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profils C SHARP

Exemple de missions de Ghita, freelance C SHARP habitant les Hauts-de-Seine (92)

September 2013- December 2014
SQL Server Consultant with short term deployments remotely and to customer sites across MEA and WECA
• Proactive Support: Workshops, Health Checks, Risk Assessment Programs, Remediation, Supportability Reviews and Chalk & Talk

• Reactive Support for critical administration situations.
 SQL Server Security and Auditing, Installation,
 Administration and Maintenance of SQL Server Instances,
 Design database Backup and Restoration Strategy,
 Setup High-Availability (Failover Clustering, Database Mirroring, Log Shipping and Replication),
 Troubleshoot various problems that arise in a day-to-day work and fix the issues,
 Monitoring and Performance Tuning; Database settings and options and query tuning. (Creating and maintaining Indexes, memory settings, monitoring CPU usage and Disk I/O activity etc.),
 Documenting major changes to the SQL Servers.
 Apply Service Packs.

Almoayyed Computers-Govt of Bahrain- Remote delivery (December 2014- December 2014)
Perormance Tuning and SQL Server 2012 Risk Assessment Program (SQLRAP)
Completing an assessment of the SQL Server environment through interviews with the staff and by running a suite of tools to collect data from SQL Server and its dependent systems.

• Representing the assessment in two formats:

 Health issues: reflect active problems regarding the configuration or proper function of the product and related components.

 Risk issues: cover areas such as change control, monitoring, disaster recovery, service level agreements and other items that if left unresolved increase risk of future problems or worsening problems.

Create a remediation plan to address identified improvement points and risks that have been aligned to customer specific business impact
Covered areas: SQL Server Configurations, Database Options, Information, Properties, Security, Architecture and Design, High Availability, maintenance, OS Configurations for SQL, Event Log Analysis, Operational Excellence, Update Management, Error Log, Performance.

First Banks of Nigeria- Lagos (November 2014- November 2014)
Delivery of “SQL Server 2008: Performance Tuning - Design, Internals, and Architecture” workshop

• Module 1: Architecture. This module provides an overview of SQL Server engine internals such as memory management, I/O basics, process scheduling and synchronization with particular focus on performance tuning.

• Module 2: Table and Index Structure. The underlying structure of database files, tables and indexes and how they affect performance.

• Module 3: Locking and Concurrency. This module describes how SQL Server handles concurrency behind-the-scenes.

• Module 4: Query Optimization. understanding query plans and identify queries that are not being executed efficiently.

• Module 5: P rogramming Efficiency overview of Stored Procedure development.

Ministry of Economy and Trade of Lebanon – Beirut (October 2014- October 2014)
SQL Server 2014 Consolidation
• Provide roadmaps for SQL Server consolidation.
• Provides customers with baseline statistics for current system performance and workload profiles.
Consolidation options covered include: multi-database single-instance servers, multi-instance on physical servers, and finally reduction of physical servers through virtualisation (Hyper-V)

• Tasks:
 Data collection: Performed with the MAP toolkit, custom scripts and discussions with the customer over the course of the engagement.
 Analysis: Analyzing the data collected from the tool
 Knowledge transfer: Discussion based on the analysis, conduct knowledge transfer sessions focused on areas of interest relating to consolidation.
 Trip report: Documentation of all findings provided within 7 days of the onsite engagement.

• Improvements:
 Analyze and document current SQL Server environment.
 Gather performance metrics for all included SQL instances.
 Provide “consolidated views” of future SQL Server landscapes.
 Reduce total cost of ownership through consolidation and upgrades.
 Recommend performance tuning and system optimisation options.
 Identify SQL Server consolidation and upgrade path blockers.

Ministry of Economy and Trade of Lebanon – Beirut (September 2014- September 2014)
Upgrade SQL Server 2005 and 2008 to 2014
• Upgrade Planning
o Preparing to Upgrade, while identifying the risks up front and determine how to lessen and manage them throughout the upgrade process
o Defining upgrade strategies while specifying requirements, advantages and disadvantages of each one.
o Specifying application and Connection Requirements as Service Packs, interviewing with the software vendors, etc.
o Determine plan for Backups

• Upgrade deployment
o Back up data before and after the upgrade, etc.
o Upgrading Applications that Use the .NET Framework
o Minimizing Upgrade Downtime
o Upgrading Instances using Side-by-side upgrade

Casablanca, Morocco (January 2013 – August 2013)
• Software design and development ;
• Programming Trainer (C#,, SQL Server 2008 Administration, PHP5, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS…);
• Students mentoring;

Casablanca, Morocco (September 2011- December 2012)
• Design of the mapping engine for FinTrack solution (vehicle tracking system);
• Development of FinTrack mapping engine using ThinkGeo, C Sharp , ASP.Net SQL Server 2008;
• Requirements specification, software design, implementation and Integration;
• Software Development using C Sharp 4.0,, Visual Studio 2010, .Net Framework 3.5/4, Telerik, Ajax,, CSS, Jquery, Transact SQL,
• SQL Server 2008 Administration (security, designing and creating databases, .designing database backup and recovery strategies, create and enhance schema, import data from Microsoft Access databases for processing client data, etc.)
• Trainees supervision;

Faculté des Sciences et Techniques (FST) - Tangier, Morocco (2011- 2013)
• GIS projects management courses (calls for tenders elaborating, calls for tenders responding, needs analysis, business specifications editing, etc);
Courses provided for Geomatics engineering students;
• GIS Thesis supervising.

GEOMAP Infrastructure Solutions - Rabat, Morocco (November 2010 - August 2011)
• Geomap products marketing;
• participating in pre-sales program (products demonstration, calls for tenders elaborating/ responding);
• Participating in the definition of the strategic aims, the functional and the technical needs regarding the client;
Challenging the identified needs using MoSCoW method;
• Providing technical support and products training;
coordinate and monitor the implementation of projects;

Geomatic Solutions - Selangor, Malaysia- (31 May 2010 to 06 November)
• Design and software development using PHP4, MySql, Javascript, and CSS ;
• GIS products marketing;

Institute of Geospatial Science & Technology (INSTeG), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) - Johor Bahru, Malaysia (February 2010-june 2010)

• Determination of ecofriendly locations to implement Building Integrated Photovoltaic, using multi_temporal and multi_sensor data(using Matlab, Quickbird satellite image, Landsat TM and NOAA.AVHRR) ;

• Estimating of the produced energy for five different kinds of solar cells, that having different efficiencies of producing electrical energy(using ENVI, PCI Geomatics, MATLAB);

• Development of a webmapping application which allows to localize the PV users and get all the information depending on their PV installations, this application gives the access of daily reports about produced electrical energy by each user (using MapServer, PHP4, SQL Server 2005, CSS, JavaScript, and ArcGIS Desktop)

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