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Exemple de missions de Pawel, freelance PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE habitant l'Hérault (34)

2011-04-01 – till now sp. z o.o., 4Bill sp. z o.o., Orgestro sp. z o.o., Lublin / Warsaw / Poznan / Gdańsk / Montpellier, Poland / France.
Private companies. Employment <10 people. Industry: Internet.
Entrepreneur – founder, co-owner & board member of e-business startups.

Leading e-businesses from idea to execution (feasibility study / business model & case preparation, funding gathering, product creation, cooperation with partners, sales & operations management).

 – service based on documents scans processing (invoices, bills, contracts, etc.) joining SME (management information on demand, eased access to documents) & accounting office’s needs (improving data entry process). Beta launched 4Q 2012, sales rollout 1Q 2013.

 4Bill – loyalty programs, product offering, shopping list & personal finance in one place. Feasibility completed, funding gathered, product creation ongoing. Beta to be launched 2Q 2013.

 Orgestro – Lean office support tools (B2B SaaS). Feasibility completed, currently gathering funding.

2008-09-01 – 2013-01-31 Żagiel S.A. (KBC Consumer Finance -> Santander Consumer Finanse), Lublin / Warsaw, Poland.
Joint-stock company, SANTANDER GROUP (formerly KBC Group). Employment ~1500 people. Industry: Financial Services.
Employed as Project Manager (since 2008-09-01 till 2008-12-31), Head of Project Management Unit (since 2009-01-01 till 2009-12-15), Head of Project Management Office (since 2009-12-15 till 2011-05-31), Head of Project & Process Management Office (since 2011-06-01).

ICT Project Portfolio Coordinator function (till 2009-12-15) main responsibilities:
 Coordination of Żagiel S.A. ICT related project portfolio (> 10 000 MD/yr),
 Line managing and coaching team of ICT Project Managers,
 Leading implementation of three streams of ICT Professionalization Program (ICT maturity improvement program): Project Management Office (designing and implementation of Governance, Project initiation and management processes), Time Registration (implementation of culture and tools for time registration) and Estimation (process redefinition of workload estimation, new tools introduction - checklists, dependency matrix),
Management of key ICT projects,
 Reporting directly to CIO.

PMO Manager (since 2009-12-15) main responsibilities:
 Coordination of Żagiel S.A. complete project portfolio (business & ICT),
 Organization and management of Project Management Office at company level (processes definition, tools creation and selection & people development),
 Coaching and supervision of people holding Project Leaders function throughout company,
Management of key company programs / projects,
 Playing Business Architect role,
 Reporting directly to CEO.

Since 2011-06-01 responsible in addition for process management (incl. Lean program implementation).
Co responsible for company turnaround strategy for 2011-13 formulation & implementation.

Program manager of:
 New Consumer Finance Platform (previously Pan European Program) - program goal was to build new complete ICT platform for KBC Group companies with Consumer Finance business (Żagiel, Pinto, KBC Romania, KB, CSOB & K&H) to replace legacy systems. Program due to crisis (CDO’s, cash bubble) was limited to 1st phase - only Żagiel S.A. and partially descoped (exclusion of backend systems - loan engine & collections - documentation completed, development suspended). Front-end (sales system) and middle-end (SCM, decision engine / application scoring) gradually launched in 2010/2011. Originally 25 projects, budget - 9740 MD and 6 mio PLN,

 Żagiel Bank - program goal was to transform Żagiel S.A. into retail bank. 26 projects which scope covered creation new units & processes (risk management, collection, customer care, credit administration, payments & cash management, obligatory reporting), organization transformation (new structure, processes & products modification due to new legal, compliance & risk requirements), ICT systems implementation (new General Ledger, core banking system, payments & BIK gateways, obligatory reporting system) and rebranding. Budget > 10 mio PLN. Program partially realized and suspended due to retreat of KBC Group from Poland (Żagiel sold to Santander Group).

Selected finalized tactical portfolio projects (as Project Manager):
 “Credit Card new approach” – transition of business rules (decision) engine for credit cards from Kredyt Bank (APS) to Żagiel owned system, implementation of new processes of risk assessment (qualification, prevention and application scoring) and new sales processes (opt-out),

 “Predictive dialer in Contact Center” – implementation of Interactive Intelligence system (inbound, outbound, dialer functionalities, reporting engine, IVR, voice recording, etc.) in stationary call centre on 120 stations and on approx. 100 stations in distributed locations (approx. 320 agents), system integration with sales and collections applications, cooperation with external vendor - Damovo,

 “Improvement of Credit Bureau processes” – changes in communication model with Credit Bureau (BIK), widening scope of exchanged data and implementation of changes in decision engine (rules based on new data) -> answer for cash loan bubble, cooperation with external vendor - Bonair,

 “OEX in Verification” - operational excellence project in regional credit documentation verification teams, processes & organizational change (competence centers creation, processes centralization, remodeling or/and automation). Project outcome - from 54 FTE (8 regional teams) -> 36 FTE (phase I, 4 regional teams, 2 competence centers) -> 17 FTE (2 competence centers).

2007-03-15 – 2008-08-31 TUiR WARTA S.A., Warsaw, Poland.
Joint-stock company, TALANX Group (formerly KBC Group). Employment ~6000 people. Industry: Insurance (no.2 on Polish market).
Employed as Project & Analysis Specialist in Project Leader function.

Managing following projects:
 „Preliminary study P&C Migration WARTA” in multinational SIS Program (Synergy Insurance System – program goal was to create core Non Life Insurance system for KBC Group: KBC, Fidea, TUiR WARTA, Product & Contract stream). Designing migration scenario for WARTA – from ZSI (end of life NLI system) to SIS (contract migration, interfaces migration, e.g. UFG, WebXL, reporting adjustment in cohabitation phase, data archiving). Budget of preliminary study and 2 phases of project: 2250 MD.

 „Makroregiony” – project supporting organizational change of WARTA Group – TUiR WARTA S.A. and TUnŻ WARTA S.A. (new approach to sales management, territorial area changes of sales regions, Product Centers and Claims Centers consolidation, payroll centralization). Changes in almost all IT systems of both companies, 60 threads, 370 work packages, commonly 1600 MD & 250k PLN (changes in system structures, user rights and security policies, conversions of claims [SOS], pensions, regresses, contracts [SWV], claim handlers advanced authorizations [SZUZ], sales network [SRPU], new reports delivery, Data Warehouses updates and extensions, planning applications changes, interfaces changes [SRT, DAPI], back office applications modifications [e.g. Magdruk, Paczker]).

 ******** in multinational SIS Program (Accounting stream). Financial and Product Data Warehouse migration to new SIS based data sources (modifications and creation of new data models, new ETL processes, modification of approx. 200 reports and building more than 70 new ones) - 1st phase feed from SAP FSCD, SAP GL (via IL), CoD, 2nd phase - SIS MIS. Takeover of troubled key project (delay could cause delay of whole 120 mio € worth program as external reporting could be not possible), assessment and recovery. Cooperation with external vendor - Comarch. Project budget: 1175 MD and 2 mio PLN.

2005-10-23 – 2007-03-17 3W-STUDIO, Lublin, Poland.
Private held. Employment ~25 people. Industry: IT & consulting.
Employed as Project Manager.

Managing and participation in following projects (selection):
 „System for organization effectiveness management SZEO [EFOR]” (under umbrella of MCX Systems), Client PKO BP (the no. 1 bank in Poland), played role of Project Manager (vendor management & client relationship management, leading system implementation, presentations and trainings) and Main Analyst (preparation concepts, requirements, HLD, LLD, reports, presentations, user manuals). System implemented on 260 workstations in ICT, system supported soft HR processes, incl. time management, MBO and competence management, competence profiling.

 „IT services support – Active Directory remodeling and migration”, Client MPWiK Warsaw, played role of Project Manager, offer preparation and negotiation, contract preparation and execution management, participation in analysis phase & delivery (AD configuration scripts in VB).

 „dRm Vista”, Client PDRM, played role of Project Manager, Analyst, Designer. Requirements gathering, analysis and documenting, development supervision (products - Vista widget, content download manager, Front store prototype),

 „Bodyshopping”, Clients like HP, Prointegra, recruiting people on different competence levels (from low cost to SMEs) according to Client needs. Designing tools for process execution support (candidates’ database with search and reporting engine, competence scoring application forms, etc).

Since 2007-02-01 organization (processes and procedures, services and rules of their providing) and management of Project Management and Support Department (projects monitoring & vetting).

2005-09-01 – 2005-09-31 SAFO, Lublin, Poland.
Joint-stock company (currently part of Asseco Busine...

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