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Exemple de missions de Jean-Philippe, Consultant cash management habitant Paris (75)


ARVAL Consultant Project Director Paris - Dec. 2013-Present

Takeover as a Project Director of an Arval key program

Redesign of the project plan, budget and planning entering its delivery phase
Reorganization of the project management team towards more efficiency
Development of proactivity trend in the management process
Management of a team of architects and Project Managers

Our efforts allowed us to reach in due time our first important migration milestone and envisage with more serenity and readiness the next ones

FORTIS Corporate & Investment Banking Brussels/Paris - Jan. 2012-June 2013
Consultant - Project Director - International Bank Merger

As Consultant, Project Director, I coordinated the merger of BNP Paribas Fortis and BNP Paribas Lisbon.

Managed a team of Project Managers and a PMO involved in the merger process
Defined the scope, wbs and the project planning. Identified and mitigated risks. Followed up budget
Executed, controlled & monitor the activities of the teams involved throughout the project phases
Animated Steering Committees, weekly progress meetings and reported to top management
Coordinated the reengineering of the FX operating model (booking, PNL and accounting), payment flow, clearing and nostro management processes

The project was successfully completed while respecting a very strict and relatively short deadline. Migration of the 2075 clients and their products went well with no client impact

BNP Paribas Corporate & Investment Banking Paris - Fr / July 2006-Dec. 2012
Consultant - Project Director - Frankfurt, Milan, Amsterdam and Brussels subsidiaries

I managed a strategic business & IT project portfolio for BNP Paribas Frankfurt, Milan, Amsterdam and Brussels CIB subsidiaries.

Organized and led regular Steering Committees on site involving the COO, IT, Orga and Business heads to validate and review plans of action
Coordinated the different project process phases of the deployments respecting planning and budget
Reported subsidiaries needs to the central Paris team and ensured follow-up
Deployments were done according to CMMI rules. Some projects were mandatory (Swift releases, PSD, SEPA, Regulatory Reporting to central banks); others were implemented to ameliorate performance

The quality of service offered to our clients such as General Electric, Heineken, Clariant, Daimler, UPS improved as a result of my commitment and the bank was in position to answer first plan calls for tenders

BNP Paribas Corporate & Investment Banking Paris-Fr / Feb. 2006-June 2006
Consultant - Project Manager - eBanking; SwiftNet FileAct European architecture implementation

As a Consultant I worked on the elaboration phase of the bank's European payment factory, allowing corporations to generate payments from one central country for all their subsidiaries in Europe.

I animated various meetings with business lines and sales reps, to define the scope of the project
I wrote the business requirements and collaborated with the IT team on the specifications
The service is now available to the clients and is an asset for the bank to attract major corporates

Royal Bank of Scotland - Citizens Bank Boston-USA / June 2004-Sept 2005 Consultant - IT Senior Business Analyst - Multi-Branding I became an appreciated team member during the merger of Citizens Bank and Charter One by quickly adapting to American work methods and becoming a proactive team player. My mission involved implementing the Citizens Bank and Charter One corporate identity brands and logos in designated States for both customer and internal touch points.

Identified customer and internal touch points on the “Deposit” applications of the Business Line
Wrote Business Requirements documents, guidance material for the technical teams
Created SIT, UAT test plan, test scripts; coordinated the testing efforts
Our efforts were rewarded by a seamless integration of the Citizens Bank and Charter One corporate identity brands.

Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking Paris-Fr / June 2003-March 2004 Consultant - Project Manager - Anti Money Laundering

Following the events of 9/11, and the new international anti-terrorism law enforcements, I supervised, as a consultant for SG Group, the installation of an anti-money laundering software on their Swift platforms and client databases.

Proactively led and managed the Orga/BO/IT teams to meet extremely tight planning deadlines
Accurately defined the scope of the project with all business line managers involved
Wrote Functional specifications; test books and user guides for the international back offices
Reported project advancement at the steering committees, reoriented team efforts accordingly

BNP Paribas Corporate & Investment Banking Paris-Fr / May 2001-May 2003
Consultant - Project Manager - eBanking Cash Management

I coordinated the end-to-end installation and migration of eBanking cash management tools for the London and Milan branches reinforcing loyalty of high revenue clients such as General Electric and IBM.

Budgeted for resources and software releases; managed and report progresses
Efficiently directed the Atlas II Orion II, payment and accounting, eBanking migrations
Developed global migration standards that were validated and made official by the IT departments
Elaborated common procedures allowing the branches to process GE's mass payment invoices

Paribas Foreign Exchange Back Office Paris-Fr / May2000-April 2001 Spot and Swap desk Officer

Responsible of the FX operations, their due processing and settlement within the cut-off times
Supported the Front/Middle Office on trade processing, clearance and settlement
Trained the BNP merged team to our procedures and payment systems

Swissair-AOM Paris Orly Airport Station Paris-Fr / June 1998-April 2000

Manager of a team of 8 people in charge of the ground staff planning and the task assignments
Preserved staff productivity in a period of economic recession and merger

Budgeted and follow-up the station's yearly budget, reported to the COO
Cost analysed the benefit of an automatic employee scheduling system

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