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Exemple de missions de Francesco, freelance DTS habitant la Haute-Savoie (74)

2011/2012 - Trainer for various clients
Some clients: Nestlè, ITU (UN), UEFA
Technology: Scrum, Agile, TDD, XP, .NET, C#, SQL Server Business Intelligence
During this period I have trained several customers in the UK, in Switzerland, in Italy and in France on development and Agile frameworks/methodologies.

2010/2011 - iOS Consultant for various clients
Some clients: NetJets Europe, Audi UK, Chef Marc Veyrat
Technology: iPad/iPhone Universal, Xcode 3 & 4, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Agile (Scrum)
I have architectured and coded a few iPad and iPhone applications for products commissioned by clients such as VW Audi, NetJets Inc. (through agencies) and French top chef Marc Veyrat. The NetJets and the Audi applications were developed in a Scrum environment.

2007/2009 - .NET Consultant at COPROCESS sa - Geneva (Switzerland)
Company’s business: The world leading company for FX Multilateral Netting – Financial/Banking
Technology: C#, .NET, WinForms, WPF, ASP.Net, DevExpress, SQL Server, Agile (XP)

● Analysis and Refactoring of new and legacy code
● Enhancing architecture
● Unit Testing and TDD
● Creation of Technical Documentation
● SQL Server BI (SSIS, SSAS)
● Data warehousing
● Training and mentoring junior developer
● Performance testing (Stress/Load)

I have been hired to join forces for the development of Coprocess.Netting, an intranetting secured website and windows application used by more than 100 worldwide leading banks and corporations for their currency netting transactions. Some clients I directly worked with are ABN Amro, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nestlé, ABB, Basf. I have introduced into the development team Agile practices such as Unit testing with Test Driven Develoment, Continous Integration, Pair Programming and incremental delivery.

2006/2008 - Creator of NetFXGuide.com
About: A worldwide reference site about .NET Framework 3.0/3.5
Technology: C#, Sql Server, Ajax, ASP.NET
NetFXGuide.com was a website I ideated and co-developed. It quickly became a global reference with high traffic and have received very positive feedback from Microsoft leaders about the content and the utility. The main subjects were WPF, WCF, WF and CardSpace. It was featured on Microsoft MSDN and suggested as a recommended reference in occasion of Microsoft UK Roadshows and on several international blogs (also under the old name, WinFXGuide.com).

2004/2006 - Lead Technical Architect at IPT plc (London)
Company’s business: Top UK direct marketing company
Technology: C#, UML, T-SQL, Patterns, ITIL, Agile Methodologies, Unit Testing, MSMQ, XML, Web and Windows Services, Windows Forms, DTS/ETL
● Creation and maintenance of C# and .Net Coding Standards
● Re-architecture of critical applications in loosely coupled tiers and SOA
● Object Oriented Analysis and Design
● SQL Server Business Intelligence
● Data warehousing architecture
● Analysis and Refactoring of new and legacy code
● Training and mentoring several developers in the department
● Introduction of Unit Testing in the department
● Creation of Technical White Papers
● Promotion of flexible testing procedures and change management solutions
● Creation and optimisation of the general development lifecycle, through Agile methodologies and principles

I have been leading a development team of 3 architects and 14 developers, managing to quickly dissolve tensions and always encouraging collaboration and sharing of ideas and skills.
I have convinced management of the validity of Agile Methodologies, managing to improve the quality of the software development lifecycle, and introducing Agile practices and methodologies to colleagues developers, also training them on .NET technologies.
Along with the process review I have also promoted the ongoing integration of existing web sites and applications, envisioning an enterprise solution that de-couples the tiers of the existing codebase and allows maximum maintainability and reusability, without decreasing the overall performance of the systems. I was also involved in the definition of the technical roadmaps.

2002/2004 - Senior Developer at EVERYINVESTOR / IPT ltd (London)
Company’s business: Personal finance and share trading advice
Technology: ASP, C#, SQL Server 7, DTS, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, XML, UML, VC++ 6

I have been responsible for the full cycle development of EveryInvestor, a personal financial web-product (********) providing share trading advice. Direct and constant interaction with all parties (other developers, partners, sales people, editors, CEO). Project and development of a complex database and related layer in ASP/T-SQL. Transfer of data between data marts through SQL Server DTS packages. Implementation of applications such as a multithreaded service in Visual C++ to check file consistency between development, testing, staging and live server and a time driven queued service for mailing promotions to subscribers. Creation of Web Services in C# to give access to daily leads to business partners.

2000 / 2002 - Lead Developer at OK-mail (London)
Company’s business: Digital direct marketing solutions
Technology: SQL Server, ASP, C, HTML, ITIL, JavaScript, VBScript, XML
I joined this data-centred company to develop ********, a very active email direct marketing product. I worked on developing a code base of VBScript classes and T-SQL stored procedures in order to improve development quality and speed through code reusability. I had the opportunity of setting the company standards in ASP/T-SQL and of mentoring junior colleagues.

1998 / 2000 - Developer for several Italian clients
Companies’ businesses: Software houses and services providers
Technology: Access, ActiveX COM, ADO, ASP, HTML, Java, Javascript, T-SQL on Sql Server, VBScript

Development of software and websites such as databanks, online account registration systems, content management and reporting systems.

1997 - Freelance Trainer (Italy)
Technology: Access, Excel, Web/Internet and networks, HTML
Courses to private students

Other working or related experiences
Helping on game development (C / OpenGL) as hobby with friend (1997/1998) • Nine months as system administrator: 3 months for Sicilian Tribunals on NT4 (Jan/Mar 2000), 6 months for Infoservizi (ISP) on NT4/Unix SCO (Jul/Dec 1999) • Music Teaching in Italian public schools

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