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Définition de FORTINET

FORTINET est un fabricant du matériel de télécommunications. FORTINET est est spécialisée dans les solutions de sécurité pour les réseaux et les ordinateurs.

Aperçu d'expériences de Mahmoud, freelance FORTINET résidant dans Paris (75)

Technical lead on major projects
Authored of security architecture documentations and standard operating procedures
Coordinate other specialists to deliver a completed solutions within project time frame
Manage complex network constraints inside Security projects : BGP, advanced QoS, Path
Coach junior engineers during projects on technical problems but also on documentation
Audit & troubleshooting of complex architecture
Functional test and validation platform in pre-production and
Production environment
Workshop with R&D Editors for dedicated build development
Deliver training sessions and perform general security awareness and specific security technology training
Perform pre-sales engineering for security products along with
facilitating and supporting these product demos and evaluations
(Proof Of Concept)
10AConsulting (October 2008 to April 2012)
Network & Security Engineer
Design network and security infrastructure.
Technical lead on major projects.
Creating network security infrastructure designs.
Integration of equipment: installation and configuration.
Achievement of pre-sales services including architectural design in
networking and security audits, and mock-ups (Drivers and / or prototypes) for customers.
Project management
Training and skills transfer to customers.
ACT HOLDING (July 2007 to September 2008)
Network&Security Engineer
Design and implementation of network infrastructure.
Trainer ISS products
Configure / implement intrusion prevention systems based on IBM ISS.
Configure / implement firewall (IBM ISS, Cisco, and Microsoft ISA).
Configure / implement and maintain antivirus solutions
Perform external audits, system vulnerabilities and risks, and lead the development and implementation of mitigation plans
Configure / implement Microsoft products
Administration of the network and computer system.
Support and maintenance of products
VALEO ( SD-WAN Network –Fortinet-)
Technical leader
Analyzing the existing architecture
Design and technical workshop
Closely work with Fortinet R&D team to develop a special build including QoS, SD
-WAN, for 6 HUBs and over 200 sites
Author of technicalarchitecture documents
(HLD,LLD and Test documents)
Test and validation of the solution in model
Technical N3 assistance during the migration
Technical environnement:
Fortinet: Fortigate«240D/300D/500D/1500D», Fortimanager VM, Fortianalyzer VM
Cisco : Catalyst 2960, 3750L2/L3 and monitoring: BGP, RSTP, Staticrouting, NTP, FGCP, VRRPL4/L7: QoS, NAT, PAT, DNS Security: VPN
Ipsec, ACL, IPS, Webfilter, Anti-virus
Tools: BreakingPoint, Python
EDF ( Datacenter Protection firewalls–FORTINET & PALOALTO)
An architecture based on Fortigate firewall with virtual wire pair and FGSP synchronization
Technical leader
Analyzing the existing architecture
Design and technical workshop
Installing, provisioning, customizing equipment according to design specifications
Fortigate«3700D», Fortimanager VM, FortianalyzerVML2/L3
and monitoring: BGP, RSTP, Staticrouting, NTP, FGSP, VRRP, VWIRE, RPF Security: ACL, IPS, Webfilter, Anti-virus
Tools: BreakingPoint,
CACTI RADIO France ( Datacenter protection firewalls -Cisco FIREPOWER-)
Authored of technical architecture documents (HLD,LLD and Test documents)
Migration of about 30 production's VRF
Conception of migration tools
API used for renaming and migration form ASA configuration to FTD configuration
Cisco Firepowert: FTD9300, FTD4110, FMC2500
L2/L3 and monitoring: OSPF, Multicast, Radius, TACACS+Security: ACL, IPS, Webfilter
, Anti-virus Tools: Python, ACIIT-CE ( Datacenter firewall migration –FORTINET-)
Fortinet Upgrade from 4.0 to 5.2
Upgrade and procedure validation with Fortinet PS
Authored of technicals architecture documents (DMS, DTV)
Technicalenvironnement:Fortinet: Fortigate«3140B », Fortimanager 400B,
Fortianalyzer:1000C, 2000B L2/L3
and monitoring: BGP, Staticrouting, NTP, FGCP,Security: ACL, IPS

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