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Qu'est-ce que AGILE XP ?

La méthode AGILE XP (eXtreme Programming) n'a aucune connotation avec le célèbre système d'exploitation. Elle permet de développer un logiciel très rapidement de façon optimale en travaillant directement avec le client. La méthode AGILE XP est particulièrement adaptée aux petites équipes de développeurs qui ont des besoins et des objectifs diversifiés. le but de la méthode AGILE XP est de réduire fortement les coûts dûs à toute modification lors du développement d'un projet informatique. Dans la plupart des méthodes, tout est défini et fixé. Le rôle de la méthode AGILE XP est de fournir une certaine flexibilité dans le développement du projet et de le rendre ouvert à toute modification.
Exemple de missions de Fabrice, freelance AGILE XP habitant les Alpes-Maritimes (06)

June 05 to present
Open source Development
Architect for an open source project with 5 other people.
Inspired by Agile (XP) approach, LIM (********) is an application used by Coach, Tracker, Iteration Manager, Release Manager, Client, Developers and Testers to give at any time visibility on the project. Being Agile is an empirical process: Visibility, Inspection and Adaptation. Lim is a Collaborative Software Platform for project management.
Web application using Struts, JSP, XML/XSL, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL

Senior Java Developer
May 05 to present
Sophia Antipolis
France Amadeus is the leading provider of IT solutions to the travel and tourism industry.
Working on 2 products :
E-Management is a J2EE web application which provides simple and smart solutions to remove the complexity of making travel arrangements inside a corporation.
E-Retail is a J2EE Web Solutions for Airlines, Car or Hotel reservation system which delivers critical, system-wide capabilities including extensive reporting, forecast accuracy, cluster optimization and automated recommendations
Design and development of new functional requirements specifically for emerging market like hotel and car reservation in the following J2EE environment BEA Weblogic, EJB, Java, JSP, Eclipse, XML, WebServices, UML.

Ri3k Ltd.
Senior Java Developer / Team Leader
July 05 to May 05
London Senior Java developer responsible for the architecture and development of an electronic trading service for the reinsurance industry starting from a data management center, contract management center to placement.
Reporting directly to the technical director and mentoring a team of 10 java developers.
Responsible of bringing an agile/XP approach to the current development to allow fast and reliable delivery (acting as an iteration manager).
Building architecture for an internet portal based on Ajax, XSL, XWork/Webwork, Spring, Acegi, Hibernate, SQLServer/Oracle.
Java Test driven development approach using JUnit, JMock, CruiseControl.

Choreology Ltd.
Software Engineer
Oct 01 to May 05
London Member of Choreology team that develops (using a test-driven Agile/XP methodology) Business Transaction Management (BTM) software to enhance the management of business transactions that span and coordinate multiple applications.
Implemented the XML Web Services BTP and WS-AT/WS-BA specifications to achieve transparency of web services transaction protocol through the Cohesions API in Java.
Designed and developed the integration with leading Web Services toolkits (WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, CapeClear).
Designed the interface to allow transaction control and automated recovery of business state for BPEL/BPM vendors and developed prototype with WebLogic Integration.
Implemented the recovery/logging with multiple databases (Oracle, DB2, SQLServer) to perform automated completion of business transactions, even in the events of failures.
Designed and developed the communication layer of the Cohesions product with SOAP, JMS, RMI, CORBA.
Participation in Web Services standard work (OASIS, W3C, OMG) for WS-AT/WS-BA, WS BPEL and JSR 156 (Java Transactioning API JAXTX).

Manulife Financial
Solution Architect
Feb 01 to Sept 01
Toronto Headed the development of a fully integrated on-line enrolment solution that will increase customer satisfaction through ease of use, improved perception of the 401k web experience.
Developed an MVC framework for the next generation of e-Commerce Manulife’s Internet environment, which would be equivalent to Struts (JSP/Servlet/EJB).

The Bulldog Group
(Now Documentum)
Software Engineer
Oct 99 to Feb 01
Toronto Proposed a new architecture to enhance performance to a digital asset management system.
Designed a framework for middleware independence between servlet and digital manipulation software/API in Java and C++.
Delivered the company largest project within tight deadlines, several times exceeding customer expectations on many performance and functional criteria. Developed innovative solutions for scalability, security and performance.
Led a team of 4 people for digital asset manipulation. Modified the business process by using RUP.

Deutsche Bank
Senior Programmer Analyst
Au 98 to Au 99
London (UK) Designed and developed a framework for enterprise wide solution for distributed applications. Based on this architecture:
• Proposed and implemented the fast in-memory database with OTS and canonical secure format that allows the client to modify business-to-business transactions.
• Manufactured a generic framework for intercommunication between legacy systems using CORBA and C++.
• Implemented Trade Server that can download, update and create trades from heterogeneous client applications into different databases and legacy systems in C++.

Programmer Analyst
Jul 97 – Jun 98
Paris (France)
Participated in Object Oriented Analysis and Design of billing software of middle to large size corporations for European leader hydro company. Proposed and Implemented the client/server communication using middleware IBM MQSeries in C++. Researched and documented information on quality, maintenance and performance of the system. Designed business and database tier of the three-tier application.

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