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Photo de Mahfoud, Architecte APACHE HIVE

Mahfoud Architecte APACHE HIVE

CV n°180820D003
Études et formations

▪ 2017 PhD in Computer Science

▪ 2012 Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering – DB & AI ( GPA: 14.892/20 - Rank: 3rd amongst 27 students )

▪ 2010 Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering (June 2010)

▪ 2 years of “Classes Préparatoires”, class which prepares students for the highly competitive national entry exams to the “GRANDES ÉCOLES”

French Spoken -  Written - 
English Spoken -  Written - 
Arabic Spoken -  Written - 

Expériences professionnelles

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of La Rochelle
Jan 2018 - Present
▪ Working as a postdoctoral researcher in topics related to Big Data/ BI.
▪ My main objectives are to take advantage of Big Data breakthrough to propose innovative BI open source based solutions
▪ Working intensively with Cloudera Manager, Kylo (A Teradata DataLake), Apache NiFi, Apache Kylin, Druid, …
▪ Responsible for installation, configuration and tuning of a custom Hadoop cluster (HDFS, Hive, Spark, Kafka, …) and associated stack (ProxMox, CEPH)

PhD in Computer Science
University of Tours
Oct 2014 – Dec 2017
▪ I had the opportunity to work on a fascinating thesis topic, about Data Analytics in a Business Intelligence / Artificial Intelligence context international conferences.
▪ Scientific contributions (see publications for more details):
▪ Definition of a formal descriptive model of OLAP queries adapted to Artificial Intelligence
▪ Definition and characterization of an OLAP query quality model based on AI (mainly Supervised Machine Learning)
▪ Definition and implementation of an algorithm for measuring the quality of OLAP explorations
▪ Definition and implementation of a InDExBench, a complete benchmark (Data, Workload, Metrics and Protocol) to evaluate / compare the quality of support provided by different Data Exploration Support algorithms

▪ Author and co-author of numerous national and international publications (see publications)
▪ Development and publication of an open source Java API providing practical access to our various contributions (****************/ideb)
▪ Development of a JEE application, based on the API, allowing an ergonomic use of the features of InDExBench

Research Engineer
Qatar University
Apr 2012 – Dec 2013
▪ Worked as part of an international team, in collaboration with researchers from Qatar, France and Germany.
▪ Responsible for designing and programming software for the needs of the research projects.
▪ Performed testing of developed programs, documentation, and presented them to the research team members.
▪ Mostly involved in a project consisting of the design and implementation of a brand new geometric constraint solver. Languages: C++ MFC. Tools: Visual C++ 2010.
▪ Contributed to another project in data analytics, data cleaning, automatic missing values filling in huge sets of data. Languages: Java, PHP/MySQL. Tools: Netbeans, WAMP
▪ Regularly written progress reports presenting the progress of each task I had been assigned.
▪ Main author of a paper published in an IEEE conference (2013).
▪ Author of a C++ API, together with a MFC application (****************/bpbs/)

Drupal 7 Architect
Aug 2010 - Jan 2012
▪ Interacted with various customers to determine their web needs, translated them into development processes.
▪ Responsible for back-end developments (PHP/MySQL), as well as graphic design integration (HTML, CSS, jQuery).
▪ Designed and implemented various Drupal modules and themes in order to fulfill specific customer requirements.
▪ Responsible for installing and configuring web development environment (Apache).
▪ Managed websites visibility by performing internal SEO (source code optimization) as well as external (backlinks strategy).
▪ Analyzed results mainly with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
Provided help and support to webmasters, as well as website maintenance to keep them fully available

Network Manager
CROUS Dijon, France
Mar 2011 - Mar 2012
▪ Member of the network management team, in a highly multicultural environment. Network: 3000+ users, 5 locations.
▪ Monitored network capacity, performance, usage and reported results to the network administrator.
▪ Received network users and provided them support for network access. Provided also technical help and support to them, both hardware and software.
▪ Diagnosed network problems, hardware as well as software.
▪ Design and implementation of a network registration (user account) web based application
▪ Instrumental in managing the LDAP directory, according to the network policy

Science Instructor
Jun 2009 - Sep 2011
▪ Developed study plans that allowed students to bridge the gap between real world issues and theoretical learning.
▪ Evaluated each student’s progress in scientific knowledge, skills, application and prepared report cards.
▪ Regularly discussed with student’s progress and problems with family and other members of the educational team.
▪ Tutored students who sought additional guidance with course work.
▪ Prepared lesson materials and demonstrations to assess students learning levels.
▪ Excellent results, as all followed students passed their exams with success.

▪ Summer 2008: Telecom Technician with Samsung, Longvic, France