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Photo de Renaud, Consultant fonctionnel VX WORKS

Renaud Consultant fonctionnel VX WORKS

CV n°100511C001
Études et formations

1986.89 Master Electrical Engineering and Computer science, University of Strasbourg,
France (ENSAIS)

In depth knowledge of software development cycle and related tools and methodologies
• Methodologies and quality standard: UML, RUP SE (Rational Rose), CMMi, ISO 9001
• Programming languages and environments: C/C++, Java, JavaME, VB
• Oses: Linux, Windows, Solaris, VxWorks
• Databases: Oracle, mySQL, MS SQL Server, Solid, MS Access
• Internet technologies: PHP, SOAP, J2EE, Java script

English (bilingual), French (Mother tongue), Italian (good)

Managed a number of software development projects for the transport, telecommunication, defence and automation industry. Developments conducted in the areas of system integration, database, WEB technologies and real-time embedded application. All projects started have been completed and delivered.

 Project management
• Performed business process and technical requirement analysis
• Definition of project plans, development and supervision of associated tasks and activities
• Team building. Hiring and personnel evaluation
• Problem solving within the team and with clients
• Reporting activities to company executives
• System final acceptance

 Technical
• Definition of requirements and system architecture
• Writing and review of functional specifications, test plans
• J2EE environments, HA databases, WEB technologies, wireless protocols and techniques

Expériences professionnelles

 From 2004 to 2010: Mark IV- SLE, Sophia Antipolis, France. Project manager
In the area of intelligent transportation systems, delivered three large Real Time Passenger Information systems, in France and abroad. Managed projects from specification phases to client acceptance. Developments included database and WEB interfaces, embedded systems, voice and data integration over GSM/GPRS networks and bespoke software applications. Played a key role to develop telecommunication solutions based on operated wireless networks, in place of proprietary solutions. Managed teams of several (17) developers and contractors. Projects included:

• 2009-2010: Suffolk County Council, UK. Project budget of 1,5 ME. Project delivered on time and within budget

• 2007-2008: Marne et Morin, France. Project budget of 2 ME. Project delivered on budget. Four month delay due to client change of scope and specifications.

• 2006: Megabus, Perieira, Columbia. Project budget of 500 KE. Project delivered within budget. Three month delay due to négociations between client and prime contractor.

• 2004-2005: Managed the tendering process for a new Bus Communication and Passenger Information system to be deployed over the greater London area and operated by London Buses. Bid related activities involved extensive cooperation with the prime contractor, British Telecom. Activities involved technical and commercial aspects. Scope of the contract 35 ME. Lost in final against Siemens.

 From 2001 to 2003: Solid Information Technology, Sophia Antipolis, France. IT Consultant
Technical consultant in charge of promoting distributed data management solutions for the telecommunication industry. Involved in pre-sales activities. Major success included: Siemens (100 KE contract), Native Networks (50 KE contract)

 From 1998 to 2000: Raytheon Consulting Group, London. IT Consultant
Raytheon Systems Limited, Harlow, UK
Managed an enterprise wide strategic plan to migrate existing in-house and heavily customised systems to integrated solutions based on industry standards. The proposed solution emphasised seamless integration with other business and manufacturing systems across several sites in the UK and USA. Responsibilities included audit activities and presentations to company executives.

 From 1996 to 1998: MTL, Measurement Technology Limited, Luton. Project manager
Specified and designed a real-time embedded solution for a distributed and modular process control system (MTL 8000). Worked in conjunction with marketing and sales teams to improve management and development cycles. Played a key role in getting the department ISO 9001 certified.

 From 1990 to 1996: Thales Group, Paris, France. Software developer and team leader
Responsible for specification, design and development of an infra-red search and tracking system.
Managed the development cycle according to DOD standards. Special consideration was given to equipment’s design in order to maintain full functionality in airborne conditions. Gained an in depth knowledge of C/C++, real-time kernels, client-server architectures, TCP/IP protocol and Unix environments.