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Photo de Pierre-Yves, Assistant à maîtrise d'ouvrage AJAX

Pierre-Yves Assistant à maîtrise d'ouvrage AJAX

CV n°110507T001
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Ecole Polytechnique de Louvain
Received in June 1993
Civil Electrical Engineer
Concentration in electronics and I.T.
Graduated with first class honours(Grande Distinction).
master’s thesis: Analysis of a three phase TSC-TCR static VAR compensator by recurrences theory. - Paper published in the IEEE Journal.

Institut Ste Marie Arlon, Belgium
1985 — 1986
One-year post-graduate diploma in Mathematics

People Management
Financial Management
Project Management
Natural language Processing / TextMining (in English)
Datamining (in English)

Business process analysis
Budgeting and cost control
Technology architecture
Staff management and development
eBusiness strategy and development
Project and project portfolio management

French mother tongue
English good standard
Dutch intermediate
German basic

Level Experience
Operating systems
Linux/Unix/Windows Very Good 15 years
MacOSX Good 7 years
Programming Languages
Java / J2SE / J2EE (JBOSS,Oracle AS) Very Good 11 years
C++ (STL, BOOST) Very Good 11 years
PHP 5.X Expert 8 years
.NET(VB/C#) Good 5 years
Perl/Python Good 3 years
Mysql (5 et +) Expert 8 years
Oracle (7-11) Good 15 years

Natural Language Processing/Text-Mining Expert 9 years
• Language guesser., Syntactic Analysis, Semantic Analysis (Word sense disambiguation.), Terminoloy Extraction, Concepts Extraction, NE Extraction,
• Documents Clustering, Documents Categorization (SVM) , Information Extraction.
• Automatic Speech Recognition.
• AI/Machine Learning (SVM,Neural networks...), Algorithms.
• Information Retrieval - Search Engines (Lucene, DtSearch, Sinequa/Intuition).
• Multilingual Corpus Alignment, Memory Based Translation.

Expériences professionnelles

De Boeck Information Technology ********
DBiT is an IT company that produces specialized softwares for content and knowledge Management.
Subsidiary of Groupe De Boeck(Belgium) – Subsidiary of Editis(France) - Subsidiary of Grupo Planeta (Spain)
01/2001 — present
Responsible for management and technological development.
Expertise in development and consultancy in publishing, e-content, and e-publishing.
Expertise in Natural Language Processing and Text-Mining.
Design, development and marketing of Value added Content Portals (Fiscalnet, socialweb, Strada)
with multi-lingual experience; e.g. 25 languages in some documents searching projetcs for the European Institutions (Court of Justice).
Development of strategic information scanning tools (automatic gathering, syntactic and semantic analysis/indexing, automatic categorization (SVM) and reporting.
Development of Terminology extraction, documents clustering and Memory Based Translation tools.

Groupe De Boeck ********
Groupe De Boeck is a House publishing, specialized in Knowledge publishing (electronic and paper publishing)
Paris(F), Bruxelles, Gand, Anvers, Louvain-la-Neuve, Windhof(L)
08/1997 — 01/2001
I.T Director
Responsible for management and technological development.
Expertise in development and consultancy in publishing, e-content, e-publishing, e-government and e-marketing

Odyssey Asset Management Systems Luxembourg
Odyssey is an industry leader in the global provision of wealth and asset management solutions and services (Luxembourg, London, New York, Singapore, Zurich, Frankfurt, Brussels, Geneva, Madrid, Tokyo and Toronto
06/1997 — 08/1997
Technical Consultant
Technical consultant – TripleA Software.
Working language : English / French.

Siseg Luxembourg
Company specialized in Content Management Software (SGML et XML)
Service provider for the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
05/1995 — 06/1997
Project Manager
Project Manager - Validation Arcel – SGML/XML formex validation of the Official Journal of the European Union
Project managed : € 5.000.000/year, 50 persons (15 nationalities)
Working languages : English / French

Jema SA / Cyclotron Research Centre(CRC) – University UCL Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Company specalized in development of high stability power supplies
04/1994 — 05/1995
Engineer/Researcher - Company/University
R&D Engineer in very high stability power supplies for particle accelerators (cyclotron)
Area of application: civilian nuclear (Scientific research and medical research(cancer therapy))
Working languages : English/French/Dutch

Institut Ste Anne Florenville, Belgium
01/1994 — 04/1994
Mathematics and Physics teacher
Mathematics and Physics high-school teacher