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Expérience professionnelle

Gravitee Source
Devops Engineer, Kubernetes Team, CI CD Team
07/2020 - 03/2022
Devops at Gravitee, Kubernetes SME, I competely re-designed i re-implemented the whole Gravitee CI
CD, migrating from Jenkins to Circle CI on the way. I can say that I today am a top expert about Circle
CI and Gitops absed CICD. I am extremely proud that I had the opportunity to work with the
******** Team, a World Class Team of Software Engineers, from which i deeply learned about
many stopics. I also there learned a lot about what is, and what brings, cybernetics in the real cloud
industry world.
Duties and Achievements
• Full design, implementation, and migration of the whole of the Gravitee CICD System. In
particular, I had to design and implement a very unique CICD component, using NodeJS
TypeScript RxJS, a component to orchestrate Pipeline executions in a multi git repository
context, bringing scalability and removing Single Points of Failures.
• Implementation of all standard operations using pure infra as code of gravitee hosted offers
(deployment, backup, restore, upgrades, downgrades, cloud provider migrations, etc.).
• Design of hosted saas offers fo the Gravitee API Gateway,
• Design of best architecture practices for Gravitee API Gateway users.
• Circle CI Evangelist for the Dev Engineers
• Training junior devops engineers
• Kubernetes SME
• Level 3 Support niveau 3 for Gravitee Customers, example : design and provisioning of a VPN
Gateway between Azure and Google GCP
• Devops stack : Pulumi, Terraform, Helm, Docker, Kubernetes, K3D, Azure AKS, AWS EKS,
• OS : Debian, alpine, and many dockerized Linux distros
• Dev stack : NodeJS TypeScript, Python, bash /sh shell, Golang.
Devops Engineer
05/2020 – 08/2019
At ********, a small french Startup, I worked on designing and implementing the entire Cloud
Infrastruture, 100 % Kubernetes based : Cresh offer is a SAS Offer, an innovative b2b payment solution.
AWS EKS, Helm deployment of dev’s work, Gravitee API Gateway. ******** founders heard
of me because of the work I did there at cresh.
Small Startup when I helped them, I was at the time the only devops engineer, and massively used
Pulumi and Terraform.
Having major architecture and technical points of disagreement with the CTO, we together agreed to
end our collaboration.
Duties and Achievements
• Devops SME / Cloud Architect, full infrastructure design
• Kubernetes SME
• Main Kubernetes Cluster Terrfaformation Automation.
• Devops stack : Pulumi, Helm, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS EKS, Gravitee API Gateway.
• OS : Debian, Alpine.
• Dev stack : NodeJS TypeScript, bash /sh shell.
Devops Engineer, CI CD
07/2019 – 10/2019
Devops contractor at SFR (French ISP and phone operator), Cisco NSO project Team (SDN)in charge
of datacenter deployment automation and operations.
Duties and Achievements
• I worked on designing and deploying a full devops stack, for developers to git push their Python
source code, ending with their code deployment to production Cisco NSO devices. I even had,
on the SFR request, to build from source docker registry it self : SFR needed its CICD platform
to be "fully built from source" (docker, registry, etc.), and that, for security constraints.
• I was a CI/CD evangelist on this Cisco NSO project (networks engineers do not have the same
culture as Dev Engineers, to say the least). This included introducing and training network
engineers on git, and why Gitlab and Gityhub are our everyday Facebook (As I use to say,
Facebook is our today’s real office)
• I designed git workflows, trained on how to operate Gitlab EE as an infrastructure on premise :
software engineers at SFR, were in charge of operating Gitlab EE because their team owned it
• I took a Cisco NSO training session at Cisco, on how to automate bare metal provisioning of
Cisco NSO Clusters, in « Issy les Moulineaux » a French city close to Paris.
• With those duties, I worked with more than 100 engineers, coming from 3 different teams : pure
Infrastructure team (those who own the OpenStack), software development teams, network
engineers team
• Devops stack : Ansible, Docker, Gitlab EE, Jenkins Pipelines, LVM, Cisco NSO, Cisco
KUBAM pourle PXEless boot, SSH Bastions.
• OS : Windows, Linux CentOS 7
• Dev stack : Python 2 Python 3 PyEnv .
Devops Engineer
04/2018 – 11/2018
Employee at Bosstek, a french consulting SMB, specialized into infrastructure management, that was
my first experience in a « Pure Infra » company, and the first time i took that kind of angle into the
devops market.
I took part into 3 proejcts with Bosstek, for 3 different French Customers. This experience was very
interesting, for I worked there with people who never ever worked in software development. I would say
they were from the « old style » infrastructure world, and that is why i had a lot to learn with them.
Duties and Achievements
• I worked in the core team of projects for huge companies : SOPRA Steria, ENEDIS, and
Carrrefour One Cloud, as Devops SME / Cloud Architect.
• I have been Dev Engineers Team Leader At SOPRA STYERAI, where i worked under the
authority of David Maurange.
• I also conducted two internal studies about in that company, where i was the only Kubernetes
◦ Production grade Kubernetes Cluster Ingress Controller best practices.
◦ A proposed solution of system monitoring with Rsyslog/Elastic Stack, (with a focus on CA
servers restarts) : purpose was to have the company certified as a CA Authority delivering
SSL/TLS certificates.
• Working in the Carrefour One Cloud (a project in collaboration with Google), I there discovered
for the first time the concept of Headless CMS, with ******** , and it is the first time I
worked on a production grade use of the Gravitee API Gateway.
• Devops stack : Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins Pipline, Docker (docker-compose) , NGINX, (API Gateway), Keycloak (avec OpenID explicit flow), Kubernetes, ELK.
• OS : Linux Debian (pour mon poste de travail, stretch avec GNOME) & Ubuntu Server CI
stack: Karma / Jasmine, Jenkins, Maven, Nexus Sonatype, GIT, (toute la stack SAAS bitbucket
utilisée par le client), Eclipse IDE
• Dev stack : NODEJS, NPM, Angular 5, ReactJS, MongoDB (dans 2 missions de conseils),
Jhipster, Jboss EAP .
Vierling Communication
Java Dev Engineer / CICD
02/2016 – 01/2018
Java Dev Enginer at Vierling-Communication, an R&D company of the « Laudren Group » .
R&D main goal was to design and develop an cutting edghe network monitoring system.
What was thrilling and extremely interesting in this experience, is that the system did not monitor
software, but hardware, and in paritcular, the system goal mainly was to monitor Fiber Optics and
Copper cables failures !
The developed Monitoring system consisted in both hardware and software : pure Linux OS, java and C
Duties and Achievements
• I worked on the software part which was the « brain » of the monitoring system : the server that
collects all data from distributed systems, analyze them, and manages alerts.
• I introduced there bare metal provisioning : PXE booted to deploy the whole stack, and i
automated all that to be able to run reliable testing. That was my answer to « it is not possible to
fully automate our solution deployment ».
• I introduced and convinced of the necessity of Acceptance Tests.
• I developed an authentication module implemented using Jee Listeners and Spring
• I brought in Dockerized deployment, the internal use of Pipelines using Gitlab on premises, the
java deployment happening in Jboss EAP (Angular 8/9 + bootstrap Web UI).
• Geolocation of hardware failures, so GIS matters, I introduced Leaflet on the Web UI
• This experience was a turning point for me : That is were I worked months with whom I
consider my master as far as *NIX and what OS actually are, a « Linux Wizard » , Eric
Lévenez, a man I will always remember.
• Physics : Optics principles for OTDUs
• Devops stack : Ansible, PXE boot, PXE boot kickstart installations, Docker, Virtual Box, KVM
Virtual Manager, Free IPA Server, SSH / SCP/ WinSCP, with a lot of bin/bashing.
• OS : CentOS 6 & 7, Ubuntu
• CI stack : Gitlab, Artifactory, MAVEN3 Git, Eclipse JBoss Tools, Jenkins, Checkstyle, JMeter,
JUnit, DbUnit, Jasmine + Karma, Wireshark & wireshark dissectors
• Dev stack : Java, JCA IronJacamar, JPA, Hibernate, WILDFLY, EJB3 Stateless & MDBs', JAXRS & Resteasy, Apache Shiro, Leaflet, Angular, Linux Pluggable Authentication Mechanism,
mariadb, postgresql/postgis, .Net Windows Service Application component, Visual Studio.
SPVC Group
Architect, IT department founder
06/2013 – 07/2015
SPVC was an SMB of the contruction industry, specialized into fluids.
I designed the first real Information System, conducted and took part in developments of software
components required to deliver that first I.S.
I thereafter structured the newly created IT department to be fit for production management.
All in all, this was among my most craziest professional experiences, that made me learn a lot about
who i am in the IT industry.
Also my first experience as a pure Software guy, putting his hands unawarely into infrastrucutre.
And finally, this is the point where I started there changing the way i definded my self : at that point, I
used to say that i am a « FullStack » Architect.
Duties and Achievements
• The Work began with the desing and implementation of a simple utility software, whose goal
was to normalize Business Processes, especially for the commercial and build sites managers
everyday tasks.
• I then made it production « almost » ready, by adding to it the seed of a DRP. The implemented
services were relation to construction project management : Gantt Charts, Tasks Management...

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