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Photo de Mohamed, Développeur MATLAB

Mohamed Développeur MATLAB

CV n°200506L001
Compétences techniques
Études et formations


Ecole Polytechnique
Ph.D, Applied Mathematics
Palaiseau, France
June 2017
Mohammadia Engineering School
Engineer Degree, Applied Mathematics
Rabat, Morocco
Aug. 2013
Moulay Ismail University
BSc, Mathematics & Applications
Meknes, Morocco
June 2010
Omar IbnKhattab High School
Baccalaureate, Mathematics & Physics
Meknes, Morocco
June 2007

⇧ English - Full professional proficiency
⇧ French - Native or bilingual proficiency
⇧ Arabic - Native or bilingual proficiency
⇧ Swimming, Cooking, Board Games
Summary & Interests:
⇧ C/C++(Boost, OpenCV, STL), CMake, Git, Java, SVN, VBA
⇧ Matlab, MySQL, Python(Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, sciPy, keras, tensorflow)
⇧ Research & Development
⇧ Modeling, and scientific computing
⇧ Machine Learning and Deep Learning & Large Scale ML, AI
⇧ Statistical processing and data modeling
⇧ Image & Signal Processing
⇧ Graph Theory
⇧ Dynamic Programing
⇧ Testing and benchmarking of the results
⇧ Optimizing hardware or software implementation

Expériences professionnelles


Own project
Independent Researcher, AI
Paris, France
July 2019 -
⇧ Performed prior art search Machine Learning and applications
⇧ Computed models of Machine Learning and Neural Networks
⇧ Experimented python libraries for several applications
⇧ Studied the potential ways of development to improve learning algorithms
⇧ Structured ways and developed intuitions for feature engineering
⇧ Programed and applied Kalman Filters to track dynamic systems
Accumilo, Git, Matlab, Python, [MacOs, Linux].

Pearltrees (Startup - Social Networking Service)
R&D Engineer, PhD
Paris, France
June 2018 - June 2019
⇧ Created and developed new features to improve the Technology
⇧ Organized and performed Test strategies
⇧ Conducted Quality Tests
⇧ Helped the sta↵ teams on technical problems
Agile method, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, SVN - [Linux, MacOS, Windows].

Own project
Independent Researcher, Teacher & Facilitator, Mathematics, C++
Paris, France
Sep. 2017 - May 2018
⇧ Performed prior art search to use modern C++-‘11,14’
⇧ Dynamic Programing | Graph Theory | Signal processing
⇧ Developed C++ library to optimize my PhD results
⇧ Explored C++ libraries of linear algebra for applications in Image processing
⇧ Identified companies and potential collaborations
C++-‘11,14’(Boost, BLAS, LAPACK, OpenCv, STL), CMake, Git, Python - [Linux, MacOS].

Ecole Polytechnique
Research Assistant, PhD
Palaiseau, France
Jan. 2014 - June 2017
⇧ Designed and executed a novel system of practical data acquisition
⇧ Introduced new algorithm for 3D imaging
⇧ Simulated dataset to test our models by solving numerically wave equations
⇧ Performed analysis on datasets for applications to land mine detection technology
⇧ Analyzed potential applications of new models
C++, FreeFem++, Git, Labview, Latex, Matlab - [Linux, MacOS].
INRIA Saclay
Researcher Intern, Master Thesis
Palaiseau, France
Feb. - June 2013
⇧ Performed prior art search Scattering Theory and Radar Imaging
⇧ Developed programs to simulate data by solving wave equations using numerical approaches
Latex, Matlab - [Linux, Windows].
NOVEC - CDG Development
Application Engineer, Intern
Rabat, Morocco
July - Aug. 2012
⇧ Performed prior art search on ANSYS Fluent
⇧ Designed and simulated a mini Wastewater treatment plant
⇧ Studied and Compared my results with those obtained by the team using other software
ANSYS Fluent, Office - [Windows].

Lab. of Mathematics Moulay Ismail University
Researcher Intern, Initial training in scientific research
Meknes, Morocco
Feb. - June 2010
⇧ Performed prior art search on Interpolation techniques and Approximation of Data
⇧ Developed C++ libraries for several approximation techniques
⇧ Analyzed and compared these techniques: evaluating the length of curves known by few points
C++, Latex - [Linux, Windows].