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  • Expérience professionnelle

    June 1987 – Today (>20 years) Various Freelance projects

    Luminus – IT Project Manager Officer & Quality compliance
    (>today) – IT & SAP migration for delocalization of services
    This set of activities contributes to achieving a position wherein Luminus is able to evaluate that the release of Milestone payments corresponds with the intended contract benefits, and in case of a gap related to aforementioned, prepare educated decisions ((re-)start, stop, defer). This also maintains auditability of the Program.
    Preparation of Quality Assurance Board recommendation, and Milestone Approval Form
    Preparation of Deliverable Acceptance Forms until signed by both supplier and Luminus
    Execution of changes to Integrated Deliverable Tracker : changes of Customer Recipient, cancellation of Deliverables, (scope) updates of Deliverable Descriptions, re-allocation of Deliverables deferred to future Milestones, …
    Set and control ‘PMO owned’ Deliverable Status updates : ‘submitted for sign-off’, ‘signed-off’, ‘accepted’
    Scheduling of Deliverable reviews between supplier Deliverable Producers and Luminus Customer Recipients
    Preparation of weekly Deliverable Acceptance and Milestone Approval reporting
    Daily follow-up of bottlenecks in Deliverable Acceptance (e.g. Luminus not available for Deliverables reviews, Luminus not responding to sign-off requests within 5 working days)
    Follow-up of resolution of Errors, after Milestone Approval with Reservations
    Control of sign-off requests, prepared by supplier, based on detailed checklist : are the Deliverable artefact(s) actually published to the designated folder, was a Deliverable Review meeting actually organized and minuted by supplier prior to requesting sign-off, …)
    Control of supplier required updates to Integrated Deliverable Tracker : do project managers update status correctly, does supplier fill Deliverable Producers, does supplier fill planning dates pro-actively for Deliverable Reviews, …
    Control the follow-up of Quality Assurance Board DIARA items : decisions, issues, actions, risks, assumption
    Project Management: maintain logs for risks / scopes / issues / decisions & their follow-up.
    Responsible for the precise and legal management of the documentation generated by the project (>500 deliverables for all subcontractors and suppliers) by WBS structure onto Sharepoint.
    Compliance control for deliverables for customer recipients.
    Reporting: Create & publish weekly program dashboard & executive dashboard & Program Team Meeting Report, Monthly Steering Committee Report & IT Subcommittee Report. Maintain weekly progress of Masterplan GANTT in MS Project through % completion per task.
    Create & publish weekly project plan progress dashboard

    DEME Group - Project Manager Document Control, MetaData & Contract Management
    (7 months) - Project Wind power in the North Sea
    Responsible for the precise and legal management of the documentation generated by the project (± 35 engineers, all subcontractors and suppliers) by WBS structure
    Metadata Management: Master Data Register for procurement & installation (MDR),
    Daily monitoring of project procedures: operating procedures, manuals, technical reports, correspondence and project management files.
    Create and maintain dashboards and checklists: HSE (Health & Safety), NCR (Non-Conformity Report), QAC (Quality Control), Monthly Organization Memo (MOM), WPR (Weekly progress report), TQ (technical questions) register, action lists, master data plan, incidents, inspection and audit reports
    Control of data compliance (configuration, control, licenses, audit)
    Responsible for GDPR for the ship's crew in cooperation with the Maritime Police and Migration Service: Sea Survival - First Aid - Fire Fighting - Personal Safety & Social Responsibility - Basic survival techniques - Medical certification - working at heighs - Boat landing
    Replacement of HSE on the ground for incidents at sea

    EASA inpa - Project Manager Change Management Business Analysis (8 months)
    Reorganization of the company for Accounting & Human Resources
    Inventory & analysis of the existing
    Determine needs & constraints
    Implementation of accounting & cost accounting processes as of scratch,
    Adjustment of VAT and negotiation with the official authorities,
    Cash management, bank payments,
    Controlling (budget - expenditure)
    Analysis and reporting to the board of directors
    External Audit & Evaluation of the problems
    Human ressources
    Reception and assistance to new employees (expatriates),
    Creation of the Official Labor Regulations document & communication to the staff,
    Legal Document Review,
    Rewriting work contracts, recalculating wages with correction,
    Write work procedures (accounting, expense reports)
    Advice Board of Directors in matter of Human Resources

    Informatie Vlaanderen - Transversal Organization Project Manager - Business Analyst
    (2 months) - Study for the reorganization of the information service - merger of 7 services into 1 single
    Identify the needs and constraints of the existing with the relevant services
    Functional analysis of the services, identification and clarification of the target organization
    Analysis of existing technical solutions
    Provide organizational deployment and appointments for the transition
    Summary of actors, processes, roles, information and current tools
    Statements problems, identify the needs, constraints, limits
    CPM documentation: study and rewrite work processes, roles and information with storyboard and user story
    General suggestions for additions, optimizations for Direction
    Developing the governance plan by a specific proposal for different organizational PMO in which each executive role is saved alongside the optimization measures, communication and change.

    Creating, Implementing, and Managing MetaData Databases
    Boiron - Creation and implementation of a new pharmaceutical database (3 months)
    - None existing product database.
    Inventory and analysis of the existing
    Study needs with business
    Research & collection of all documentation
    Creating the database in Access
    Introduction data: chemical formulas, drug composition
    Identify and designate end users for the use of the database

    Japan Tobacco International - Archive - Stock & Document Management retail (2 months).
    Following the increase in tobacco prices, prices of stamps have been checked and corrected in the existing stock.
    Specification phase and project design
    Project installation phase
    Consolidation of obsolete price of stamps and personal supervision of destruction
    Analysis of sales forecasts of needs with new price
    Order from the official bodies of new price stamps in relation to the existing stock
    Product stock calculation (more than 700 items)
    Integration of data into the project
    Reporting of existing and future stocks
    Resetting orders in SAP,
    Create and edit product information in SAP,
    Creating a database "wholesalers"
    Realization extractions dashboards & audit from data in Excel
    Documentation and reference: flow, traceability, KPI

    CACEIS - IT - Portfolio management Petercam Stock market - Big Data AAA - (1 year)
    Cash and securities Petercam’s portfolio management pending the acquisition of Petercam by Bank Degroof.
    Detect and analyze the differences for cash positions and securities between the position given by the client company and data collected by Bloomberg
    Follow the procedures and instructions for reconciling cash and securities.
    Annual, half-yearly and quarterly financial reports
    Prepare the annual and interim reports of the various UCIs
    Follow the procedures, laws and instructions for the preparation of control of financial reports
    Submit to the authorities all suspected securities fraud

    TUC Rail - PMO - project portfolio management for Belgian rail (7 months)
    Due to an additional temporary workload, program management with more than 50 projects worth over € 200MK.
    Create reports and progress reports on the monitoring program;
    Monitor and verify the progress of the projects (quality / cost / lead time) and verify compliance with the specifications;
    Communicate on the progress of the project;
    Ensure budget monitoring of the project: develop a budget, optimize it, monitor it and ensure the adequacy between resources and needs (financial, technical and human);
    Monitor and manage project risks (qualitative, budgetary, contractual and planning)
    Map the technical and functional risks and estimate their criticality.
    Ensure the quality of the project;
    Set up and manage the control system for compliance with procedures and quality assurance methods
    Data compliance (configuration, control, licenses, audit)
    Manage the documentation for approval by the customer,
    ISO designer,
    Draw the progress of the work by outlines
    SharePoint Master Data Plan: Key User - user designation

    ALD Automotive - Business Analysis - HR Project Management (6 months)
    Following a redesign of the HR Department, analysis & roll-out for various projects
    Single contact person (SPOC) for group entities in Belgium and BeNeLux
    Responsible for coordinating HR projects, including internal projects (employee satisfaction) and international projects initiated by the shareholder. For this analysis, I actively participated in the IT component of the project.
    Responsible for the deployment of HR projects: Best Employer, Home Work Policy, Official Labor Regulations, Official Regional Travel Plan, HR Department Newsletter, ...
    Optimization and implementation of processes and procedures of Data Management: Statistics and reports - creation of automatic requests.
    Data extraction and data integration into dashboards,
    Responsible for the formulation and the revision of the quality procedures of the Human Resources department
    In accordance with the requirements of the Shareholder Group, conduct quarterly ongoing inspections and analyze key risk indicators for the Human Resources Department.
    Give legal information to employees due to changes to the work rules.
    Contact with recruiters, selection of candidates' CVs

    GIAL - Financial Audit (2 months)
    Accounting reconciliation for a specific client (data from 2004 to 2008) for the defense of the company in criminal proceedings against them
    Inventory of contractual and accounting data of said client
    Consolidation of monthly data from the beginning of the contract until the last invoice
    Preparation of the final report for the Examining Magistrate
    the client owed more money than the amount the client was challenging in the correctional court.

    Electrabel - Transversal Project Manager (7 Months)
    Green switch project - Development of a new project to reduce carbon emissions for more than 250 company cars frop TOP senior executives
    Project installation phase,
    Creation of the calculation formula and integration of the data in the project
    Creating a tutorial for future application
    Calculate new rental rates, force proposal to TOP senior executives.
    Clearly articulate the message to convince TOP senior executives for a new mobility alternative: purchase of electric bike, free public transport,…
    Responsible for monitoring traffic fines in cooperation with the police, human resources and the leasing company.
    Analysis and calculation based on the senior executive budget, purchase price recovery, taking into account the number of kilometers (in coordination with the leasing company and senior management)
    Personal control of the supply of new cars and the removal of old ones,
    Follow-up of the payroll deduction in collaboration with the business
    Project completed successfully and on time, so the company decided to apply the same exercise for all company vehicles of all employees using the created files

    Grains Noirs - Business Function Analyst (1 month)
    Change management workflow for three work units (logistics, commercial & HR) to improve their operation. ± 125 FTE
    Needs and constraints of business analysis for each unit
    Analysis of existing technical solutions
    Finding problems, specifying needs, constraints, limits
    Study of employees' work, their well-being, their work environment for the three services
    Writing job descriptions for each employee for all three units
    Creating a database for food label stock management
    Proposal of the solution to the Direction.

    Texaco - Project leader Change Management (2 years)
    Chevron sold the Texaco brand to Delek (± 350 computers and 750 service stations in Europe). In this context, I was responsible for change management for the IT department Europe, in line with other departments of the company.
    Follow-up, analysis, coordination, appointment of tasks
    International Team: UK, BE, NL, FR US
    Animation and coordination of the work group
    Contract management,
    Project monitoring with MS Project,
    IT Inventory Lists, Task Scheduling, Work Time Definition, Resource Planning, Budget.
    Design of IT infrastructure requirements by department and country,
    Follow-up the consent process for licenses and contracts,
    Collection of information and communication of decisions in a simple and accurate way to stakeholders.
    Create a trilingual newsletter for employees on the progress of the transition.
    Create, write, design all IT newsletters (transition period, after the transition period) with Microsoft Publisher
    Translation of EN newsletters in FR & NL
    Budget Control:
    Ensure that costs and revenues are properly aligned in the portfolio.
    Reporting on capex / opex and project expenses via SAP, Excel sheets.
    Provide analysis of variance for differences between planned / actual expenditures (scope, cost, duration, risks).
    Result for 2006: 38% savings on operating expenses achieved in 8 months compared to 2005 thanks to permanent control.
    Reports, purchasing statistics, cost reduction thanks to permanent control of the best prices in all fields,
    Establish purchase orders, good receipts, filing, verification and approval of invoices.
    Monthly reports on IT control and tracking of overspending - informing managers to reduce these costs.

    Computer classes - Microsoft Office products
    Murex - Due to the migration between AS400 to Windows, training of Word, Excel, Powerpoint was given to the three employees (1 month).
    Creating tutorials
    Course given in Dutch & Spanish

    King Baudouin Foundation - Due to the Mac migration to Windows, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access trainings to all management assistants in French and Dutch explaining the existing logic between the 2 operating systems. (3 months)
    Creating tutorials
    Trace and explain the logic between Mac and PC
    Courses given in Dutch & French

    Cable & Wireless - Project Manager - HR Change Management (10 months)
    Following the acquisition of 4 start-ups, harmonize the HR department - responsible for two sites in Brussels.
    Development and implementation with methods and tools for change management in an international environment (BE - UK - US)
    Inventory, mapping and modeling of existing procedures
    Roll-out for a new payroll software: installation plan, integration of data in the project, tests, recipe and documentation.
    Correction and upgrade of HR services: fleet, insurance, wages, mobile phones.
    Control of absences holidays and diseases.
    Negotiation for all HR contracts during business mergers.
    Reports, budgets and statistics of human resources
    Extracting statistics to an operational dashboard
    Expenditure control (scope, cost, time, risks).
    Organizational Change: Establish an Open Doors HR philosophy to clarify employees' fears and create / maintain serenity through active listening
     Implementation of HR procedures and operating modes

    D’Ieteren - Project Management VCS Driver software implementation (9 months)
    Introduction of new software at D'Ieteren dealerships, allowing customers to customize their car for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat & Skoda brands
    Inventory and analysis of the existing,
    Study the needs with the business,
    Creating a tutorial for the use of the new software
    Monitor the progress of expansion works at dealerships
    Coordinate the training of the new software for dealers
    Setting up a support cell (helpdesk)
    Coordinate the management of deliverables

    Kemira - Transversal Project Manager (8 Months)
    Relocation of a Seveso citric acid unit from Flanders to Wallonia under Finnish management.
    International environment
    Coordination of the steering committee: ± 25 different business engineers
    Animation and coordination of the work group
    Monitoring the progress of the construction site: supply of deliverables,
    Budget monitoring (Finnish and Belgian) and reporting of the overall costs to the Finnish management,
    Quality assurance :
    Adapt the major accident prevention policy,
    Update the security management system
    Develop an internal emergency plan.
    ISO: audit of existing procedures and establishment of new procedures
    Data compliance (configuration, control, licenses, audit)
    Reporting to management (scope, cost, time, risks).
    Write functional & technical specifications
    Translation of technical documentation from English to French

    ISO (ULM) - Quality Assurance
    Besix - (3 months)
    For a bridge construction project in Dubai, Besix needed to be fully ISO certified
    Set up and management of all the elements constituting the quality assurance system in accordance with the existing ones in other services.
    Implementation of new procedures
    (flow, procedures, organization charts, work procedures)

    Volkswagen - (4 months)
    Due to the installation of the new Audi construction line, the ISO had to be developed in accordance with the already existing ISO
    Set up and management of all the elements constituting the quality assurance system in accordance with the existing ones in other services.
    Implementation of new procedures (flow, procedures, organization charts).

    Watco - (4 months)
    Implementation of ISO for formal tenders related to sanitation of polluted soils Seveso III
    Set up and management of all the elements constituting the quality assurance system in accordance with the existing ones in other services.
    Implementation of new procedures (flow, procedures, organization charts).
    Claims management

    TRW - (5 months)
    ISO implementation for a new workplace
    Set up and management of all elements constituting the quality assurance system,
    Flow, descriptions, procedures, flowcharts.
    Preparation of working procedures
    Chart design for typical work situations
    Internal and external audit of new procedures

    SWIFT - User Administration Specialist (2 years)
    Sole responsible for the placing new banks on the SWIFT network
    Responsible for implementation, coordination, monitoring, testing and deliverables for new banks on the SWIFT network each quarter, with each period overlapping the next period
    Month 1 - monitoring of equipment and technical installations + live network switching for banks from the previous period
    Month 2 - Monitoring of software installations at bank customers by SWIFT technicians
    Month 3 - Configuration of banks on a parallel network for testing + monitoring of test statistics and SWIFT activity
    Statistics for generated traffic, activity reports.
    End of month 3: Cutover

    Software / Operating systems translation
    Unisys - (4 months)
    Full translation of the UNIX operating system from English to Dutch and English into French

    Posa - Teleworking (4 months)
    Translation of Microsoft programs into EN-NL-FR as well as specific programs for unique clients.
    Inserting texts into a tutorial

    Security & Safety experience

    Private live:
    In 1974, I went to a boarding school, where I rescued 13 children from fire. Alarm beaten, evacuation of the children from 3 to 6 years, brought out at a safe place in a safe place, evacuation of the luggage of the children, limitation of the fire by closing windows and doors and with fire extinguisher prevented the fire from the room came awaiting the arrival of the fire brigade which put out the fire.
    As a result of the incident, a "safety group" was organized by the management of the boarding school and the group of 5 internal students followed a course with the firemen of the city.

    Review and Formalize policies on Security Management & Information Protection
    2017- By DEME, as Senior Document Controller, I was responsible for accurate management and safeguarding of documentation generated by the project team, contractors and suppliers in support of the day-to-day operation of the project and in a manner that will enable all relevant parties to quickly retrieve them. This includes, but is not limited to, operating procedures, manuals, engineering/technical reports, correspondence and project management files.
    I was also responsible for the collection of personal and sensitive documents of the navigating personnel (passports, identity card, Offshore/seafarer Medical certificate, STCW Basic Safety training, Offshore Oil & Gas certification, Global Wind Offshore Certification, GWO, Working at heights, Boat Landing, etc…) and transmit them to local authorities to claim authorization for the crew to work in international waters.
    I was the back-up for the QHSE Manager engineer on land when he was at sea on the vessel.
    I was responsible for the follow-up of incidents on the vessels and tracked the incidents until they were resolved.
    See also Chapter ITIL

    IT Equipment Policy
    In all HR jobs I made and reviewed IT Equipment Policies, as this is mandatory in Belgium for this policy to appear in the working regulations, or at least in an annex thereof. By constantly checking the users behaviour, IT policy was continuously improved. (Cable & Wireless - Texaco - EASA - Sofico Mexico - ALD Automotive)

    Business application security & Logging and monitoring
    2006-2008 Texaco IT Department- Daily work in an over secured workplace and constant safety tests, safety moment at every meeting, working on PCs with RSI program, etc ...
    Responsible for the security badges and explain the procedure to newcomers (passwords, regulations, etc…)
    New security procedure issued in case of theft in cooperation with the management because I had discovered that 35 PCs were stolen. Called police, reported theft, underwent home research and reported to the management.
    Backup for security engineer when on leave.

    Safety + Network Security & Security agreements
    2006-2008 Texaco IT Dpt: network security was outsourced, but contracts were annually reviewed. As Budget controller for the European IT department, I was co-responsible for its proper functioning and the follow-up.

    Security ITIL Process
    1989: Pierre Brabant - Establishing ISO procedures concerning national and international relocation in connection with safety in cooperation with the management and the leader of the movers.
    Organization of courses on safety for drivers and movers

    1992: Watco (current SITA) - For various tenders, procure procedures for the collection and processing of all kinds of hazardous waste such as asbestos, solvents, soil pollution. Checking whether the written procedures corresponded with the legal obligations in the matter.

    1994: Besix - For a project in Dubaï, ISO procedure written by bringing together the existing safety rules in Dubaï with the Belgian safety rules in matters of construction, architecture, gear, and everything concerning the operation of the yards.

    1994: Volkswagen - write the ISO procedure for the functioning of the production line of the cars on behalf of Volkswagen Germany. There was no single procedure, which is why it was locally just above the production line. As the procedure was written, safety was also monitored and improved for the workers. New safety procedures were issued in consultation with the various responsible (at that time there was no legal obligation of Health & Safety).

    1995: Kemira SA - project delocalization of a nitric acid unit from Willebroek to Tertre on behalf of Finland and under the management of Finnish management. - Weekly board meetings with the aim of reviewing the state of affairs, both at security level and at the progress of the works
    Several meetings with the Tertre fire brigade to install the new unit's location in complete safety
    Organization of the three disaster plans for: nitric acid leaks, leaking cooling water system, fire in cooperation with management, police, fire brigade and gas producer.
    Checking the iso procedures in connection with the disaster plans.

    2009: TRW - ISO procedure issued (did not exist and was legally required) for a workshop for the maintenance and repair of trains (bogies and brakes).
    Various visits to the workplace and reporting of the health and safety breaches (ventilation of the workplace) and the waste of broken brakes.
    Negotiate with various suppliers for the purchase of fire extinguishers (renewal) and purchase of a defibrillator.
    Organization of fire drills with the fire brigade for the personnel at the workplace.
    Evacuation organized for gas leak in the main building.
    Reporting of the accidents at the workshops (both people and trains)

    ITIL Designer by TRW - TUC RAIL (as PMO) - Gial (for accountancy procedure)

    In 1980 by EIT Gérance Building I was responsible for the «possible» evacuation of «Tour Bastion» located at “Porte de Namur” in Brussels, building with 25 floors. Constant inspection for the proper functioning of the emergency exits and the 3 lifts. No serious problems outside the normal maintenance services of the lifts and made sure that everything was properly indicated for safety. Regularly make rounds to check whether safety was respected and therefore to issue reports in case of non-compliance with internal regulations.

    In 1981 I worked for Sunair at Zaventem airport. Training has been given for safety in the tax free zone, the rolling tires arrival luggage, evacuation procedures for passengers on tarmac and boarding zone.
    Had one incident by having to notice a person that he was not allowed to place his foot on the rolling luggage rack.
    An evacuation of passengers at the boarding area: passengers were already on plane when we heard from Belgavia that the aircraft was not allowed to fly. Passengers were calmly taken off the plane, regularly briefed and reassured, offered drinks and after four hours they get back on board another plane.

    From 1989 till 1991 I was a member of the safety and hygiene committee by SWIFT.

    From 200 till 2001: Cable & Wireless
    Preparation (on a voluntary basis) of a confidential medical list with possible illnesses of the employees in case of work accidents
    Rescued someone from a heart attack by doing the right thing in case of heart problems. Person has fallen next to my office, first aid performed in anticipation of the 2 ambulances. Person is saved.
    Carried out the existing evacuation plan carried for a bomb alert in blue tower in Brussels in all calm. All staff was safely taken away in the various parks of the area, attendance list was complete. Stay in contact with the demining services and the police for the safe return of the personnel in the buildings.

    From 2011 till 2012 by ALD Automotive
    The Brussels Region obliges each firm installed in its region, to review every 2 years if safety procedures are followed and register the safety statistics to the government. Since there is no HSE service at ALD, this work is entrusted to the HR department. This report is about safety (number of pictograms, their placement, the number of exercises for evasion of the buildings, etc ...)
    I recruited of a member of staff in a wheelchair: checking whether the infrastructure of the building has been adapted, purchasing and placing new pictograms, etc ... in order to comply with regulations relating to safety for handicap.

    My character is considered as cold-bloodedness, self-control, disasters and can estimate their consequences...

Études et formations
CV plus récent en cours de mise à jour
  • Formations : Gestion d’entreprise
    2014 Lutte anti-blanchiment et lutte contre le financement du terrorisme (par Caceis)
    2007 Microsoft Project, Cours d’entreprise - Texaco
    2006 Excel & Access avancé, Cours entreprise (éx/semaine - 1 an)- Texaco
    2004 Gestion d’entreprise en cours du soir, Syntra West - Belgique
    1991 Statistiques avancées, Cours d’entreprise - SWIFT
    1990 Time Management & Lecture rapide, Cours d’entreprise - SWIFT
    1981 Programmation Basic, DOS & JCL, Informatix, Bruxelles

    Know-how to act in complex & transversal situations
    Initiative and Responsibilities
    Mastery of spreadsheets, storyboards, dashboards and reports (KPI-KRI)
    Calculation of scope, cost, time and project risks
    Strong interpersonal skills with the team, external and internal clients and stakeholders
    Rigorous in work organization, very flexible and perseverant while taking a step back during high work pressure
    People management
    Strong analytical analysis (32/36 on the Gauss curve)

    Business Analysis
    Expression of business needs, specifications, functional & technical specifications
    Driving project committees, Management Committee
    Workgroups animation
    Coordinating partners, subcontractors
    Reporting meetings, steering committees, Directorate
    Follow-up: actions / incidents / quality
    Data Modeling

    Project Management
    Project, Program and Project Portfolio Management
    Planning, calculation and consolidation budget / cost control
    Reporting to General Management, Program & Financial Management
    Agile / Scrum Method
    Work in a multidisciplinary and international teams

    Process Organization & Change Management
    Business Process Mapping
    Writing user guides and tutorials
    Communication Management and training plans
    Optimization existing processes (analyze, simplify)
    Dashboards, Roadmaps, KPI's & KRI's tracking

    Business Sectors & Functional Areas
    Bank - Finance - Leasing
    Chemistry - Petrol - Energy - Renewable Energy
    IT - Software

    Tools and methods
    Oral and written communication in NL - FR - EN -ES
    Classical project management methods
    Process Modeling: Visio, ISO, Microsoft Publisher, FrontPage
    Project Management: Prince 2 - ITIL - Microsoft Project
    ERP: SAP, Sharepoint, Aconex, Jira
    HR: Blox, Peoplesoft, SAP, GDPR, HR Access
    Finance: Sage, Qlik reporting

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