Photo de Zoheir, Ingénieur Télécom WAP

Zoheir Ingénieur Télécom WAP

CV n°081113H002
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

Professional Training:
• SGSN Starent Networks Operation and Maintenance
• 3G Release 4 Switching Core Network Operation and Maintenance
• IMSCOM nokia IMS Commissioning and Integration
• Nokia 3G SGSN SGN3 Operation & Maintenance
• Nokia Intelligent Content Delivery System Overview (ICDSYS)
• Nokia Charging Gateway (CG) 4.3 O&M
• Nokia ISN TA Commissioning and Integration (ISNTACOM)
• Nokia Packet Core Network Integration
• Nokia flexiServer O&M 2.0 for Blade HW
• Nokia flexiServer Architecture and Functionality
• HP-UX system & Network Admin
• Nokia charging Gateway (CG) 3.0 Administration Module
• Nokia charging Gateway (CG) 3.0 Architecture Module
• Nokia 3G SGSN Operation & Maintenance
• Advanced ATM
• TPDN, Technical Principles of Data Networks
• CCSE Checkpoint NG
• CCSA Checkpoint NG
• 3G Basics

Education and Qualifications:
• MSc,Telecom Engineering – Telecom Paris (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Telecommunications ), Paris.

Expériences professionnelles

July 2009 – March. 2010
Cisco-Starent Networks South Africa
SGSN Engineer
Customer VODACOM - Validation Engineer - : SGSN
• Acceptance testing of the SGSN version v8xxx :
Iu Over IP RNC Alcatel,
Iu Over IP RNC ex. Siemens
Iu Over IP RNC ex. Nokia
Iu Over IP RNC Huawei
Femto NSN
Test of 22Mbps RAN Huawei and Packet Core Starent Rel. 7
Bulkstat validation OSS validation.
CDR validation

• Deployment of 8 SGSN in Vodacom Network:
Writing of Migration document
RNC Cuteover and SGSN technical support
Health check of live SGSN: statistics, alarms, logs.

April 2009 – June 2009 (3 months)
NSN Dubai
SLM Packet Switch Engineer
Customer DU – Support engineer: SGSN, flexiISN, IP backbone
• Integration and testing of the SGSN DX200.
• Roaming tests troubleshooting
• SGSN software upgrade

June 2008 – Feb 2009 (9 months)
NSN Spain
UMTS/GPRS Packet Switch care Engineer
TELEFONICA - Validation Engineer - : Trial I-HSPA
• Integration and testing of the I-HSPA
• Low and high level design architecture
• Update the 2G/3G SGSN data build (SGSN rel SG6 CD6)
• Installation and Integration of OMS and Adapter
• Integration of ADA OMS to 2G/3G SGSN (Iu Over IP)
• Testing the pre release and share results with with Product Line
• Following up the Electa cases
• Integration of the Iu Cs interface ( ongoing with MSC ERICSSON )
• Test direct tunnelling feature 2G/3G direct tunnel test SG6 CD6

Integration of a ERICSSON RNC Iu Over IP to ex. Nokia 2G/3G SGSN

TELEFONICA - PS Support Engineer -
• First line support : ex. NOKIA SGSNs equipments

NSN – Test bed - care Engineer: PaCo testbed activities
• Integration of the new PaCo NSN testBed in Tres Contos.
• Configuration of HLR Nokia, 2G-SGSN Nokia, GGSN Nokia (VoIP), DNS HP

Oct 2007 – May 2008 (9 months)
UMTS/GPRS Packet Switch planning Engineer
DU - United Arabe Emirats-: Rel4 and Packet Switch Core UMTS/GPRS planner
• Re-disign of combi-SGSN rel SG6 CD2 interfaces. Customer
• Re-hoaming of BSCs Gb/IP and RNCs Iu/IP
• Adding new RNCs for ex 3G-SGSN Iu/IP
• Creating data build for IP backbone.
• Flexi ISN design: new features adding (http enrichment , Personal firewall, service barring, new CG flow design, Voice over IP)
• Design CAP3
• Handle Care team activities

TELENOR - Pakistan - : Packet Switch Core GPRS
• Hight and Low Level Design according to the customer requirement (Redundancy of interfaces, specific design for Gr/Gb/Gs, Number for E1s)
• Deliver flexi ISN and Combi SGSN, DNS and IP data fills
• Re-hoaming of ex Siemens and ex. Nokia BSCs ( 82 BSCs )
• Deliver data build for IP backbone

MTN – SYRIA - : Packet Switch Core Network UMTS/GPRS
• Hight and Low Level Design according to the customer requirement. Phase1: 17 ex Siemens BSC (Gb/FR) and 1 ex. NOKIA RNC (Iu/ATM) and 1 ex. RNC E/// (Iu/ATM)
• Deliver flexi ISN and Combi SGSN, DNS and IP data fills
• Re-hoaming of 17 ex Siemens, 1 ex. Nokia RNC and 1 E/// RNC

Feb 2001 – August 2007 (6 years and 7 months)
Nokia France
Technical Support/SW Maintenance Nokia Rel 4 ( one year )
Involeved in customer testBad activities (first CS call NOKIA/SFR testBed ) Saint Ouen
• DX200 and IPA products commissioning and installation
• Configure the required interface definitions in CS CN: Iu-CS, Mc, Nc, Nb, D and A interface
• Create roaming definitions in 3G Rel 4 CS CN network
• In charge of the integration of Charging data transfer.
• Integration of Lawful interception Gateway solution to CS networks.
• Configuration of IP backbone. OSRs

UMTS/GPRS principal Core network support specialist
• Involved in Packet Core project activities
• Technical support for customer 3G-SGSN, FlexiISN,FI Charging Gateways CG 4.x DNS HP-UNIX 11.x, traffic analyzer, LIG, Cisco Routers. Firewalls checkpoint

• Firewalls upgrade to checkpoint NG FP3 and NGX
 Detailed design, configuration, integration and support of the security network.
 Upgrade tasks
 Deploy and manage network security infrastructure such as Firewalls, Authentication systems, VPNs, remote access and secure mobile networks.

Validation Engineer
• Acceptance testing for Flexi ISN rel. 2
• Validation of 3G-SGSN rel2.xx and Rel3.xx
 IOT 3G-SGSN Nokia with Ericsson RAN
 Validation of CSG R 5.7 with NOKIA GGSN (Radius acceptance test )
 Validation of CDRs taxation with charging Gateway NOKIA CG 4.xx
 IOT 3G-SGSN Nokia with Alcatel RAN
 IOT 3G-SGSN Nokia with Nortel RAN
 QoS acceptance test between 3G-SGSN Nokia and ERICSON RAN
 HSDPA tested with all Nokia RAN and PS core
 Validation of IPv6 in NOKIA backbone
• Acceptance testing for Charging Gateway rel 4.2
• Validation of Lawful interception Gateway
• Acceptance testing for IPSO 3.7xxx, IPSO 3.8xxx and older
• Acceptance testing for DNS Bind 9

System engineer
• E2E technical expertise. Carries out variety of complex activities within broader area of responsibility, analyses problems. Decision making typically according to established solutions
• Crash program E2E analyse to identify the possible improvement of QoS. Analyze the traces IP, Iu, Gb, Gr, Gs, Gn, Gi, Gp and optimize the parameters.

GPRS/UMTS Packet Core Architect
• Involved in UMTS network design for SFR
 Network planning, design and implementation of the core packet architecture (2G and 3G) for SFR
 Roaming platform design and interworking with GPRS platform
 Network expansion activities. Extension of Gi interface capacity and internetworking with WAP platform
 Network planning , design of ICD platform

• Involved in UMST network design for Orange TestBed
 Network planning, design with Interconnection with RAN Alcatel RAN, RAN ERICSSON

Other tasks
• Involved in duty Roster for PS network since April, 2001
• Training of the supervisors.

• Protocols: GTP, GTP’, MAP, CAP, SIP, IP, SS7, LIP, Voice Over IP
• Interfaces configuration Iu-Ps/ATM and IP, Gn, Gi, Ge, Gs, Gr over STM and IP, Ga,
• Troubleshooting Nokia 3G-SGSN Rel 3 & 2, GGSN Rel 3.6, CG Rel 3.0 & 4.2 & 4.3.
• Troubleshooting NSN comb-SGSN 2G-SGSN SGN 6 CD 5. Configured over IP
• Used tools: K12, Nethawk, Ethereal,
• LAN / WAN architectures: Ethernet, VLANs / Frame relay, ATM
• Protocoles TCP/IP, SS7.
• HSRP, VRRP, dynamic protocols
• Router configuration Cisco (IOS 12.0), Routing protocol RIP, BGP & OSPF
• CheckPoint configuration FW-1, VPN, IPSEC. PIX cisco, netscreen
• Security engineer