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Le Software Asset Management est le fait de gérer ses actifs logiciels pour optimiser le parc applicatif et réduire les coûts

Aperçu d'expériences de Valery, freelance SOFTWARE ASSET MANAGEMENT habitant le Nord (59)

IT OPERATIONS COORDINATOR, Independent Contractor, reporting to the Projects Dpt. Director
ORES (ex-GDF-SUEZ), Utilities, approx. 4000 Headcount, near Brussels
Since September 2012

- SPOC representing the Operations Department towards the other IT and Business depts:Coordinate all demands, risks, issues assigned by the other departments. Responsible for the planning engaged with other departments. Advisor for the IT Operations Director in terms of organization and methodology. Resources capacity plan: produce and maintain the assignment of the IT Operations human resources
- Project Manager: in charge of delivering Infrastructure projects (mainly initiatives to unwind the ORES Infrastructure from the GDF-SUEZ Group) and Application projects (ORES Portal: mainly build a single front-end for all the Core Business applications)
- Scrum Master: Agile management methodology facilitator for the infrastructure Middleware (Microsoft BizTalk) team developments and mentor for deploying the methodology into the IT Department developers’ pools.

Problem Tackler: identified and analysed bottleneck processes and communication gaps in order to improve the overall project delivery quality and responsiveness -> Implement the Agile Management methodology, review and redesign resources allocations processes.

IT PROJECT MANAGER, Independent Contractor, reporting to the VP Finance
DTS (DEXIA Technology Services), approx. 1000 Headcount, Brussels
May 2012-August 2012

Context of the DEXIA group unwinding business model. In charge of initiating a Software Asset Management Project, mainly through handling an RFP for outsourcing the Software Asset Management Services:
- Analysis of the existing internal feasibility studies;
- Gathering of the internal requirements across all technical, legal, procurement departments;
- Structuration of the whole RFP contents from the General Terms and Conditions to the specific As-Is technical descriptions;
- Voice to the CEO and Executive Committee for recommendations in implementation guidance, vendors selection and software asset management principles;
- Initiation of the Project Management Governance and handover to the internal Project Lead.
In charge of an RFP for externalizing the I&O Cost Management functions.

Ontime and Quality delivery through targeting an internal consensus for the selection of the vendor through a methodic and highly structured evaluation scorecard.

IT DELIVERY MANAGER, Independent contractor, reporting to the I&O Manager
GLAXO SMITHKLINE VACCINES (approx. 13 000 Headcount), Wavre, Belgium, I&O
April 2011-April 2012

Responsible and accountable for an E2E successful implementation of an ITAM (IT Asset Management) program within the entire Vaccines group.
Context of an IT Operations organization reshaped into a service-oriented structure.
Objective to provide an Infrastructure Asset Management layer (processes and tools) in order to:
- Support delivery of IT services to the IT Business Unit partners;
- Provide an accurate and automated service-centric IT assets management system for IT financial statements and budgeting purposes.
Adaptation of cross-departments processes:
- Systematically (automated federation of assets data): in-depth initial complex assets inventory/catalog definition, operating mode assets acquisition mechanisms;
- And strategically (ITAM reporting as an input for Gartner review and budgeting exercise): sequential improvement modelling: people, policies, processes and technology.
In charge of SAM (Software Asset Management processes) Outsourcing project: License administration, Software deployments, quarterly reconciliation and internal software cost reallocation objectives.

In a context of a rooted SAP-rational strategy, lead the project to overachieve IT operations and financial needs for an ITAM by convincing management to find an alternate way to the ERP model with the help of a benchmarking approach (using expertise advise from Gartner and Forrester) and through calls to project manager qualities like leadership, method, objective-thinking, realism and impartiality: rather than adapt business needs to the ERP, select the best-of-breed approach as an output to a concise market benchmark analysis.

IT INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT MANAGER, Independent contractor, reporting to the I&O Relationship Manager
BNP PARIBAS FORTIS (approx. 34000 Headcount), Brussels, I&O Relationship Management

Project Manager for the Call Centre Voice Over IP Migration: from Genesys to Cisco CUCM for BNPPF Call Centers consolidation, critical strategic and synergy portfolio project in context of the Rapprochement within the BNPP / Fortis merge.
- Represent the interests of all stakeholders Divisions;
- Deal with preparation, monitoring and satisfactory completion of action plans and associated schedules for the large-scale project and other subprojects of the program;
- Bring the projects to completion while observing internal rules defined for conducting projects;
- Comply with and having others comply with quality, cost and lead time terms and conditions set out in the deliverables contract;
- Secure equipment, hardware and software roll-out monitoring;
- Ensure risks management and monitoring;
- Work jointly with various project partners on the information required to prepare schedules showing progress in all project activities;
- Project progress updates to the Project Board.

In the context of the French-Belgian rapprochement synergy business critical project, called for excellence in mediation, empathy, self-control, conflicts resolution and complex technical understanding competencies to overcome expected resistance to change by splitting the project into two main phases, with direct contacts with the I&O and Application Development management: a probation period with a to-be complete architecture design analysis (impacts and dependencies on architecture landscape and its instances migration roadmaps) followed by GO for a second major implementation phase: gained great credibility for the project which lead it to high commitment and motivation from the whole organisation teams.

SERVICE ACCEPTANCE MANAGER, Independent contractor, reporting to the Service Introduction Manager
EUROCLEAR SA/NV (approx. 4000 Headcount), Brussels, Corporate Technology

Manage a portfolio of Technical infrastructure projects at various stages within the project lifecycle. Clear understanding of the technical issues and risks to infrastructural projects. Liaise and co-ordinate with the technical teams.
Manage and communicate the impact of IT projects on technology and production environment
- Act as first entry point for IT projects to ensure all technology domains and production impacts are properly included;
- Deliver the project Business Case to ensure technology and production impacts are fully defined, appropriately cost and a proper risk assessment is performed;
- Ensure overall project leading role for these developments (deliverables follow-up and sign-off, planning, dependencies, status meetings).

Ensure compliance with system architecture standards and production acceptance criteria
- Active participation to building and following-up RFP processes for external software evaluation business cases;
- Build the high-level technical design in co-ordination with Application Development department taking into account the impact of non-functional requirements (availability, capacity, scalability);
- Identify technology impact in terms of new/changed frameworks, the need for new tools or system software versions;
- Validate high-level design with subject matter experts in Systems Engineering and IT Security Architecture, obtain sign-off;
- Document and maintain the current production architecture (physical mapping of applications on servers, dynamic view of transaction flows…);
- Define production acceptance criteria in collaboration with Production Services and Production Integration;
- Assess and document the impacts of the IT project on the production architecture;
- Validate compliance with Production acceptance criteria in collaboration with Production Services and Production Integration.

Projects lead:
- Co-managed: Core Business: Group Single Platform Custody (6000 Md):
Complex Multi-Platforms (Mainframe, Distributed) Consolidation Program. Strategic decommissioning of legacy custody systems onto a single platform. Multiple technologies: zOS, DB2, MQ Series, Connect:Direct, QREP, W2K3, Oracle, SQL, WAS, IIS, 3 Data Centers.

- DWH: Group Datawarehouse Single Platform (1500 Md):
Single enterprise wide data warehouse solution supporting Business Intelligence and management reporting. Technologies: UNIX, IBM ETL, Cognos BI, Sybase IQ.

- Billing: Group Billing Single Platform (800 Md):
Replace the existing disparate billing systems by a Group wide Billing solution Technologies: UNIX, IBM ETL, Suntec, Cognos BI, and Oracle.

- Archiving: Group Archiving Single Platform (800 Md):
Strategic initiatives of a Program with goal to provide the strategic infrastructure, organization, procedures and tools for the capture and long term preservation and retrieval of off-line digital data Technologies: Unix, ASG-Mobius ViewDirect, Connect:Direct, Oracle.

- Co-managed: Windows Release Management: (2500 Md):
Migrate the operating system and system software of the Windows servers to W2K3 in production and test for end of support reasons. Technologies: W2K3, SQl, File Servers, Print Servers, SAS, Solimar, DB2, Newtest, Remedy, Intranet, XPS, SSIS, Siebel, Client &Product DWH, Braid, group Internet and Intranet, File Transfer.

- Migration: Business Case for a Windows Catalog Upgrade to W2K8 (650 Md):

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