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01/12/2008 to 30/04/2009 Forms 6i/10g Migration Project – (Shurgard Self Storage)
Position: Technical Consultant
I realised a feasibility study regarding a Forms 6i C/S to Forms 10g migration. I configured a Forms 10g development Windows 2003 Server and an Oracle Application Server 10g in standalone in order to test migration results and with success.

11/03/2008 to 30/11/2008 PC-Banking Project – (Fortis Bank)
Position: Functional Analyst
Functional analysis for cross-border PC-Banking for Fortis (BE/NL), Banque de la Poste, Postbank IE. Functionalities like domestic, international and SEPA payments/Beneficiaries management, statements and legal statements (CODA) exports.

28/08/2005 to 31/12/2007 Oracle Technical Competence Center – (SNCB/NMBS)
Position: Technical Analyst
I was implied in different projects with Oracle technology expertise and with huge coding of PL/SQL Packages used by J2EE application. I used Oracle Designer to generate ERDs, Data Model and Data Mart for statistics purpose.

03/01/2005 to 10/07/2005 Forms 6i/10g Migration Project – (Atos-Euronext)
Position: Technical Consultant
I was implied in an Oracle Forms (3.0/4.5/6/6i) migration to Oracle Forms 10g project for Euronext. All my expertise on this domain gave the opportunity to finalise the project on time.

21/05/2004 to 29/10/2004 Physical Securities Handling – (ING – Bank)
Position: Functional & Technical Analyst
PSH is a J2EE application used by ING's branches to permit customers requesting different operations (sale, purchase, subscription, regularisation, Star Fund sale, ...) most of time with physical connotation. I participated to all functional meetings, made ERDs using Oracle Designer, generated Data Model, mapped the data model with Java Classes, provided deliverable documentation and prepared data set for the Proof of concept. All technologies are Oracle9i R2, Websphere 5.1 with different frameworks like Struts and Hibernate.

14/01/2004 to 19/05/2004 Subvention’s Management – (EC)
Position: Functional & Technical Analyst
I analysed an application related to Subventions in the framework of Justice and Internal Affairs of the European Commission in order to improve this application on basis of Change Requests and to allow European Organizations to process their online subvention's requests via the EUROPA web site. Technology used: Oracle 9i and ColdFusion MX Server. The web site application is (IPG) - Information Providers Guide - compliant.

18/08/2003 to 10/11/2003 Telephony Billing – (EC)
Position: Analyst for Fix & Mobile Phone Communication’s Billing (Build Phase I of previous project)
I was responsible of the ERD modeling of the build phase for the feasibility study I made during the previous project. I gain more experience in Data Warehouse modelling, knowledge of ColdFusion MX and Business Objects products.

12-2002 to 19/05/2003 Telephony Billing – (EC)
Position: Analyst for Fix & Mobile Phone Communication’s Billing Feasibility Study
Responsible for a feasibility study and POC for Service & Private Phone calls of the Commission. Usage of ColdFusion, InfoView of Business Objects WebIntelligence Server. Creation of a brand new business (ERD) model using Oracle9I IDS – Designer. Prototype using Dreamweaver MX for the Intranet interface and also defined a small Universe to define different statistical reports.

02-2002 to 01/11/2002 Treasury & International Banking – (Bank of Ireland - Dublin)
Position: Analyst-Programmer for (CP) Cash Positions Keeping Application
On Oracle9i DB and Designer6i, I generated some Forms and Reports Modules (100% generation with Headstart) to run on Oracle9i Application Server. I defined a PL/SQL interface between CP and another Oracle application by using Oracle Advanced Queuing, MQSeries (IBM) to manage all application’s queues and exchanged information is passed in XML format. I generated Swift MT940 message in XML format by using new functionality of Oracle 9I. I used Rational ClearQuest for testing purpose and PVCS Version Manager 6 for versioning.

09-2000 to 01/2002 GSP Project – (BBL-ING Bank)
Position: Analyst in Global Securities Program
Responsible of one sub-project (SMF/COA) of the Global Securities Program. SMF (securities referential) feed by external providers like TELEKURS and includes Instruments, Institutions, Markets and Prices. Objective: cover the Corporate Actions (COA) sub-project. I covered this COA sub-system starting from the detailed analysis (ERD) to the 100% client-server Forms generation. Oracle environment: Oracle 8i, Designer 2000 v6i, Developer 2000 v6i, PL/SQL, PVCS Dimension and Microsoft Project v7. Three persons worked on under my responsibility from importing data with PRO*C on Solaris in a middleware database to the synchronisation between this middleware and the SMF database. I converted all client/server modules into the Web server application.

05-2000 to 09/2000 Telco Billing Project – (Intrasoft International)
Position: Telco Billing Responsible and Oracle Expert
Responsible of the Intrasoft International Billing solution for Teleco Service Providers. It consisted in identifying potential customers, analysing their requirements and implementing them in the billing model. It also involves supervising people for daily operations and creating an Oracle Team of experts. Technology used: Oracle database version 8.0.5, client applications developed with Power Builder, Business Objects for reporting and data analysis tool. I made a Reverse Engineering of the application and conversion code in PL/SQL. Travel to Greece (Athens).

01-2000 to 03-2000 Roularta Media Group
Position: Designer/2000 and Developer/2000 Analyst
As Analyst I defined interfaces between Informix, Oracle and QTMS (Web Press Management System controlling presses). Interfaces used to provide immediate solutions in a critical environment. Designer/2000, Developer/2000, PRO*C and PL/SQL were used to develop these interfaces.

04-1998 to 09-1999 Y2K Project – (Eli Lilly and Company)
Position: Oracle Y2K Readiness Team Leader
As Readiness Team Leader I acted as the reference point for all Y2K related activities in all Lilly's affiliates in Middle East and Africa regions. Responsible for all activities related to Applications, local Resources allocation, Progress and Issues Reporting, Usage of Y2K Methodology. I interacted with the Business Sponsor and with the IT Management on sites. Travel to Israel, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Responsible too of the implementation activities needed to Y2K Readiness for all applications of MEA sites. Monitoring Replacement, writing off and New Dev. projects, as to guarantee Y2K Readiness. Performing Simulation Tests for 2 Oracle applications in Sweden and Belgium. I made myself acquainted with VCO (Vendor Compliance) activities and also the SCRM (Supply Chain Risk Management) activities. I went to Sweden to convert Developer 2000 modules and PL/SQL code for Y2K readiness (3 times).

From 04-1998 To today Freelance

02-1998 to 04-1998 (La Famille)
Position: Oracle Knowledge Transfer
The aim of my mission consisted to validate and give advises for High Level Security issues in the Oracle 8 NT environment. The goal was to guaranty ‘The’ maximum security on a database queried by any Client tools (SQL*Plus, Power Builder, Access and others) by using techniques (New functionality in Oracle 8 to help for) and tools like Oracle Advanced Networking Option. All the security code was integrated in complex views and PL/SQL Packages.

08-1997 to 02-1998 KAAD Project – (Kraft Jacobs Suchard)
Position: Oracle Solution Provider (Team Leader)
This strategic project aimed at optimising the management of the Marketing and Sales promotional activities of Usage of Designer/2000 Tool-set (including HeadStart) with R.A.D. live cycle approach. As usual, I used extensively PL/SQL Packages during this project.
I realised the full feasibility study, analysis and first-cut design of the project. I scaled the project and brought necessary resources for this project. In this role of Solution Provider I have focused on the Customer’s needs and I have been the interface between the Customer and all the Oracle’s departments (Sales, Business Unit, Project Manager Consultant, Training and Support). I have enjoyed playing this role.

06-1997 to 08-1997 internal project – (Oracle Belgium)
Position: Oracle Technical Manager
I maintained and enhanced a Web-based internal application. Improved the application by adding JavaScript validation and administration pages, in order to make it a marketable solution for customers.

03-1996 to 06-1997 NAC Project – (European Commission)
Position: Oracle Technical Architect
Responsible for all technical matters like multi-lingual, multi-character sets, security, and OCX integration in Forms, a lot of PL/SQL Packages, Fuzzy matching integration (Context option) and others… This was one of the most demanding tasks I have been faced with. I was happy to make a success out of it and be able to help a team of 7 senior Oracle developers. I have learned a lot about the latest automatic generation of Oracle Forms. Given the pressure of the project and the sharing of expertise with other Oracle subsidiaries, I was able to progress very rapidly my Analysis and Design skills to a recognised level within Oracle-Belgium.

10-1995 to 02-1996 internal project – (Oracle Belgium)
Position: Senior Business & IT Consultant
Different missions have allowed me to sharpen my CASE and project-management knowledge e.g.
1. La Poste. My mission consisted in the realisation of a prototype based on real needs of La Poste and to perform knowledge transfer (SQL, PL/SQL, Developer/2000 Forms and Reports Training) of the latest Oracle technologies while training the employees on the pro...

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