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Photo d'Olav, Développeur C

Olav Développeur C

CV n°161209B001
Études et formations

92-95 Misc. exams (Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics) at the University of Trondheim.

85-91 Norwegian institute of technology, Ms. Sc. in programming systems. Thesis in image processing.

Programming Languages
.NET since 2001 - C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET ,C++/CLI (Managed C++ ) - A lot of ASP.NET/Web, but relatively more Windows Forms, backend and technical programming. Up to versions 3.5.

C/C++, mostly before 2001, but have been in touch with it regularly since then. Strongest in a Windows/Visual Studio environment, but also a lot on UNIX and Borland tools before 2001, and a lot of development has been in a cross-platform environment. 60 months C/C++, 30 months C++
In addition Delphi, Turbo-Pascal, UNIX scripting, Python, JavaScript, Prolog, Lisp, Modula-2, PL/1, Hit and Objective-C.

Object Orientation and Process
Have worked on projects of different sizes and with methodologies. Full software life-cycle. 55 months total OO, broad experience with UML, Patterns and refactoring.

Have been involved with the web since its beginning with regular frontend experience with HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML,jQuery etc. Serverside programming with ASP.NET, some classic ASP and Coldfusion , also PHP, but not so much at a coding-level. CMS: Digimaker, DotNetNuke and Drupal.

Lately mostly SQL Server (2000/2005) including stored procedures (T-SQL). Earlier Oracle (SQL*plus, PRO*C/C++ etc), also stored procedures (PL/SQL). Quite a lot of ADO.NET Datasets. Some Access/JET. CodeBase --- a C-library interface to FoxPro, dBase etc. Delphi/Paradox. Sybase SQL-server (stored procedures on UNIX), Sybase SQL anywhere/ODBC. Embedded SQL in PL/1.

Operating Systems
Lately mostly Windows, but UNIX–experience on and off since university, and quite strong with Unix command line tools. Also some Mac and Linux (WLAMP).

Source Control
Quite strong in Visual Source Safe (VSS). Significant experience with Rational Clearcase and CVS. Lately Subversion (SVN), Mercurial and GIT.

The last years English has been main language. Speak French everyday , Perhaps not full understanding in business meetings, but enough to discuss a problem. Used to speak Dutch a bit less than fluent, and I have very good understanding. My German is a bit less strong on both accounts. My mother tongue is of course Norwegian (close to Swedish and Danish).

Expériences professionnelles

Nov 15 – June 16: C++ Developer, Proximus, Brussels
Developed and supported applications in C++ related to the card issuing process at Worldline.. Developed in Visual Studio for deployment on OpenVMS and Linux. Oracle database with PL/SQL, OTL, OCI, OCCI. Extensive use of Python for code generation and testing.

Mar 13 - Present Good Friend, Brussels and UK
Early startup in Language Learning using gamebased approaches (Developing a mobile app) and also using music. Jan-Mar 15: A campaign website using 4.5/2013 versions of ASP.NET,C#, and Visual Studio, SQL Server database and JavaScript.. AJAX client with WCF on the server, replaced with a simpler webservice and pure JavaScript on the client. (********)

Jan 13 – Mar 14: C++ Developer, ATOS Worldline, Brussels
Developed and supported applications in C++ related to the card issuing process at Worldline.. Developed in Visual Studio for deployment on OpenVMS and Linux. Oracle database with PL/SQL, OTL, OCI, OCCI. Extensive use of Python for code generation and testing.

May 12 – June 12: ASP.NET/Ironspeed Developer, CNH (Fiat Group) Zedelgem.
Investigated using the Ironspeed code generator tool to generate ASP.NET CRUD applications.
Database was Oracle, heavy use of Toad. C#, ASP.NET 2.5 – 3.5

July 11 – Nov 11: C++ development in a transportation project, Fabricom/DS Improve, Braine-l'Alleud.
Maintenance and support of server-modules in C++for train-announcements for the Belgian railways. Servers are Debian Linux with MySQL and a data layer in C++ . Qt IDE, Subversion, Embedded.

Dec 10 – Feb 11: C++ embedded Linux, Railnova, Brussels.
Developed a solution for synchronizing files from ARM-based embedded Ångström Linux devices, based on the Funambol C++ client framework for SyncML. Main task was to build Open Source software for the platforms. Development on Ubuntu Linux. Web Services, ARM , Armadeus, Qt based frameworks, Subversion.

May 09 – Sep 10: freelance.
IT and Web support . Drupal on the LAMP-stack. About 2 months iPhone (SDK, xCode, Objective-C, C/C++). Subversion and some GIT.

Jan 09 – April 09: Web Agency in Brussels (Image+)
Implemented and supported changes for a major web-site (for TOTAL) in ASP with VBScript batch-operations against a SQL Server database. Changes to ASP sites with some ASP.NET (web forms) A new site prototype with ASP.NET MVC 1. Extensive use of jQuery and JavaScript. Visual Studio 2008/2010 , .NET framework 3.5 SP1, ADO.NET datasets, VB.NET, SQL Server 2005 with stored procedures -some quite complex, Subversion.

Oct 08 – Dec 09: freelance.
IT and Web support . Drupal and the WLAMP-stack.

June 08 – Sept 08: NET Developer, Infotechnique Luxembourg
Developed Windows Forms applications for document scanning and management. VB.NET with heavy use of stored procedures with ADO.NET datasets. Visual Studio 2005/2008, Excel/VBScript, .NET Framework 3.5, TestDriven.NET, VSS.

Jan 08 – April 08: C++ Developer. ING/Contraste Brussels
Developed a systems appliaction for processing files in ING’s printing/archiving department with Visual C++/MFC. Parsed XML messages with .NET XML libraries via C++/CLI. Legacy middleware, Visual Studio 6.0-2005.

April 07 – July 07: ASP.NET Developer, Mercer Brussels/Paris
A website for online insurance quotes, developed in AJAX style retrieving XML from ASP.NET (Like a Web Service) . SQL Server and Digimaker CMS. Client development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ASP.NET AJAX. Visual Studio 2005/2008, .NET 3.0 – 3.5, VB.NET, VSS.

June 06 – March 07: Call Center, Computer Profile, Zaventem
Working as a native speaker in a IT related B2B call centre.

Nov 05 – Dec 05: ASP.NET developer, Spector Photo Group near Ghent
Developed an utility for editing photos for photo gifts (like T-shirts with pictures) . The server application is written in ASP.NET / VB.NET / DotNetNuke CMS with Web Services, client development in JavaScript and DHTML.

Jan 05 – Nov 05: Frelance
Migration of an ASP/Access site to ASP.NET/VB.NET SQL Server, Consulting for an NGO.

Oct 04 – Dec 04: .NET Developer in a Radiology project, Agfa, Antwerp.
Developed a Windows Service which picked messages from a que on top of a DOL and sent it to a DICOM service. Advanced .NET programming, Multi-threading, remoting and reflection. ADO.NET, Large project. NUnit, log4net, DICOM, Rational tools XDE (UML) and ClearCase. (DOL - Data Object Layer is the same as ORM - Object-Relational Mapping such as in NHibernate )

May 04 – Aug 04 C++ Developer in an embedded environment at Mærsk Data Defence, Denmark
Developed an XML-based persistence framework for C++ data-structers in a large military project (embedded communication system for ships). XML processing were done with Arabica wrapper around MS XML. Strong emphasis on design, documentation, process, unit- and module-testing. MagicDraw UML, STL, templates, Visual studio studio 6.0/2003. VSS, CppUnit.

May 02 – Nov 03 C++/.NET developer in a printing environment, PosterJet, Cologne, Germany
Developed and supported an utility in C# .NET with .NET Windows Forms for managing media profiling information for the PosterJet product – a Large Format Printer driver. Used Managed C++ .NET (C++/CLI) to interface to the legacy application written in C++. Some ADO.NET datasets, localization, Visual Studion.NET and 6.0, Interfaces to instruments.

Because of the sucess of the utility, rewrote the logic in cross-platform C++, while porting the legacy file formats to XML, using Xerces-C to parse the XML.

Mar 01 – Aug 01 C/C++, GSM billing, CSC, Brussels
Wrote an utility in C on NT/VMS to extract billing information from TAP files (including ASN.1). Were also involved in a large project to port software from C++ on Windows NT to C on VMS. Both projects with Oracle DB, interfaced with Pro*C, managed with TOAD.

Jul 00 – Jan 01 Intranet Web-programmer, Alcatel, Antwerp
Creating a platform for the group intranet for publishing of research and remote access to local network. Navigation were defined in XML-files processed by Python-scripts. Server based on ColdFusion on NT. Also did JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Clearcase.

Jan 00 – June 00 SWIFT (Financial Networks), near Brussels.
Software qualification/testing, mainly of SWIFTs new (CLS related) XML-based interface. Very formal procedures.
Some ksh/Oracle scripting, security/encryption issues (PKI). C++ programming, Cross platform NT/multiple Unix platforms, Rational Clearcase.

Dec 98 – Sep 99 C-Developer, financial project (CLS), IBM Global Services, Bornem, Belgium
Event-driven and transaction-oriented middleware programming with CTS/C/AIX (UNIX)/NT. (CTS is a bit like MQSeries). CLS is the worlds main bank for currency settlement, and one of the larger financial environments.

Apr 98 – Oct 98 C/C++ Developer, Electronic Banking, FICS, Zaventem (Brussels)
Maintenance of C/C++ DLLs for data-interchange. Dynamic SQL
with ODBC (Sybase), Watcom and Borland C++.

Nov 97 – Apr 98 Hub-programmer Tuxedo/C at Belgacom
OLTP-programming with Tuxedo/Hit (C). Screen-scraping a legacy customer service application. UNIX operating system.

Sep 97 – Oct 97 Compaq’s main distribution center for Europe in Gorinchem, The Netherlands
C/Database programming for a Real-time warehouse system.
The project implemented some changes in the system in an environment of C-programs and stored procedures under UNIX / Sybase/SQL-server/T-SQL..

Feb 97 – Aug 97 C++ developer in a military research lab - TNO-FEL, den Haag
Developed a program in Borland C++ for 3D simulation of colissisons. Part of a team that wote a program in C for a Mercury DSP board for real-time, distributed, parallel processing of SAR radar-images .

Dec.-96 - Jan 97: C++ Developer Lenka&Product partners near den Haag
Did a design in UML (Rational Rose) and implementation in C++/Turbo-vision of a framework for a real-time image detection system.

Apr 96 – Dec 96 Delphi-developer at Eyecom Images, Amsterdam. A Multimedia CBT for a hotel reservation system. Re-Engineered the reservation system as a Delphi-component. Paradox local database. (Windows 95)

Nov. 95- Apr. 96 Translation Engineer, Oracle Translation Management group, Utrecht. UNIX Script programming, internationalization issues.

Jun. 95 - Sep. 95 TNO Wegtransport, Delft. Plotting program, cryptography database. Used C/C++ under UNIX and Dos. Codebase, a C-library for xBase databases.

92-95 Some smaller programming jobs while studying. Made a radio-logging program using TSR with DOS/Turbo-Pascal/Turbo-vision

Oct 91- Oct 92 Radio system planning (project administration) at the University Hospital of Trondheim.