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Aperçu d'emplois de Bandita, freelance SAP SD résidant dans le Puy-de-Dôme (63)

Work Experience : 6.5 years of work experience as an SAP SD Consultant and Team Lead

Accenture: May 2009 to April 2013

IBM : April 2013 till date

Major Roles and Responsibilities handled:
• Team Lead for SAP SD in IBM India for Panasonic at present. Earlier worked for various SAP Projects at Accenture

• Client facing role and working as a BA for requirements. Reporting on monthly and daily basis. Actively representing the team

• Managing Resources for time and utilization. Reviewing work of team members and being involved in critical solution providing in order to ensure SLAs are on time and in budget. Managing and grooming new team members and providing SAP training to them

• Handling Roll out work, Cut over activities, implementation work and support work

• Building prototypes and functional designs for complex models and providing complete end to end solutions

• Working on V model- Requirement Gathering and specifications, building the design, working with technical teams to get the code ready, unit testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, deploying and post deployment verification of the changes

• Working for cross module and integration areas like SD- FI, SD- MM, SD- ABAP

• Managing and grooming team members and new joiners. Providing SD training to the team members for standard SAP as well as custom set ups for the client

• Reviewing work of SD team members and being involved in all critical solution providing, in order to ensure on-time smooth delivery without external defects

• Working on documentation for all phases- Initial design documents, detailed functional design documents, review checklists, unit test documents, Knowledge repository and other KT work

• Working as an Audit Manager for the team – in charge of the internal audit process to ensure all deliverables have met the guidelines as per the client agreement

• Responsible for finding gaps in the business processes and proposing value additions and bringing work for the organization

• Co-ordinating with the project members for the monthly releases – Capacity management discussions, by escalating any issues, challenges, risks, pre-deployment preparations, building necessary check-lists, gathering metrics for reviewing with the management

SAP Work Summary :
• Experience in standard SAP configurations for new implementations – enterprise structure set ups, Sales cycle set ups. This includes all enterprise structure configurations like Sales Org, Distribution channel, Divisions, new plant, St.locs, shipping points. Other necessary system configurations like pricing, item categories, schedule lines, sales, delivery, billing documents etc

• Experience in other SAP std determinations like Output determinations, text determination, partner determination

• Set up of Master Data- like Pricing and output records and customer master data

• Experience in custom configurations, designing new reports, developing complex enhancements to resolving client problems from gathering requirements, building designs to testing and deploying objects.

• Experience in working on various sub modules in SAP SD like SD – Order to Cash, SD-Logistics, SD-Batch Jobs, SD-EDI. Various cross module integrations like SD-MM integration, SD-FI integration. Working experience on IDOCs, File Transfer Systems etc

• Worked on SAP SD Processes like Consignments, inter-company billing, custom sales order set ups, Stock transfer order ( STO) etc

• Configurations and working knowledge for advanced SAP concepts like Rebate Processing, Credit Management and LIS

• Knowledge on Warehouse Management Configurations like New storage locations, storage types, bins etc. Knowledge of different EDI/XML transmissions like 855,856,810,940,945 etc

• Supported LE-WM third party applications like TPE, Datapass and Liaison. Also, supported SD related third-party bolt on applications – PROS, Y drive integration, Web Portal

• Knowledge on CIN – SAP SD cycle, STO cycle, ARE-1 Export Set up and Configuration etc

• Knowledge on working for new interface set ups for SAP SD designs for custom set ups like FFFTP using File transfer protocol – includes custom interfaces like GSS

1. Appliances Industry, Panasonic Asia – IBM Mumbai and Pune, India
Project Details Appliances Industry, IBM April’13 – Till Date
Technical Details SAP SD Team Lead
Responsibility and Work
- Lead for SAP SD for Panasonic Asia
- Lead for Quality Management for Panasonic Asia and responsible for other management activities like Audit processes

Some Major Projects
1. Implementation of SAP for Panasonic Asia – India Factory
Worked as an SAP SD Consultant for implementation of SAP for Panasonic India
by working on various requirements and setting up the SAP system for Panasonic
in a team of 7 members. Worked on major documentation and in training
Panasonic employees for using SAP

2. Roll Outs for Singapore and Malaysia factories
This included design set ups based on Panasonic set up procedures and guidelines. Also included working on custom changes in order to accommodate the design set ups there

3. Major Work For Vietnam Factory:
New Interface design set ups for an interface called “ CS Visualization system” wherein two new programs have been designed to send data to this third party system. This includes inventory management data for one interface and sales process data for another interface. Includes designing complete end to end programs and complex testing for interfaces using FFFTP (custom file transfer protocol) set up to ensure that data is accurate at the third party system level.
Includes working with Basis, Security teams and Linux teams
Includes Testing with users and client teams directly

4. Other Major Work for India Factory:
1. New Export Process set up using ARE-1 for India
2. Duty Pass for STO scenarios as well as for Sales documents directly to the Customer – This is based on the duties applied at the time of Purchasing or transferring stocks to a plant

2. Consumer Goods Client for 38 Countries Pune, India
Project Details Consumer Goods Industry, Accenture Sep’12 – April’13
Technical Details SAP SD and LE Consultant, POC for Problem/Incident Management, Direct BA/ Client Facing Roles. Working on Roll-Outs
Responsibility and Work
- Active member in a team of 28 people for developing and providing support
- Working on the changes and new configurations and customizations for countries like China, Japan, Indonesia etc
- Supporting around 38 countries for issues and problem management
- Working on incidents and new requirements

3. Paper Manufacturing Firm Bangalore, India
Project Details Paper and Process Industry, Accenture Sep’09 –Aug’12
Technical Details SAP R/3 System, SAP SD, integration with MM, FI and working with ABAP
- Senior SD Consultant in a team of 15 (SD+LE)
- Responsible for leading a team of 10 for SAP SD
- Involved in designing and developing enhancements and providing solutions for the client
- To find gaps in the present system and add value to the client, Direct Client Facing

Some Major Projects
1. Auto Closing of Sales Orders
Duration: 2 Months
Details: NewPage spent a huge amount of money in shipping extra quantity for which the under-delivery tolerance was already met.
Built a design to auto close the line items for which the under delivery tolerance was met by using the partial delivery field based on the PGI’d quantity. Before this design was implemented, the manual activity involved working with approx 700+ shipments/day.
Accounts for various scenarios like Free of Charge Deliveries, Standard Orders, Consignments, Returns, Cancellations, PGI, Reversals etc

2. To sell all Seconds Materials by new pricing strategy
Duration: 2.5 Months
Details: Approx. 2000+ FERTs were set up using new prod. Hierarchy, new pricing implemented in order to start selling the B grade materials.
Changed 7 custom Tcodes and implemented changes for third party bolt on applications

3. Infostructure set up for reporting
Duration: 1 Month
Details: New Infostructure had to be created in order to fetch the confirmed quantity of each line item based on different Z and standard fields.
Regenerating the old infostructures was also worked upon.

Value Additions
1. Brought 250+ hours of work for Accenture by proactively finding bugs in the existing system
2. Proactively brought down the call count for repetitive batch job failures from 18/month to 0/month
3. MD04 Issue: Root cause for discrepancy in MD04 was found out and worked upon in order to avoid running the SDRQCR21 Report

4. Washington Gas Bangalore, India
Project Details Accenture June’09 – Sep’09
Technical Details SAP SD Functional
- Active member in a team of 8 people.
- Involved in designing and developing the solutions

Some of the Major Work
1. New Price Increase Transaction
Duration: 1.5 Months
Details: A transaction similar to VA05 was created with custom input fields and additional functionality of being able to change the price of the selected orders and re-issuing Order Confirmations again for the orders with the prices changed

2. Rebate Changes
Duration: 1 Month
Details: Implemented user exclusion for users in order to exclude them from getting retroactive rebates. This involved changing the pricing and adding new accesses

• Awarded as the Bluepage “Manager's Choice Award 2015” and “Manager's Choice Award 2014”

• Awarded as “Star Performer 2014” for Panasonic by IBM India Pvt. Ltd

• Provided training on ARE...

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