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Qu'est-ce que OPEN DATA ?

L’OpenData, ou donnée ouverte, est une donnée numérique d'origine publique ou privée. Elle est diffusée de manière structurée selon une méthode et une licence ouverte garantissant son libre accès et sa réutilisation par tous, sans restriction technique, juridique ou financière.

Exemple de missions d'Abdelhafid, freelance OPEN DATA habitant le Val-de-Marne (94)


Sine Fev. 2015 Jacob Douwe Egbert – Netherland (Amsterdam-Paris)

SAP- FICO- RTR Local Consultant - Accenture

• Sequioa Project: carve in of Mondelez Intl’s branch Coffee (22 countries)
o Localization of the template in France: design, built, testing and go live
o Modules: FI (AA, GL, AP and AR) , CO (PC, PA, ABC, CCA, PCA) and PS (Opex & Capex)
o Integration with streams: PTP, OTC, SCP, MTD, and NSA.
• Platinum Project: carve out of Carte Noire: Rebranding and Disinvestment under TSA

Oct. 2014 – Jan. 2015 VALEO – China (Wuhu)

SAP FI CO Consultant
• Rollout of Compass V4 template (New ledger) in China affiliate (Valeo Lightening)
• Scope: Logistics (SD, MM, PF), Finance (FICO), Barflow (flexnet), commerce one
• Gap analysis, customizing, K user training, acceptance tests, simulation tests and Go live
• Modules: FI (GL, AA, AP, AR), TRIP and CO (OI, PA, PCA, CCA and PC) and PS (Capex)

March 2014 –June 2014 IPSEN –Pharmaceutical French Group

Application Expert (SAP CO)- CGI
• Maintaining SAP-COPA (accounting based)
• Maintaining SAP-COPC :Cost estimate, Production process
• Implementing Cross Companies Costing (CO PC)

March 2013 – Feb.2014 Air Liquide: France

SAP FICO & SD Consultant -CGI
• Implementing Credit Management & Collections
• Implementing interface for customer scoring
• Developing Fiscal Control Reports
• Setting pricing procedures and taxes (Spain and Portugal)
• Setting up Intercompany Reconciliation (ICR)

Nov 2009 – March 2013 GDF-SUEZ : France, Italy , Luxembourg and UK

Project Manager - CGI
• Migration of 10 companies from one Controlling Area to another one using SAP-SLO (System Landscape Optimization) and LSMW/BDC: Data mapping, Data cleansing, Data conversion, Data migration (scope: SAP CO, PS, MM, SD, AA, BW)
• Merging of 4 companies (scope : FI, CO, PS, PM, AA, MM)
• Rollout of GDF template in Italy , Luxembourg and UK
Data migration for Italy and Luxembourg using LSMW
• Implementing dispute solution for distribution affiliate (GRDF)
• Implementing Idocs (EDF vs GDF Suez)

June 2008 - Sept 2009 Weber-Saint–Gobain : France, Netherlands & Portugal

SAP FICO Consultant -CGI
• Rollout of Weber Template in Portugal and Netherlands following merging of Weber and Maxit Groups (COPC and COPA: make-to-stock, make-to-order, co-production)
• Integrating CO/PP and CO/PM (Benelux)
• Securing the transition from the Standard Price to the Moving Average Price (MAP) for French affiliates
• Rollout Weber Template in France new affiliate (Maxit): FIGL, FIAA, FIAR, and FIAP
Data migration: Master data, GL balances and Receivables and Payables Open Items using LSMW

March 2008 - May 2008 Brampton and KBL Rollout-UK (Westland)

SAP FICO Business Analyst
• Training for end users
• Conducting testing phase
• Support for Data migration for FI,SD and MM : Data mapping and Data cleansing and Data uploading using LSMW
• Support go live

Jan 2008 - Feb 2008 RENAULT Rollout- Algeria

SAP FICO Business analyst
• Designing SAP/AP & SAP/BL modules (Suppliers, Bank, Payment, etc.):
• workshop, blueprint
Oct 2006 - Nov 2007 MHIS – LVMH-France (Wines and Spirits)

SAP FICO Consultant
• Implementing SAP FISL for Moët et Chandon affiliates
• Designing and building the Profitability Analysis COPA for MHD (JV Moet & Hennessy and Diageo)
• Upgrading SAP R3 to R4.6
• Implementing Credit Control for Ruinart’s company (Champagne)

May - Sept 2006 Air France – KLM

SAP FICO Consultant
• Designing the solution Top Call for SAP payment programs
• Implementing the Cash Pooling
• Integrating new currencies (Czech Republic and Slovak Republic)
• Transferring assets from Air France Industry to Air France holdings using Idocs

June 2005 – Apr
il 2006 CITROEN: France

SAP FI Consultant – Implementing a new Shared Services Centre
• Conducting workshops and designing of FIGL, FIAR, FI AA & PS, Inventory (stock list)
• Built: Customizing and developing functional specifications for interfaces between SAP and external systems
• Payables & receivables Master Data and Open Items data migration
• GL balances data migration
• Asset Data Migration
• Go Live
April 2005 - June 2005 JOHNSON CONTROLS -Tunisia

SAP FICO Consultant
• Configuring FIGL, FIAP, FIAR, FIAA & SAP/CO/CCA and PCA
• Functional specifications for interfaces: SAP/ MFG Pro for the billing
• Training end users
• Implementing local Tax ( VAT, withholding tax and more)
• Payables & receivables Master Data and Open Items data migration using ABAP programs
• GL balances data migration using CATT tool
• Asset Data transfer between tow companies

Oct 2004 - March 2005 NRJ GROUP: France (French communication and media Group)

SAP FI CO Consultant
• Conducting workshops for the modules SAP/GL, SAP/FIAP, SAP/FIAR, SAP/FIAA, and SAP/FIBL and investment (SAP/IM)
• Blueprint workshop
• Designing IFRS vs French GAAP

Feb 2004 – Sept 2004 SONACOTRA-France

SAP FI CO Consultant
• Configuring SAP/FI (GL, AP and AR), CO (CCA)
• Implementing the module FI-SL for IRD
• Developing SAP Report Painter (FISL)
Data migration using CATT tool and ABAP programs (BTCI)

May 2002 – Dec 2003 RCI Bank- France

SAP FICO Consultant
• Designing FICO modules FI (GL, AP, BL, SL, AA) and CO (CCA)
• Developing functional specifications for interfaces between SAP/R3 and front office applications (translator of flux incoming from front office)
• Developing Report Painter reports for SAP/SL
• Asset Data Migration, Paybles and GL Balances using ABAP programs (BTCI)
• Post-Go Live support

Sept 2001 - April 2002 BMW Finance Rollout-France

SAP FICO Consultant
• Conducting workshops, gap analysis and writing blueprint
• Building FI (GL, AP, BL, AA) and CO (CCA, OPA, PCA)
Data Migration and interfaces using specific programs based on BTCI
• Unit and integration testing
• Go Live

Feb 2000 - August 2001 RENAULT- France , Germany & Spain

SAP FI CO Consultant
• Configuring SAP/OPA (Internal Orders) for monitoring marketing expenses for dealers’ subsidiaries in France, Germany, Italy, Spain
• Developing interfaces SAP COPA vs ESSBASE
• Setting up specifics CO reports

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