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COREL DRAW (corelDRAW) est un logiciel qui founit des solutions graphiques édité par la société Corel. COREL DRAW permet d'illustrer, retoucher des images, effectuer de la peinture et de faire de l'animation vectorielle en directe.

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A brief profile: Christian Merlot graduated in Lyon in France. He works/travels between Paris France and Sydney Australia with his family. He is a member of numerous associations and contributes to the support and expansion of French language in schools and colleges.
In addition he has accumulated a wealth of expertise in business situations as a director and self-employed of two ISPs. In 1995 he setup DeskNet a web designer and hosting company and started to work as a free-lance translator as of 1988 when he was a pioneer for the translation and localisation of web sites.
He has been teaching French at the Eastern Suburb Evening College since the beginning of 1988 from beginners to advanced levels resulting in a solid linguistic background in both French and English languages
Equally, He has been teaching many subjects as a lecturer as well a high school teacher over the last 17 years .He taught sciences, Mathematics, computing studies, economics and business studies as well computer studies. He is a talented teacher thanks to his vast knowledge and good communication skills. He is dedicated, flexible, enthusiast and able to solve problems in any situation
He also uses translation tools such as Trados version, Wordfast, SDXL, Catscraddle DTP packages and AutoCad. He is familiar with Windows Operating Systems and MS Office suite (Word, Excel. Power Point; Access as well Browsers and Emails (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Internet skills) Corel Draw Graphics version 12 and Adobe Pro version 7.

He also is a qualified & certified NAATI 3 professional translator by the Federal Government

Recent Translation Jobs and references EN <>FR:

As a translator, I worked as a French & English Technical and General Translator for the following companies over the last year (see below). I am able to translate documents in many fields and both sources/targets: EN and FR (FRANCE, CANADA and AFRICA).
Translation of software/online/printed docs using appropriate tools (CAT: Trados 7.0, SDXL, Wordfast, EarthWorks, Pebbles etc.), proposing terminology updates, creating and maintaining glossaries & TMs.

YEAR 2005
(Listing in descending order from 1-01-2005)
1 - Translation of OSD screen EN > FR
2- Translation for ORANGE TELECOM through TRANS INFOPRENEUR INC. 253,
3- Installation guide for Air conditioners (2) FR CAN
4 - Translation of brochure for Cullinan (A South- Africa diamond company)
5- Translation of Insurance receipt for AIG Assist
6- Translation of EULA For an international company (e-commerce) EN > FR
7- Translation of user guide Synology Ds-101 disk station (12 000 words)
8- Translation of 8 documents for importation of prawns, certification and methods FR > EN
9- Translation of Manual: DOCK USB 2.0 VGA LAN EN > FR, 5 000 words
10- Translation for ORANGE TELECOM through TRANS INFOPRENEUR INC. 253,
11- Translation for Cardone EN > FR CAN
12 –Translation for (Oracle, Lotus Notes, Documentum, Fileshares (IndexProcessOverview) + (SVCoverviewChecklisFileShare) (SVCOverviewChecklistOracle) (Graphic in IndexProcessOverview) (Application Resources.Properties) -9 800 words EN > FR
4 HTML Files:= email body+ help_directory_index_request + help_security + help_overview + help_home EN > FR
13- Translation for a manual (split air conditioner) FR > EN
14 - Translation of 3 medical files (20 000 words) FR > EN
15 - Translation of 6 medical files (22 000 words) FR > EN
16 - Translation of biographies (20 000 words) FR > EN
17- Proofreading of files for the Moroccan government (for their Web site) FR > EN
18 - Translation of 22 000 words (Electrical engineering) EN > FR
19- Translation of 15 000 words (36 files) with SDLX for the Polaris Web site EN > FR CAN
20- Translation of 25 000 words for DVD player manual EN > FR CAN
21- Translation of 18 000 words of Honeywell weather stations EN > FR
22-Translation of a contract (5 000words) FR > EN
23 -Translation of a user guide (Plasma TV) (6 500words) EN > FR
24- Translation of a user guide (LCD TV) (4 100 words) EN > FR
25-Translation of a MANUEL DE L”UTILISATEUR DU DISQUE/MP 3 USB Rév:2.1
26- Translation for Hisense of a color TV display Manual (6 500words) EN > FR
27-Translation for Polaris of their Newsletter (5500words) EN > FR CAN
28- Translation for documents “Mrs. Weir In your Kitchen”- Presentation EN > FR CAN
29- Translation for Hisense of a Color TV display Manual (6 500words) EN > FR
30 Translation for Infomedia catalogue of Car component parts- policies etc… (For E-commerce Web Site: Microcat) EN > FR
24 Microcat comments & improvements & 25 Parts History Search
26 Copy & Paste features & 27 Application short cuts
28 Wild Card Win Search & 29 Saving Part Number Profiles
30 retrieving Part Number Profiles & 31 Broadcast sheets (F11)
32 Super Window split – Screen & 33 Win Notes
34 Vendor Conversion & 35 Double row heights in the databar
36 Typical Smash Scenario & 37 General information
38 Cross catalogue searching & 39 FreeForm entry
40 Part scenario – 5 functions & 41 Previous search functions& 42 Printing options

30 Translation of Mme Weir in her Kitchen (Cookbooks) EN > FR CAN
31- Translation of 5 Jobs for Cardonne (Car parts) EN > FR CAN
32- Translation of an Installation Guide approved English for a power steering pump
33- Translation of several Quizzes for Oracle (Sweepstakes)
34- Translation of TalkCam NoteBook
35- Immigration documents (15 documents) Serge Tricodet FR > EN
36- Translation of the Christian DIOR (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) annual financial report (22000 WORDS) for the past financial year 2004 FR > EN
37- Translation of a offer from Linux Networx for TOTAL SA (16 000 words) EN > FR
38 - Translation of 3 TV & burner manuals (7000 words) for Hisense EN > FR
39 - Translation of CANYON USB PC Camera User’s Manual EN > FR
40 – Translation of Compressor KV350-15 DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY EN > FR
41 – Translation of 4 newsletters for Cardone EN > FR
42- Translation of Esmin Co., Ltd. O.S. a specialized manufacturer of cosmetic containers and accessories, including a range of cosmetic packing products EN > FR
43- Proofreading of a brochure (medical & advertising) for medical products EN > FR
44 - Translation of a Color Plasma display TV user guide 6000 words EN > FR
45- Translation of the Christian DIOR (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) annual financial report 6000 WORDS) environmental, social and financial data 2004 (the world's leading luxury products group) FR > EN
46- Translation of several files for the web site of Cardone, presentation of the firm and activities EN > FR (CANADA) and their Belgium Web site
47- Translation of 127 000 words for the web site of UPS, EN > FR (CANADA) ********
48-Translation & localisation of E-commerce web site ******** EN > FR (CANADA)
49-Translation for Hisense of a Color TV display Manual (5 500words) EN > FR
50. Translation for a e-commerce web site ******** EN > FR (CANADA)
51- Translation of Babytrends (several files- manual -Assembly etc.) EN > FR (CANADA)
52- Translation of a legal contract for Xpedite (3500) words FR > EN
53- Translation of a Sweeptake for Oracle Monthly Winner Affidavit and Jdevelopper Space contest quizzes (3 100) words EN >FR
54- Translation of a legal contract for Ameripak (Schuman and Sons) manual guide for industrial sealing machine (4 000) words FR > EN
55- Translation for Ball Corporation: Cash and incentive plan in 2005 (14 000) words EN> FR (CANADA)
56- Proofreading of the Grundfos manual (13 700) EN > FR (CANADA)
57- Translation of the Tyco Employee Stock Option Award Canada + Summary of Employee Tax Obligations EN > FR (CANADA) (2425 words)
58- Translation of the Tyco International Ltd. 2004 Stock and Incentive Plan Terms and
Conditions of Option AWARD: EN > FR (FRANCE + CANADA (3472 + 3298 words)
59- Translation of the Tyco International of Tyco Restricted Stock Unit AwardSummary of employee Tax Obligations in Canada (3700 words) EN > FR
60- Translation of 11 files (Master 1044 words) ******** EN > FR CAN
61- Translation of 5 files for Canada Health Infoway EN > FR CAN
62- Translation of the brochure for the launching of the new Bentley FR > EN
63- Translation of the Thomson TCW/DCW Wireless Cable Gateway Hardware EN > FR 64- Translation of the Quick Start Guide CardBus adapter hardware for Windows 2000 SP4 XP SP1 & SP2
65- Translation of a PowerPoint Presentation of towing product Technical sheet (Plymouth)
66-Quarterly report (1st quarter 2005) for DiversiTrust Energy Income Fund (EN >FR CAN)
67- Translation of the Kenwood manual (Oven) EN > FR (FRANCE)
68- Software localisation for LG 15000 words (EN > FR (FRANCE)
69-Translation of the Memory Foam Bendable Massager ACCESS CREATIVE (Wall-Mart stores) EN > FR
70-Translation of Front Mounted Receiver Installation Instructions manual EN >FR CAN
71- Translation of the Wheel Lock Installation Instructions manual EN > FR CAN
72- Translation of the Cool Breeze T.M. Instruction Manual 40” Tower Fan with Remote Control EN > FR
73- Translation of theVolkswagon Jetta Installation Instructions manual EN > FR CAN
74- Translation/proofreading of marketing message for: ******** EN > FR
75- Translation of HP letter to Agilant Technologies’ customer EN > FR
76- Translation of Tyco Restricted Stock Unit Award Summary of employee Tax Obligations
in Belgium EN > FR
77- Translation of theVivamyne Tonique (Medecine-Pharma) 15 000 words FR > EN
78- Translation of manual Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies HiTi Dazzle S400 Series Photo Printer ******** EN > FR
79- Translation of the Digital Video Camcorder manual 6 100 words EN > FR
80- Translation of the Chinese condiment glossary 5 500 mots EN > FR...

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