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Exemple de missions de Philippe, freelance BACK OFFICE TELCO

2008 – Today
9 years Project leader Freelance
• Knowledge of Prince2 and ITIL methodologies.

(January 2016– today) CIRB-CIBG
• IT Infrastructure Interim Manager
o Lead a team of 40 persons, domains are,
 Architecture
 Data Centre
 Servers and Storage
 Virtualization
 Middleware
 Network
o Propose a new vision and mission for the organization
o Review and optimize processes
o Redesign SLA and supplier management
o Manage ICT projects
o Manage budget

(May 2016– November 2016) FedEx Europe – Project Manager
• Design and deployment of a Citrix and VDI infrastructure to support EMEA and APAC finance services
• Network Design
• Security Audit
• Redesign of IT support process
• Redesign of User Management process
• Application integration

(November 2015– April 2016) BIA Group (Belgium and Africa)
• ICT Interim Manager
o Redesign of IT SAP Infrastructure
o Security review
o Define ICT strategy for coming year
o Propose a new organization
o Review and redesign processes
o Redesign SLA and supplier management
o Manage ICT projects
o Lead teams in Belgium and Africa

(October 2014– October 2015) EMC Norway – program manager
• Customer HCL Norway (India)
• Lead an IT Transformation program for the Major Bank in Norway – DNB
• Team of 40 people out of 13 different countries
o Data Centers migration and consolidation
o Upgrade the Infrastructure during migrations
o Deploy an Email archiving system
o Deploy a Backup environment
o Deploy a Reporting and Charge Back environment
o Manager Residency resources and 3rd party supplier

(May 2011– September 2014) EMC Belux Delivery Services – project manager
• Writing of WBS
o Define scope and deliverables
o Define SLA
o Define High level plan
o Define resources requirements and Type
Define budget
• Installation, Integration of Storage environment,
• Installation, integration of Backup environment
o Data Domain (DDBoost, VTL) , AVAMAR, Networker, CYA
o Environments (VMware, Filesystem, OS, SQL, Sharepoint, MS Exchange, Oracle, Oracle SAP, Snapshots, Clones, TSM, Documentum…)
• Migrations
o Define the migration strategy in coordination with customer teams.
o Coordinate and manage migrations from old infrastructure or DC to the new one
• Virtualization
o Integration into IT environment
o Application migrations (V2V, P2V)
o Backup and Restore
o Reporting Tools
• Audits of Performances and Sanity checks (Storage and VMware)
• Electronic Document Management (Documentum)
o Define the new strategy regarding ‘how the document management solution is used’ (Business process redesign)
o Define new technology solutions and migration processes in line with internal policies
• Customers,
o Banks & Insurance (Crelan, IS4F, Banque Deroof, BNPP, DKV, AXA)
o European Economic Commission (OPOCE, DG Entreprise, Digit, EIB)
o Public (Foreign Affairs(BE + Lux), Finance, Eurocontrol, ACV, LCM, CNPF)
o Telco (Post Telecom Luxembourg, Telenet, INGENICO, Cetrel, Belgacom)
o Others (Total, FeDex, Delhaize, NRB)

(July 2013– October 2013) AXA – project Data Lifecycle Management Optimization – project manager
• Perform a data classification for a pre-defined set of Applications
• Assist with analysis of data collected via deep crawl in order to discuss possible next steps to address broader file estate
• Make recommendation for transition roadmap

(February 2011 – April 2011) Serbia Telecom (Belgrado) - consulting
• Audit the IT Disaster Recovery Strategy for Value Added Services delivered to Customer and CRM environment.
• Propose new strategy and solutions
• Propose an implementation plan.
(January 2010 – December 2010) ING Bank NL (Ams) – Project mgr
• Plan, organize and manage the move of servers to facilitate a data centre
program with the objective of consolidating the data center
footprint from several data centers to 2 Data centers
• Servers were migrated by V2V, P2V and P2P solutions.
• Proposed migration/virtualization solution for non standard or complex server/application environment
• Handled communications with application owners for many of the Bank’s most critical applications. Stakeholder management was critical to the success of this initiative
• Enabled the Bank to exit legacy data-centers on-time and on-budget
• Migration was from Belgium to Netherlands based data-centers and involved negotiation and management of international stakeholders.
(September 2009) Documentum ******** des Affaires Etrangères (MAE) du Luxembourg,
• Define the new strategy regarding ‘how the document management solution is used’ into the MAE (Business process redesign)
• Define new technology solutions and migration processes in line with internal policies
(November 2008 – August 2009) Documentum ******** CNPF (Luxemburg),
• Lead the program to coordinate the activities of several suppliers (Abc, EMC, Telindus, Vision, Econocom, CNPF IT) to implement an Electronic Document Management Solution (Documentum)
(March 2007 = September 2007) Belgian Post Group and Bank of the Post – Move and consolidation Building for Office environment
• Manage the design and implementation of IT facilities for the new Building for Office environment (Technical rooms, network, cabling, telephony, fix and mobile data, access control)
• Planned and organized the move to the new facilities
• Manage the communication and the reporting with Facilities and end user.
• Be the interface between IT and Facilities and the end user.

2005 – 2008
3 years Company: bpost – Brussels, Belgium
Title: Head of ICT Infrastructure (Interim Manager)
Major responsibility: Executive Director leading the ICT Infrastructure and Operations organization of the Belgian Post Group with particular emphasis on change of organization and redesign of Infrastructure.

2004 – 2005
1 years Company: ING Bank and Insurance – Brussels, Belgium
Title: Delivery Manager
Major responsibility: Leader of the Infrastructure projects team to ensure development and maintenance of relationships between the business lines and infrastructure in order to contribute to a maximization of value-added resources and activities for the Business.

1996 – 2004
8 years Company: MOBISTAR – Brussels, Belgium
Title: Head of Customer Technology Operations (1996 – 2004)
Major responsibility: Executive Director responsible for the delivery and management of Networks and IT Infrastructure services

1994 – 1996
2 years Company: PROXIMUS Brussels, Belgium
Title: IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager
Major responsibility: IT Manager responsible for the delivery of all IT Infrastructure and Operations services.

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