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  • Experience

    March 2021 – … Senior Business Analyst / Data Modeler / Developper at Laborelec


    1) Project CMP (October 2021 / …) : Belgium nuclear plants electric cables visual inspection and measurements management application featuring:-
    Importation of reference data: unit, cables, rooms, zones
    Importation of the measurements and inspection data
    Search of the cables and their measurements and visual inspections
    Generation of reports and export to Excel files
    Generation of statistics on cables quality per nuclear unit

    Business and functional requirements gathering
    Project Budget definition
    Project management along with the customer project manager
    Definition of the Business and Conceptual Data Model
    Screens design
    Analysis of the features
    Development of the Application
    Testing: UAT, Integration, Unit tests

    Methodology: Agile, UML Environment: Access, SQL, Excel, VBA Sector: Energy

    2) Project Ageing (March 2021/ October 2021): Power plants turbines (motors) electrical measurements management application:
    Importation of the electrical measurements and motors data
    View Motors and measurements data
    Delete a measure
    Measures Metrics report
    Generation of a report containing the historic of the motors measurements

    Business and functional requirements gathering
    Project Budget definition
    Project management along with the keystakeholder
    Definition of the Business and Conceptual Data Model
    Screens design
    Analysis of the features
    Development of the Application
    Testing: UAT, Integration, Unit tests

    Methodology: Agile, UML Environment: Access, SQL, Excel, VBA Sector: Energy

    April 2017 – … Senior Business Analyst at the Belgium Federal Police (at the Mobility Unit)


    1) Creation of a Call for Tender for the development and digitalization of Belgium’s Analog Radars camera film rolls:
    Presentation of the project and regular project status internally in the Mobility Business Unit and to the Circulation Security Funds Committee
    AS-IS Analysis of the current digitalization process at the Federal level and local level (Police Zones) through interviews at Federal sections, Police Zones, Provincial Technical Sections, Regional Traffic Offences Processing Centers and available documentation.
    Requirement Gathering of the Federal Police Provincial Center and Police Zones regarding the new process (business, functional, technical and legal requirements)
    Study of the facility of the new digitalization process scenarii
    Writing of the Call for Tender document
    2) Feasibility study on the possibility to combine Lidar and ANPR devices
    3) Feasibility study on a CFT for the purchase of Lidar or Mobile ANPR cameras
    4) Payement of traffic fine using a mobile payment device:
    Analysis of the current process (AS-IS)
    Definition of the future payment reference
    Design of the future payment process (TO BE)
    5) Definition of the Vision on improvements on road / traffic accidents management
    Analysis of the current traffic accident process (AS-IS)
    Design of the new traffic accident management process (TO BE) (e.g. using mobile device, mobile apps, quick person identification, scene cartography using drones …)
    6) Functional and Technical Specifications for a Call For Tender for the replacement or improvement of a Road Control Traffic Offenses management system used by Belgium’s Local Police Zones:
    Inventory of the functionalities and technical requirements of the current system
    Proposal definition of the functionalities required by the new system (either improved or new application)
    7) Business and functional analysis of a project for the Exporting Traffic Control Offenses (mainly speed) Data of all belgian police units into a central database for the automatic generation of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual traffic controls reports to each unit and on the national level:
    Definition of the project’s business needs and analysis
    Description of the AS-IS situation: data export and existing reports
    Definition of the TO-BE situation
    Definition of the Data to be exported (from our PoCir application) and KPIs to generate
    Traffic offenses reports statistical templates design
    Traffic Controls Centers staff traffic offenses processing performance: reports design
    Design of the functional architecture of the Solution
    8) Data Analysis and Statistical (Monthly / Annual) Reports Template Design and Generation of the following topics:
    Cross Border Exchange (CBE) Traffic Offenses Penality Notices (PN) rejected by the belgian Justice: distribution of the PN rejected (errors, warning, justice Errors) across all belgian police units, dashboard and reporting
    Temporary Vehicle Drive’s Permit’s Ban’s Control Application (LDC): usage statistics (hit rate etc…), dashboard, reporting
    Temporary Vehicle Drive’s Permit’s Ban’s Registration Application (LDU): usage statistics (ban’s cause, and ban’s measure etc...), dashboard and reporting
    Rental (Companies Vehicle Association): statistics on the request by the integrated police and hits on vehicle plate number
    9) Analysis of a new federal and regional traffic offences and municipalities’s disrespects payment process on a BPOST payment terminal:
    Analysis of a Solution (AS-IS analysis, requirements gathering, proposal of a new process)
    Design of a dynamic mockup design (with Axure RP 9) of a new payment process for Federal/Regional traffic offences and Municipality disrespects
    Negotiation with all parties involved
    10) Impact Assessment of the regionalization of the immediate payment of non-severe traffic offences on the federal police processes and applications:
    Project definition
    Coordination of the federal police BU’s impact assessment

    Methodology: Agile, BPMN, UML Environment: Axure RP 9, Enterprise Architect 12.1, Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, SharePoint 2016, Visio 2013, Power BI Desktop v2.65, MS Team 2020 Sector: Public / Belgium Federal Police

    September 2016 – March 2017 (project suspended) Senior Business Analyst at an International Institution (Spain)

    Project: Replacement of current HR applications through an ERP (SAP Success Factors) solution for improving HR management processes and user experience:

    Description of the functional capabilities of the Success Factor Onboarding module
    AS-IS Analysis of the management of employee Job Profiles (and positions)
    AS-IS Analysis of the management of employee Data in the current HR applications (Allegro and BPC)
    AS-IS Analysis of the employee Self-Service functionalities
    AS-IS Analysis of the employee Allowances processes
    AS-IS Analysis of the employee Promotions processes
    AS-IS Analysis of the HR Salary Payments process
    AS-IS Analysis of Post Management process
    High-Level Specifications of the TO-BE system: Requirements gathering, definition and Business Process Models design (in BPMN) of the following topics:
    Employee Self-Service: update of the employee personal data and generation of documents
    Allowances: allowances attributed to Statutory Staff depending of their working conditions, status,
    position, place of employment and family situation
    Employee Salary Payments: Salary Payment lifecycle (management of events impacting the salary,
    salary payment simulations and payment verifications)
    Seconded National Agents / International Experts Allowances Payment (including the
    reimbursement of their Employers)
    Definition of the (TO-BE) Information Model (describing the required fields for screens and processes) of the following topics: Employee Self-Service, Allowances

    Methodology: Agile, BPMN, UML Environment: SAP Success Factors, SAP HR, SAP MM, Enterprise Architect 12.1, MS Visio 2010, MS Office 2010, ShareDox 2.15 Sector: European / HR

    June 2015 – July 2016 Senior Business / Functional Analyst at a Belgian Institution

    Project: Improvements of a Point of Sales Web Application dealing with Installation of New POS, POS Take Over, POS Reimplementation, POS Closure and POS Information Change processes:

    Business analysis and functional analysis of new Business requirements: POS Direct Data Update Facility, POS Tasks Performance Reports (using CRM Dynamics), POS Timeline (allowing to retrace all events (contractual period) of a POS on a time line with PKIs allowing by event selection to view the associated Administrative Data (POS Info / Sales Location / Partners Details / Geomarketing Data / Opening Hours / Sport Betting’s data) – Contractual Period Sales report – Contractual Period Partner Payments Behavior (unpaid bills kpis / bank warranty raises against unpaid bills and POS income raise etc..) – Contractual Period Scanned Documents). For each requirement:

    Requirement gathering through workshops
    Requirement analysis (Feasibility study, Impact Analysis on current Systems and Definition)
    Business Process Design (reverse engineering / updates) of the AS IS and TO BE situation
    Requirement Application Solution proposal
    Mock-Ups design
    Business Rules and Glossary definition (common to all POS requirements)
    Use Case Diagram design
    Use Case definition
    Methodology: SOLAXYS (Agile), BPMN, UML Environment: Visual Paradigm, Bizagi 2.9, Axure 7, MS Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, CRM Dynamics 2010, InfoPath, SOA, .NET C# Sector: Public

    January 2015 – May 2015 IT Trainer / Trader at SOLAXYS

    Providing various IT courses : UML, PowerPoint, MS Access and MS Excel
    IT Courses’ Business Processes Modelling in BPMN
    Evaluation of the BPM Studio module of the Ultimus Adaptive Software Suite
    Development of IT Training activities
    Developing options and equities trading strategies & trading options (Indices, Commodities and Forex)
    Methodology: RUP/UML, BPMN 2.0

    October 2014 – December 2014 Senior Business Analyst at a Public Organization (39 days contract)

    Project: Creation of an Interface between Multi-Applications generating healthcare refunding payment requests (credit notes and invoices) and the Public Budget Organization Payment System (SAP)

    Project Scope (re)-definition
    Functional Solution design
    Requirement gathering
    Business Process Modeling of the Payment Requests TO BE processes in BPMN
    Application Use Case Diagram design
    Application Use Cases definition
    Main Use Cases Activity Diagram design
    Payment Request Statechart Diagram modeling
    Business rules and Project glossary definition
    Screens Mock-Up design with dynamic screen navigability

    Methodology: Agile, UML, BPMN 2 Environment: Visual Paradigm 7.2, Axure 7 Pro, MS Office 2010, SAP, MS SharePoint 2010 Sector: Public

    February 2014 – September 2014 Senior Business Analyst / IT Trainer at SOLAXYS

    E-Commerce project: Suppliers selection, Product catalog definition and Implementation of the platform (Prestashop)
    Business Process Modelling: Improvements on the Procurement and Sales processes
    Providing various IT courses: Algorithmic, MS Access, MS Excel, VBA, Open Office Base, UML
    Developing CFD, options and equities trading strategies & trading options and CFDs (Indices, Commodities and Forex)
    Methodology: RUP/UML, BPMN Environment: MS Office, Open Office, Visio, Saxotrader, Binck360 Sector: IT / Finance

    September 2013 – January 2014 (Project suspended for political reasons) Business / Functional Analyst (Lead Analyst) at SMALS

    Project: Creation of a modernized version of a web application (2003) for the declaration of partial/temporary unemployment of employees (DRS) to the Belgian Social Security (ONSS) for their allocation request.

    Current DRS application Navigation and Control Flow process modelling (activity diagrams). Business processes include Unemployment declaration, Work Accident declaration and Employee Benefits declaration
    High-level Screens Navigation design
    Screens Interdependency Diagram design
    New application Navigation and Control Flow process modelling
    (Functional) Wireframe design of the new application
    Methodology: RUP/UML Environment: Web Services, SOA, XSD/XML, MS Office 2010, Sparx Enterprise Architect v9.3, MS Visio 2010 Sector: Public

    July 2013 – Augustus 2013 Senior Business Analyst at Eurocontrol

    Project: Creation of a Call For Tender for the Renewal of Eurocontrol IT Services Contract Framework.

    Writing of the document (part of the new CFT) for the Renewal of the Personal Computing and Collaboration IT Services (support, maintenance and development) of EUROCONTROL through documentation merging and requirements gathering.
    Alignment of the services description to ITIL version 3 classification
    Methodology: ITIL v3 Environment: MS Office 2010, MS SharePoint Sector: Aviation (Air Traffic Control)

    July 2012 – June 2013 Senior Business Analyst / IT Trainer at SOLAXYS

    E-Commerce project: Feasibility study, Business process modelling (BPMN) of procurement and selling processes
    Coaching on a feasibility study of Ecommerce website (cosmetic sector)
    Providing various IT courses: Ms Office & Open Office, programming in Pascal, UML
    Developing trading strategies and trading of CFDs (Indices, Forex, Commodities) and options (indices)
    Environment: MS Office, Visio, Saxotrader, MT4, Binckbank, UML, Free Pascal Sector: Finance / Cosmestic / IT Training

    January 2012 – June 2012 Senior Business Analyst at Deutsche Bank Belgium

    Project: Business Analysis for the Investment module of a global banking package of an international finance package vendor for the bank featuring Custody Accounts management, Buy and Sell transactions (equities, trackers, mutual funds, bonds, structured notes, cash bonds), Funds Mandate, Orders History, Watch list and Virtual Portfolio management for the bank’s online banking investment section:

    Requirements gathering
    Use Case specifications
    Screen design follow-ups
    GUI functional definition
    ACI Investment module testing
    Business rules and Domain attributes definition
    Trading Risk Management through Risk profile matching (MiFID) and Stop Loss/Stop Limit orders
    Securities trading trainer / Investment module Analysis coaching in India (Pune)
    Methodology: Vendor specific / UML Environment: MiFID, SOA, Vendor functional description template, MS Office, JIRA, SharePoint Sector: Banking (Investment area)

    October 2011 – December 2011 Managing Director / Trainer at SOLAXYS

    Development of equities, options and CFDs trading strategies
    Simulation and trading of these instruments (CFD on Indices, Commodities and Forex, indices and equity options) on European & US markets
    IT Training: various MS Office & Open Office courses
    Environment: StrategyDesk, MT 4, Binckbank Sector: Finance / IT Training

    June 2011- September 2011 Senior Business Analyst at AXA

    Project: Web-application for the management of AXA corporate’s customers employees work accident declaration and electronic forms management to improve the claim management and customer/AXA communication:

    Requirement gathering through workshops
    Solution definition and presentation
    Business processes modelling
    Business rules definition
    Use Cases definition
    Screen design, content definition and detailed description (link with Data Model)
    Methodology: RUP based / UML, Kanban (Daily SCRUM meeting like). Environment: SOA, Rational Software Modeler, Live-Link, Visio, Ms Office, Silverlight, Clarity Sector: IARD (non auto) Insurance

    October 2010 – May 2011 Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager at Solaxys

    Project: an Ecommerce website design

    Case study of an E-Commerce project
    Business Process Modelling
    Methodology: RUP. Environment: ARIS Business Designer, Magneto, Open ERP, Email Vision. Sector: E-Commerce

    Mid June 2010 – September 2010 (Project stopped after 3 months) Senior Business Analyst – Business Analyst / UML Coach at AXA

    Project: Web-application for the management of AXA corporate customers IARD offers:
    Business/Functional Analysts coaching: business rules definition, requirements gathering, use case design
    Traceability matrix management
    UML coaching: use case, activity, statechart and sequence diagrams
    Requirements Analysis deliverables quality responsible
    Use case diagram and use cases definition
    Detailed requirements gathering
    Methodology: RUP based / UML. Environment: SOA, Rational Software Modeler, Live-link, SharePoint, Visio, and Ms Office Sector: IARD (non auto) Insurance

    February 2010 – Mid-May 2010 Business analyst / Business Application Responsible at BNP Paribas Bank

    Responsible of mainframe secondary markets trading applications (securities and derivatives)
    Responsible of mainframe internal / external customer position(s)/portfolio(s) transfer
    Orders back-office management: introduction (client/market side), order execution, accounting, custodian and settlement management
    Change requests and defects analysis
    UAT, Integration and Non regression testing scenario definition and organization
    Release management and testing supervision
    Methodology: Prince 2. Environment: Mercury Quality Center, Business Objects, Visio, MS Office, VBA, Clarity, ARIS Business Architect Sector: Banking

    March 2009 – January 2010 Business analyst / functional analyst at Solaxys as freelance

    Functional architecture design of a property market web site
    Functional analysis through use cases definition
    Website prototype design
    Methodology: RUP / UML (v. 2.2). Environment: Visual Paradigm, Visio, MS Project, MS Office, Dreamweaver, PHP/MySQL. Sector: Property Market

    October 2008 – February 2009 Requirement Analyst at ING Belgium as freelance

    Business requirements gathering, management and impact analysis on ING Electronic Banking Channels for the outsourcing of an ING Home’Bank and Branch’Bank customer and agent new trading platform and securities related functionalities for Self’Bank, Phone’Bank and other channels. High-Level solution proposition, issues and change requests follow-up.
    Methodology: AMS (Prince 2). Environment: MS Visio, SharePoint, Clarity, ARIS Business Architect. Sector: Banking

    May 2008 – September 2008 Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager at Solaxys as freelance

    Feasibility study of Property Web Site’s project.
    Project vision definition and planning
    Business analysis: business domain model, function system architecture design, web site prototype definition
    Methodology: RUP, UML. Environment: Visual Paradigm, Visio, MS Project, Dreamweaver. Sector: Property Market

    November 2007 – Mid -March 2008 Senior Business Analyst, European Commission (DG RELEX) as freelance

    Business process cartography of the DG RELEX External Service (RELEX K’s Headquarters and the Commission Delegations) administrative business processes.
    Methodology: RUP / UML. Environment: Rational Rose, Visio, MS Project. Sector: European Institutions

    May 2007–Augustus 2007, Senior Business Analyst at Solaxys as freelance

    Feasibility study of Online Human Resources Recruitment Service through Internet
    Feasibility study of a Solar Power Station in Spain
    Methodology: RUP. Sector: Energy

    May 2006-April 2007, Senior Business Analyst at Deutsche Bank Belgium SA/NV as freelance

    Complete Business Analysis of the DB Online Banking Trading System (OBTS) allowing DB customers to trade (buy, sell, subscribe, redeem) on the primary and/or secondary market almost any kind of securities (Mutual Funds, Euro Bonds, non Euro Bonds, Government Bonds, Structured Notes, Equities, Fixed rate bonds including Corporate Actions management) and Branch 21/23 products through their internet banking application:
    Definition of the project scope and high-level requirements and constraints (using Vision document)
    Business process modelling (securities trading process from front-end to back-end management)
    Business/User requirements capture and prioritization
    Gap analysis between Requirements and back-end systems AS IS behaviour
    Design of the system functional architecture (Use case diagrams)
    User requirements definition through Use Cases definition, Business rules and Business Glossary documents and Statechart diagrams
    Design of test scenarii and user acceptance testing
    User trading risk management through MiFID profile / Securities associated risk
    Methodology: RUP, UML, Iterative process Environment: MiFID, Visual Paradigm, Rational Rose, Visio, Toad, Java/J2EE. Sector: Banking.
    Design of Deutsche Bank Belgium IT Project Methodology: iterative, RUP, UML and best practices based (used for OBTS). Environment: PowerPoint, Visio, Visual Paradigm. Sector: Banking.

    March 2006, Senior Business Analyst at European Council as freelance (through UNIWAY)

    Correction and updating of the functional analysis of an HR application aimed to display the organigram of an organisation including position description, person assignments, position relationship(s) etc… Role: Business/functional analyst. Sector: European Institutions/Human resources.

    November 2005-February 2006, Managing Director at Solaxys as freelance

    Development of my IT company: Web Site design and Business Plan
    Providing training of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint

    July 2004-October 2005, Senior Business Analyst as freelance (through Sword Technologies)

    May-October 2005 for the Commission’s DG IT: Business process modelling of the Commission’s IT Governance business processes using high-level business process diagrams (BPMN like) and detailed modelling with UML activity diagrams. Elaboration of the Vision Document of the project of an Information System for the support of IT Governance at the Commission: problem statements and user needs capture description of system features and approach of the solution etc... Building of the IT Governance’s Business Objects model and Business Glossary. Presentation of the analysis. Methodology: RUP/UML, TOGAF. Environment: Rational Rose 2003, MS Office, Visio, Toad Role: Senior Business Analyst. Sector: European Institutions (Commission’s DG IT).
    March-April 2005 for the Commission’s OLAF: Complete Business Analysis of OLAF’s Central Information System (mainly Agriculture and customs antifraud system): Project Scope Definition (Definition of the Vision document), Business Objects model design (using previous project B.O. models), Use Case Diagram design, Use Cases definitions (after improvement of the classic use case template), Application prototyping, Team leading of the Business Analysis team (3 members)
    Methodology: RUP’s Business Modelling and Requirements disciplines, SOA. Environment: MS Office, Rational Rose, Visio, Toad Role: Senior Business Analyst/Team Leader. Sector: European Institutions (Commission’s OLAF).
    July 2004-April 2005 for the Commission OLAF: Business Objects Analysis of OLAF's (Office de Lutte Anti-Fraude, European Commission) applications.
    Reverse engineering Business Object modelling (in UML) of twelve anti-fraud applications data and generalizing them including dynamic inheritance (advanced UML) into three big business objects models.
    Project proposal writing (planning, workshops, proposed solution, assumptions, etc...).
    Environment: RUP Rational Rose 2003, Toad, Java/J2EE. Role: Senior Business Analyst. Sector: European Institutions (Commission’s OLAF).

    February 2001-December 2003, Business Analyst at Computer Sciences Belgium

    Project leading of the design, development and deployment of a custom .NET application for an easy management of Sony’s supplier’s electronic invoices. Roles: Project Leader/Business Analyst. Sector: Manufacturing (Sony)
    Due diligence analysis of FIM’s operational support department (dealing with international Exchange Market data flows on various types of securities). Role: Business Analyst. Sector: Banking (Fortis Investment Management)
    Design of a complete business analysis process using UML and its presentation. Implementation in java using a real OO database (FastObjects). Roles: Team Leader/Analyst/Trainer/Programmer. Environment: RUP, Rational Rose 2001, FastObjects. Sector IT (Intern).
    Design of improvements of the process of the non-life insurance claim management for a custom application for Naviga. UAT Tests Scenarii definition, Complete bug lifecycle management, Test supervision, implication of key stakeholders for test definition and UAT testing. Roles: Business Analyst/Team leader and end-users Application Trainer. Sector: Non-Life Insurance (Naviga)
    Architecture design and analysis (UML static and dynamic diagrams) of an application for Naviga’s sport brokers claim management. Environment: MS Office, Enterprise Architect, Visio, Oracle, Toad, And VSS Roles: Business Analyst/Technical analyst. Sector: Non-Life Insurance (Naviga)
    Data migration analysis for the merging of Naviga and Le Mans insurance claim application data and Reference Data management and Data Migration quality testing. Sector: Non-Life insurance (Naviga)
    Set up of testing strategy and bug/corrections/changes request lifecycle management environment and tools (Bugzilla). Role: Business Analyst. Sector: Insurance
    Technical design (UML activity, sequence and class diagrams) and development (Builder 4 C++) of extensions to the Computer Aid Dispatching application of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Roles: Technical Analyst/Developer. Environment: Builder C++, MS Office, Oracle, Toad, Sector: Public (Ministry of Internal Affairs)
    Development of a Smart Card Access (SMCA) APIs Wrapper DLL for Win32 calls tracing. Role: Developer. Sector: Banking (subsidiary of Banksys).

    March 1998-January 2001, Business Analyst – Technical analyst – Team Leader at Cap Gemini Belgium

    Reverse engineering functional architecture design and data flows auditing of KBC Securities E-Trading system. Role: Functional architect. Sector: Banking (KBC Securities)
    Architecture design, business process reengineering using BPMN like notation; data model design (compliant to EU norms) and technical analysis of an application for the automatization of INAMI medicinal product’s refunding process. Roles: Business Analyst/Functional Analyst/Team Leader/Visual Basic and Source Safe trainer. Environment: MS Office, DB2. Sector: Public/Pharmaceutical (INAMI/RIZIV)
    Technical design of Mac Donald’s restaurant’s Ordering & Inventory and Profit and Loss areas for a custom Mac Donald’s restaurant management application. Point of Sales screens design and improvement/testing (user experience). Roles: Team Leader/Technical Analyst. Sector: Services/Restaurants (Mc Donalds)
    Comparative study (Swot analysis, functions etc) of E-Business B2C and B2B products (Ariba, Commerce One, Vignette etc...). Sector: Internet (Intern).
    Analysis and development of application improvements of Makro’s retail Point of Sales (POS) system along with the interfacing of a private label card device (NT 3.51/4/VC++4.x/5, VB 4/5). Sector: Retail (Makro)

    March 1996-December 1997, Associate Integrator Specialist at Digital Equipment Corporation (now HP)
    Development of system oriented and end-user applications at the Générale de Banque Windows NT 3.51/4.0 and Visual C++ 4.x/5.0 and Visual Basic 4/5) and their user/technical documentation. Environment: Windows NT 3.51/4.0 and Visual C++ 4.x/5.0 and Visual Basic 4/5, MS Office, Toad. Sector: Banking (Générale de Banque now BNP Paribas).
    Design and administration of Windows NT 3.51/4.0 workgroups/domains. Sector: Banking (Fortis Bank)
    Design of a staging procedure for software kits setup on Windows NT4 workstations at Credit Communal. Sector: Banking (Credit Communal now Dexia).

    February 1996, UNISOFT Consultant

    Acceptance tests design of a HR software at the PQA Department of SWIFT. Sector: Banking (SWIFT).

Études et formations
  • Education

    1996 Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)

    1995 Degree (Licence) in Computer Sciences at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Fundamental Orientation):
    Mention : Distinction
    Thesis : SAN: a selective attention connectionist model for pattern recognition with
    autoassociative recall
    Mention : High Distinction


    2009/10 EPFC: Conception of Dynamic Pages (PHP, Java) (Certified)

    2003/17 Self-paced training on: RUP, UML 2.0, BPMN 1x, 2.0, SCRUM, Agile, Iterative processing, Visual Paradigm, Enterprise Architect, Prince 2, BABOK Framework v2, ASP .NET, SOA

    2003 Microsoft Introduction to the .NET Architecture

    2002 CSC: UML and design of a complete business analysis process

    1998/9 CAP GEMINI Courses: Negotiation skills, Project Leading (PLI), Team Leading,
    Object Oriented Approach Thinking (OOAT), Object Oriented Approach Analysis (OOAA), Object
    Oriented Approach Design (OOAD), Introduction to Java, Introduction to COM/DCOM

    1996 Microsoft Courses: Supporting MS Windows NT 3.51 Server and Workstation, Upgrading MS
    Windows NT 3.51 to Windows NT 4.0, Supporting MS SMS 1.1, Programming in Windows NT with C
    Main IT skills

    Business Analysis
    Business process cartography
    Business process modelling (BPM): BPMN and UML Activity diagrams
    Requirements gathering, prioritization (MoSCoW) and analysis
    Business case / Project vision definition
    Gap Analysis
    Data/Business objects (entities) modelling
    Prototyping: screens definition content, layout, navigability, usability
    Business Rules definition and maintenance
    Acceptance and integration testing definition & problem / bugs / fixes lifecycle management
    Project planning and workload estimation
    UML and Iterative methodologies specialist
    Functional architecture design (Use case diagram(s))
    Reverse engineering Business analysis (Domain model, Business Rules, BP modelling etc.)
    Solution presentation
    Risk assessment, identification of dependencies, constraints, risk mitigation
    Definition of KPIs and evaluation
    Workshop animation & reporting
    Data Analysis / Statistics
    Statistical Report template design (MS Excel / Power BI/ MS Word)
    KPIs definition and Dashboard design
    Report Generation
    Project methodology coaching / definition (RUP, UP, WUP, Agile)
    Functional analysis
    Use Cases / functions definitions
    Class diagrams / Data model design
    State chart / Sequence diagram design
    Project leading / Team leading
    Testing supervision, strategy design and test scenario definition
    User acceptance (UAT) / integration / non regression (etc..) testing
    Technical analysis/Development (VB 6/.NET, C++, .NET C#, Java)

    Practical knowledge

    Methodology : RUP, UP, WUP, Agile, Coad and Yourdon’s OOAA & OOAD, Prince 2, SCRUM (theoritical)
    Modelling : UML (1.x and 2.x), BPMN, Bachman Diagram (ERD), Data Flow Diagram
    Functional Architecture : Use Case Diagrams, SOA
    Modelling Tools : Visual Paradigm, Enterprise Architect, Rational Software Modeller, Rational Rose, Power Designer, ARIS Business Architect
    Testing : Mercury Quality Center, JIRA
    Project Management : RUP, Iterative process, Waterfall, MS Project
    Database Design : Rational Rose, Visio, Erwin
    Programming : Visual Basic .NET, .NET C#, C++, Java, Smalltalk, Simula 67, Visual Basic 3/4/5/6, VBA, C (Borland C++, Visual C++), Ada, Fortran, Pascal, PHP 5.x, Javascript
    Development Tools : Visual Studio 2008, 2005, .NET 2003 (and previous Visual C++ and J++),
    Borland IDEs since 1986, Dreamweaver MX 2004/CS 3, 4
    Source Control : Visual Source Safe 3/4/5, WinCVS/Tortoise CVS, SharePoint, ShareDox 2.15
    Databases : SQL, MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL Server 6.0/6.5/7.0/2000, Oracle, DB2, Informix FastObjects (OO Database), Toad
    Operating systems : Windows 10/8.1/7/XP/2000/NT 4.0/3.51 Server and Workstation/98/95/3.X, UNIX BSD/System V, MS DOS
    Internet technology : Web Services, XSD, XML, XSL, HTML, SOAP
    Office software : Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio 3/4/5/6/2002/2003/.., Calc, Writer, Base
    Securities Trading : StrategyDesk, QuoteTracker, IQC Charting, Binck 360
    E-Commerce : Prestashop 1.5.4
    Miscellaneous : BABOK Framework v2, LinkWorks, Schedule+ (Active Messaging Library APIs, MAPI and OLE Messaging Library Programming), InfoPath

    Language knowledge

    French : Mother tongue
    English : Fluent
    Dutch : Speaking: Good – Listening: Very Good – Reading: Very Good
    Spanish : Speaking: Average/Good – Listening: Good – Reading: Good


    Military service at the Royal Military School (Computer Sciences Department): Developments in Informix 4GL and test of Internet tools available on Unix and Windows 3.11

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