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Exemple de missions de Pierre Mikaël, Consultant baan habitant l'Eure-et-Loir (28)

October Jan 2008 up to now Sirius Consulting, Consultant & Project Manager SAP APO / supply Chain
Founder of Sirius Consulting in January 2008, Free lance since 2002
• Supply Chain & Logistics audit and optimisation
• SAP APO implementation
• ERP Project Management

Metalor France
06/10 to now
 SAP ECC Project Manager in a medium size Metal industry company
• Project Management (5 full time equivalent), modules Fi, Co, SD, MM, PP
• Functional definition of the Metal branch SAP solution, liaise with Business and IT
• In charge of MM and PP modules
• Supervise integration testing scenario writing and execution
• Manage Go-Live of the ECC solution (all modules), in charge of Production & Stocks.

DSM – pharma. Switzerland 01/09 up 06/10
 Global APO Project –Team Lead (7 Full time equivalents)
• Build the core model for the SNP & PPDS Planning solution distribution and Production planning.
• Define and integrate the Master Planning process in SAP ECC (PP-MM) and APO.
• Coordinate changes in the four regional systems and define integration solution
• Supervise integration testing scenario writing
• Lead integration testing phase
• In coordination with the business team , leading the solution and SAP deployment
• Define & implement Master Planning processes (SNP Optimiser)
• Oversee the implementation of the solution of 4 continents and 10 sites.
• Define and Organise Cut-Over activities for Go-Life
• Supervise training of Key users.

SAP France 2008 up to now
 SAP registered Trainer – DP, SNP and PPDS courses for SAP France
• APO SNP registered trainer for SAP France since 2008

Metalor- France
06/08 -12/08
 SAP Blue-Print leader (PP, MM, QM) – 3 consultants
 Coordinate the Blue print phase for a SAP R/3 implementation
 Analyse and audit existing practises for planning, production and quality control
 Define and document target processes
 Issue Blue Print documents to serve as a basis for the Build phase.

Philips -Holland
 APO Project Leader (SNP)
 Lead the APO core model implementation in Turnout factory (Belgium) for the short team and medium term distribution planning.
 Review and Adapt the short term and medium-long term DRP template solution
 Production planning, scheduling and distribution processes alignment for the plant
 Supervise testing phase for Solution and processes
 Organize users training
 Supervise solution Go-Live.

Danone – Lu France-Belgium
11/06 to 03/08
 APO PPDS/SNP Team Leader Planning – Core model specification and building phase
 Planning Team Leader from Blue print phase –lead a team of 4 full time equivalent
 Build and demonstrate prototype in APO (PPDS, APO SNP Optimizer)
 Define and agree business rules with the business as a basis for the Optimization approach
 Supervise core model Master planning processes & system building phase in APO
 Define Planning integration and business processes for the Herentals factory (Belgium)
 Supervise implementation of the solution in the Herentals factory

Qimonda – Germany
02/07 – 05/07
 APO PPDS, GATP & R/3 PP Expert – Finalize Blue Print Phase
 Build up and Finalize prototype in the PPDS area, Accenture Project (2 days / week)

Nestle France
03/06 – 12/06
 APO PPDS, GATP /PP-PI Consultant – Review, adapt, implement Nesle GLOBE core model
 Adapt & review procedure for MPS/ MRP planning
 Supervise and follow-up Go-Live & set up performance indicators
 Define and integrate Master Planning Processes for the Nescafe Dieppe factory
 Lead Integration test phase and Key user trainning
 Define Go-Live procedure
 Follow-up Go-Live of the solution

Pierre Fabre, France
Cosmetics, 06/05 - 02/06
 APO (DP & SNP) – core model definition and solution building
 Review blue print phase and for the S&OP process
 Lead APO SNP solution building team – planning process implementation, system configuration and CIF APO-R/3 interface setting up

Beiersdorf, Cosmetics 09/04-06/05, 1 days/w.
 APO – APO DP expert (v4.0)
 Conduct Forecasting planning workshop, help to define action plan (problem solving and implementation of the promotion tools) - Expert mode Follow-up of actions plan

Danone Water
09/2004 -06/05, 4 days/week
 APO SNP Optimiser project: functional co-ordinator for Volvic brand
 Co-ordinate the target planning process definition (MPS, and S&OP)
 Define & Validate the SNP Optimiser solution together with the technical Team
 Lead Go-Live implementation in Volvic

Danone (Dairy & fresh products)
03/2003 - 09/2004
 Senior APO & PP consultant: Core model design & roll-out on APO DP, SNP, R/3 PP for Dairy and Biscuits businesses
 Coordinate process re-design & implementation for Danone Poland (DP, SNP, PP)
 Lead Master Planning and S&OP process definition and system configuration for Danone Belgium (DP, SNP)

Pechiney, France
 Blueprints phase project manager - SAP Logistics (PS, PP, PM)
 Personal role : Project Manager for Blueprint phase leader for the Logistics Parts

Avr. 99-Sept. 2002 Senior Consultant & project manager (Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Management Consulting practise, Paris)
• Supply Chain consulting for industry customers
• Pre-sales and business development

Saint Gobain Pont à Mousson (metal industry)
from 03/2002 to 10/2002
 Functional Co-ordinator for a supply Chain business driven APO implementation project
• Co-ordinate the blue-print phase and the build-up of the APO & R/3 PP Core model solution, Master Planning and Scheduling process re-engineering, in charge of SNP parameters settings, supervise DP configuration.

Tubeurop-Usinor (metal industry )
From 09/2001 to 02/2002
Consultant & project manager, Supply Chain audit
• Supply Chain Planning processes audit (production and transportation planning), Business Performance evaluation, and ERP solution assessment.

St Gobain Flaconnage (glass packaging)
04/2001 to 07/2001
 Saint Gobain Desjonqueres (France, glass industry - 3 months, 2001) - Consultant, SAP implementation and solution evaluation
• Review the SAP PP solution for constraint based planning and scheduling, evaluate APO options

Weber&Broutin (St. Gobain, building mat.)
from 04/2000 to 01/2001
 Project Manager, Sales and Marketing Datawarehouse and reporting solution for Sales and Operations Planning (SOP)
• Functional specifications, supervision of specific developments (Oracle, Business Objects and Hyperion), customer face-off and contract management

Usinor (metal industry)
from 11/99 to 02/2000
 Supply Chain Consultant, Baan evaluation and Baan metal solution building
• Specifications of product data management and characteristics based planing transmitted to Baan.

Erasteel (metal industry)
From 04/99 to 10/99
 Supply Chain Consultant, Baan implementation
• Production planning processes re-engineering, Baan parameters settings, supervision of specific developments, supervision of the Go-Live process on shop floor.

1996-Jan. 1999 HYDRO ALUMINIUM, Norway and France, research engineer and project manager

 1996-1997 Research engineer at Karmoy R&D centre, Norway (18 months)
• Evaluation and specification of a container cooling system for aluminium extrusion presses, prototype building supervision, start-up on production lines in Rockledge (USA) and Raufoss (Norway)
• Process auditing and optimisation (QFD, FMEA, Kanban implementation) in UK and Germany

 1997-1998 Project manager, Information technology center, France (18 months)
• Specification of the company ERP new release for production planning and shop floor control (Specific Oracle based solution)
• Project manager for the pilot plant in Tonder (Danemark) , Adrian (USA) and Raufoss (Norway)

1993 -1996 Ph.D. Ecole des Mines de Paris, research contract with Pechiney
• Numerical Finite element simulation of aluminium rolling, industrial and laboratory testing.

1992 Post graduate training period, Russian Institute of Aviation Material (Moscow, Russia),
• Numerical statistical simulation of Nickel Based Supperalloys Casting process.

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