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Qu'est-ce que AVEVA PDMS ?

AVEVA PDMS ou AVEVA Plant Design Management System est un logiciel de CAO édité par la société britannique AVEVA

Exemple de missions de Pachaiyappan, freelance AVEVA PDMS

April 2008 Star Award has been awarded on the Innovation and customer satisfaction for 1st Q 2008

September 2008 GDT (Global Development and Testing) Lion’s Pride Employee of the Quarter has been awarded for the contribution towards the development of VPE P&ID for the 2nd Q 2008.

December 2009 – Present
Trimble ******** Software India Pvt Ltd, Chennai Senior Software Engineer Current Employer

June 2009 – December 2009
Patni Computers/AVEVA, Pune Software Specialist 6 months

February 2007 – June 2009
Lion Bridge Technologies/AVEVA, Chennai Software Engineer and Senior Software Engineer 2 years and 4 months

January 2005 – January 2007
CADS Software India Pvt Ltd, Chennai Software Engineer 2 years and 1 month

July 2002 – Sept 2003
Auroville Development Center, Pondicherry Junior Research Scientist (Non I.T Programming) 1 year

1 Title Duct Designer 3D & Pipe Designer 3D
Client QuickPen a Trimble Company, Denver, US
Company Trimble AT Road Software India Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Platform Windows 7 64 Bit/ 32 Bit
Languages C++/VC++, C#,
API’s Object-ARX 2011, AModeler

Project Description:
Duct Designer 3D and Pipe Designer 3D are an automated 3D drafting design software widely used in making Duct Design and Pipes. It uses AutoCAD us a drafting medium and ObjectARX and AModeler is used in solid modeling.
The key responsibility is to generated 3D graphics for Various types of fittings and creation of insulation, liners for duct fittings.

2 Title AVEVA VPE P&ID , AVEVA Reports and AVEVA P&ID Gateway
Client AVEVA Solutions Ltd, UK
Company Lion Bridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Chennai / Patni Computers, Pune
Languages C++/VC++, C#, VB, VB.NET, ADO.NET
API’s ObjectARX, AutoCAD.NET, VBA for AutoCAD

Project Description:
VPE P&ID is a customized AutoCAD based drafting application. It’s used in design & detailing of piping and instrument design.
Creation of Configuration tool (GUI as well as Console Application) using – C#, Infragistics control, XML, XSLT.

3 Title AVEVA VPD Clash Manager
Client AVEVA Solutions Ltd, UK
Company Lion Bridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
Languages C++, ADO, Pro*C, VB

Project Description:
AVEVA Model Management streamlines data preparation control, and the management of 3D plant objects and deliverables. Clash Manager is an application of AVEVA Model Management suite giving PDMS extended capabilities for managing work processes, reporting status, clash checking, comprehensive recording, trend analysis, identification, management and the resolution of clashes through an approval mechanism and configurable integrity checking rules identify errors and inconsistencies across the design.
Database communication module is developed in Pro*C/C++/VC++6. This module consists of two different layers:
• Application layer, is developed in C++/VC++ and
• Communication layer, is developed in Pro*C to communicate Oracle.

4 Title Final Designer – Defect fixing & Unicode Migration
Client AVEVA Solutions Ltd, UK
Company Lion Bridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
Platform Windows Xp
Languages C/C++ in VS .NET 2002 & VS .NET 2005 environment

Project Description:
Final Designer is an AutoCAD-based application which is designed specifically to work seamlessly with AVEVA PDMS model. It combines an industry-standard drafting solution with the integrity and quality of the PDMS plant model and its highly automated drawing production capabilities. Any subsequent design changes to the PDMS model will be automatically reflected in the Final Designer AutoCAD drawings.

5 Title CADS RC V 9.0, Rebar3D & SOD V 10.0
Client CADS Software, Arrowsmith court, Broadstone, UK
Company CADS Software India PVT Ltd, Chennai
Languages VC++, MFC, XML, ObjectARX 2005 and COM.

Project Description:
Rebar3D is a 3D reinforced concrete (RC) detailing software that helps to model 3D RC structures quickly and simply. The product helps the user to build a 3D model of the RC structure by placing the RC structural objects and also automatically generate all the reports that increases productivity, efficiency and quality.
List of Major Development Activities Undertaken:
 Generation of interface between the managed module Material manager and the unmanaged VC++, ObjectARX module using COM smart pointers for reading the database and produce a customized schedule on drawing using AutoCAD tables and AutoCAD blocks.

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