe Sites.

KAYSERSBERG- (France ) : Logistic Consultant SAP R/3 PP/MM.
• Support 2nd Level with Change Request .
• Analyse of several modification to be validated by key users and test.
• Testing on transport in QUA to PROD.
• Training of end users and support teams.

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