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CADENCE/VALID (CADENCE) est un logiciel sous UNIX (AIX) permettant de concevoir et de simuler des circuits microélectroniques. Les produits CADENCE permettent aussi de superviser les systèmes informatiques, plusieurs types d'équipements et de réseaux de télécommunications ainsi qu'une diversité de produits électroniques.

Aperçu d'expériences de Tahar, freelance CADENCE habitant l'Essonne (91)

Feb. 2009 May. 2010
Aboundlogic - Bièvres (Paris area); Analog and mixed signal IC design engineer
Responsibilities include: specifications review, architecture research, design, layout, pre and post-layout simulation as well as lab measurements. Design of the next generation IO comparator supporting a wide range of wired communication standards. The silicon proven performances achieved were: low power (200µW), rail-to-rail operation (wide swing and common mode range), high speed (400ps response time), low distortion ******** maximum frequency (output duty cycle error less than 4%).
 Technology: tsmc 45nm
 Tools: Cadence IC design suite with Eldo simulator.

March 2007 Jan. 2009
Wipro – Newlogic, Lustenau (Austria); Analog and mixed signal IC design engineer Responsibilities include participation to feasibility study, specifications assessment and review, analog/mixed signal design, documentation, design review, and layout supervision. Acquired knowledge in ∑∆ modulators, comparators, operational amplifiers, voltage and current references.
Design experience:
 Re-design of a LDO for sensor automotive applications (Micronas), architecture changes have led to a better frequency compensation scheme, increased PSRR(>85dB up to 1MHz) and reduced quiescent current (<15µA), basic functionality was checked to be working on silicon.
 Technology: Micronas High voltage 0.45µm
 Tools: Cadence IC design suite with Spectre simulator.
 Design of a programmable 5Ghz VCO for very low current consumption or very low phase noise; frequency range:[4.6GHz, 5.2Ghz]; phase noise: [-108dBc ******** -128dBc ******** (when consuming 4.4mA)
 Technology: tsmc 90nm
 Tools: Cadence IC design suite with Spectre simulator.
 Design of a low power variable gain amplifier for mobile audio application (NXP); achieve a THD lower than -70 dB for a gain range between -24db to 29 dB in 21 steps, input referred noise less than 5µVrms consumes less than 300µW.
 Technology: C050_PMU
 Tools: Cadence IC design suite.
 Design of a thermal asperity detector for Hard disk read channel for (STMicroelectronic). Asperity resulting as a DC corruption is detected through the use a programmable filters and thresholds at the input of a high speed comparator (1.8ns response time max for less than 1mW).
 Technology: St 65nm
 Tools: Cadence IC design suite with Spectre simulator.

Nov. 2005 Oct. 2006
NXP research labs - Eindhoven (Netherland); Research engineer (intern)
Design of a variable ratio charge-pump DC/DC converter for Mobile Integrated power management applications.
 High level feasibility study and efficiency investigation
 Development of new theorem addressing a specific type of topology.
 Circuit design, and analysis of a scalable architecture.
 Technology: C050_PMU
 Tools: Matlab, Cadence IC design suite with Spectre simulator.

March-July 2004
Research stay at the Laboratory of Electronics and Computer Systems (LECS), Royal Institute Of Technology, Sweden. The investigations have lead to a novel transient fault detection equation/algorithm for digital FIR filters
 Implementation of the novel algorithm in VHDL and synthesis; superior transient fault detection capabilities proven in simulations.
 Tools: Matlab, Modelsim, synopsis synthesis.

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