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Exemple de missions de Mouhamadou, consultant quicktest pro habitant les Hauts-de-Seine (92)


Janvier à mars 2017 Bio-Rad France, On behalf of Abreon US
Fonction : SAP MDG/MDM Functional Consultant
Prepare scenario and populate training client data (Master and transversal data)
Review and approve MDM French Training material

Octobre à decembre 2016 Servier France, On behalf of Cap Gemini France
Fonction : Consultant WM-PP-PI
Transversal processes Design (Staging and versions change management “end to end process”)
PP Master data conversion, change management, batch management

Aout à octobre 2016 Nypro France, On behalf of SAP US (Abreon team)
Fonction : Consultant QM-PP-PI
Local business analyzing, process updating and role management
UAT assistance, operating procedure preparation
Mars à juillet 2016 ACGO France
Fonction : Consultant PP
Business solution mapping and process clarification (work with Business analyst and Functional lead)
Test assistance, Material training developpement and training delivery.
Context : Discret Manufacturing, Make to order production
Configurable Materials, Classification, Change management, spare parts production, EWM, APO,MII, HPQC

Juillet 2014 à janvier 2016 Cap Gemini Hongrie
Fonction : Consultant SAP Logistique (SD/PP/HUM/WM), Interplex France
Animation d’ateliers de déploiement SAP
Recueil du besoin
Elaboration de spécifications fonctionnelles
Validation de solution Globale / Analyse d’écart et d’impact du changement.
Conception et paramétrage de la solution locale détaillée.
Assistance à la Migration des données, Formation et accompagnement au changement.
Mars à juin 2015 Projet Ministère de la Défense, ONAC, ERP Metz
Fonction : Formateur
Formation sur l’organisation du changement, définition des rôles et des business process
Janvier   à mars 2015 Projet IBS Global Services, Paris
Fonction : Formateur SAP
Formation SAP MM/WM/PP/SD/LE
Formations des utilisateurs finaux, Key User et Consultant.
Conseil Fonctionnel et gestion du changement dans des projets de déploiement

TOTAL France
From 2014/01 as of today
Project Manager => E Procurement Tools – ARIBA & SAP MM Consultant
Optima Project
Mission(s) & achievements
Procurement tools consultant (Ariba and SAP MM ) on behalf of TOTAL, and in the context of a roll-out for Total new affiliates (Africa and Middle East), Based in France with extensive travel to other countries :
Objectives of the assignment
 Rool-out : Coordinate SAP Teams, Ariba Teams with the Affiliates : Assist Master Data cleanings, Coordinate evolutions, Prepare Contiki Upgrade and communication with affiliates.
 Ensure Support, Train HQ people (Centralized Buyers / Contract Engineers), Develop Central Reporting consolidation at international level.

Technical profiles:
 Assist Master Data cleanings, Coordinate evolutions, E Procurement / Supply Chain, Support in SAP MM

Support of Affiliates systems:
Business Perimeter :
 Perform administration task for end-users, Ensure assistance to lead users in Affiliates.
 Functional Harmonization (Master data cleaning, Vendors management, Best practices on purchasing flows)
 Other (depending on affiliate needs)

Tasks of assistance (in affiliate or remotely):
 Design functional specifications with affiliates, methods departments
 Perform acceptance test of Template, Prepare documentation, Assist end-user for implementation and acceptance testing
 Train key-users, end-users, Assist end-user on go-live phase, Support end-users

From 2012/10 to 2013/12
Functional Consultant in Sap SD/ MM EDI
Customizing of new Request, 2 project lead.
Mission(s) & achievements
Management changes on modules SAP MM / SD: flow of inventory management and sales + EDI
 Analysis of needs, proposing solutions, writing detailed functional specifications
 Management of Abap development and answer to developer questions
 Unit Tests and Integration
 Organization and coordination of users training
 Implementation and management of the SAP changes requests
 Assistance in the implementation of business support
 Key User training
ECC6, EDI, SAP SD/MM, FTP data Exchange

LVMH - luxury
From 2012/07 until 2012/09
Functional Consultant in Sap Invoice Management
Customizing of new Request, Upgrade of a workflow application.
Mission(s) & achievements
Consulting intervention :
 Acceptance tests preparation for both corrective and evolution parts
 Evaluation of the tests
 User training
 Creation of the users guides
ECC6, Specific application : validation workflow, internet portal

BORG WARNER(Tulle and Monaco), Automotive industry
From 2011/03 until 2012/06
Functional Consultant in MM/SD EDI
Roll Out SAP for the Tulle Firm
Mission(s) & achievements
 SAP MM/SD/EDI roll-out project (FIT Scoping phase, Gap Analysis and Blueprint Phase; data migration; simulation; cut over plan); reporting & steering committee; Go-Live support..
 SAP & SAP EDI competences : command (transactions + customizing) of functional module SD and IS-Automotive (JIT ; Sequenced, Consignment, Delivery and Billing flows) as well as technical modules IDOC and ALE (Delfor, Deljit, Desadv and Invoice Messages)
 Organization of the EDI Test between BorgWarner and Covisint and correction of the mappings.
 EDI competences: command of standards EDIFACT, ODETTE, VDA, ANSI X12, RND. Command of translator to Covisint
 Test via Quality Center and Mecury Quick Test Professional
SAP ECC 6.0 : SD/MM, EDI, Covisint Mapping

GDF-SUEZ (Paris La Défense), Gas and Energy operator
From 2010/07 until 2011/02
Functional Consultant in ISU/SD (Rate team)
Customizing, Maintenance and evolutions for the new GDF Rate
Mission(s) & achievements
 SAP IS-U Support and Customizing
 Conception et functional specification writing
 Billing Process(Billing, IS-U Rate…)
 Billing & Invoicing SAP Utilities (IS-U) : Rate, Rate categories, rate type, rate determination, Rate variant, Key price
 Billings via SAP SD
 Test via Quality Center
 Documentation Redacting using UPK OnDemand
Environment SAP ECC6 : ISU/SD, HPQC

SODEXO (Paris Guyancourt), consumer goods
From 2010/02 until 2010/06
MM/SRM EDI Functional Consultant
Functional realization for the EDI roll out Integration flows in SAP for France, Belgium, Germany, UK and Autralia vendors
Mission(s) & achievements
 SAP MM/SRM Support and customizing
 LSMW Master data creation
 Projet Management (Team and Customer planning, Conf. Call…)
 Test, plan, co-ordinate the communication on 2 ways among Sodexo, sterling, and the customers.
 Partner customizing, Mapping...
 IDocs (Customizing, DataExchange)
 EDI customizing of the different countries of SODEXO (Orders, billing... MM, SD, FI)
SAP ECC6, EDI, Sterling mapping

EDF Energy (London UK), energy
From 2009/03 until 2010/02
CRM/ISU & EDI Techino Functional Consultant
SAP Orchard Roll out and Interface realization between ISU and CRM system
Mission(s) & achievements
 Design Workshop MOA/MOE
 Analysis and study of inter application interfaces
 ISU and CRM Master data creation (BP, Contract, Instal, POD...)
 Customizing of SAP ISU Billing Flows
 ABAP(Debug), Switch doc, Workflows…)
 IDocs (paramétrage Dataexchange, ALE link)
 Data Exchange DTS (Data Transfert Solution)
 SAP P.I 7.0 (Process Integration)
 End to end test (Gain, Loss, Proposal Flows ….)
 Sap Flow recording via Mercury Quick Test Pro
 Customizing and automation of non regression test
 Support et training of Key-users
SAP ISU, CRM, EDI, PI, Mercury Quality Center

LVMH Moët & Chandon (Epernay), luxury
From 2008/10 until 2009/02
SAP SD/MM EDI Functional Consultant
Train Life System – Steering of the evolutive maintenance for a logistics system of spare parts distribution
Mission(s) & achievements
 Parameters setting (SD, MM, IDOCS)
 Creating data (items, customers, suppliers, …
 IDocs (Orders, Matmas, Desadv…), ALE links, intercompany billing, outputs management…
 Workbench (data migration with LSMW)
 E.D.I. TRADE: Mapping customization (Messages: Prodat, Recadv, Orders, Invrpt…)
 Project management (planning, animation of meetings,…)
 Local Functional assistance in some European affiliates : Germany (Go-Live), UK (Support), Denmark (Go-Live), Italy (Support), Spain (Tests &Support)
SAP ECC 6.0 (SD / MM), IDOCS, E.D.I.TRADE, X400 (Sterling commerce)

Rexam(Paris), Pharmaceutical industry
From 2008/01 until 2008/09
SD/MM & EDI Functional Consultant
SAP Roll Out of 15 US Firm
Mission(s) & achievements
Change management
 15 sites Go-Live in the USA
 EDI process unit testing
 XI settings and new developments impact
 EDI messages design and implementation: ORDERS, ORDRSP (Acknowledgment.), DESADV (Shipping slip), INVOIC (Invoices).
 SD Customaizing
 Idocs settings
 Tickets management, data migration using LSMW : Items, Suppliers, Customers
 Tr...

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