Photo de Laurence, Consultant fonctionnel SWIFT

Laurence Consultant fonctionnel SWIFT

CV n°120312B003
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

SWIFT SAG / SNL 6.0 Technical Certifications Sept 2008 – SWIFT HQ Netherlands

SWIFT SAA / RMA 6.0 Technical Certifications March 2008 – SWIFT HQ Belgium

Master of Mathematics and IT April 2001 – University Strasbourg France

SWIFT SAA and SAG , Browse, FileAct and Interact protocols, AML Sanctions FircoContinuity,
SEPA and Target2 systems
UNIX AIX & SunSolaris, Windows 2008 Server
Access, Oracle, Sybase
VB6.0, C, ProC, Java, Cobol, SQL, shell scripting
Tuxedo, MQSeries, CFT, (s)FTP

English Fluent
French Native speaker

Expériences professionnelles

Sept 2016 – January 2017
CA Indosuez Wealth Management, Lausanne CH
Fircosoft Business Analyst
o New sanctions lists and FML rules integration into Firco Continuity Filter engine
o Non regression tests
o Good guys setup and optimization
o Assisted compliance team with FircoContinuity decision software and new workflows

July 2014 – Feb 2016
Banque de France, Paris FR
Business Analyst SWIFT Portfolio
o Liaise with technical support at SWIFT for mandatory SAA/SAG/SNL upgrades and evaluate business impacts
o Installation and configuration of SAA/SAG in UAT environment, support for operations teams
o Wrote maintenance and NCB disaster management guides

January 2013 – June 2014
Crédit Agricole, Paris FR
SEPA filtering implementation IT technical expert
o Implemented SCT SEPA messages filtering
o Installed and setup filtering Fircosoft software (Firco Continuity suite) into existing platform; merged and
segregated flows
o Configured MQ Series connections with new back-office systems
o Executed technical and non-regression test scenarios

Aug 2009 – May 2012 Royal Bank of Scotland, Amsterdam NL
SWIFTNet 7 Migration Project Manager
o Migrated SAA 6 to SAA 7 into new UAT servers in Edinburgh (high-availability cluster under VCS control)
o Merged of two SAA 6 into one single SAA 7 ; designed new routing rules, interfaces and users/profiles
o Wrote installation documentation to hand over to technical operations teams in London and Edinburgh
o Updated guides for 3rd parties (AML, maintenance teams) and workflows
Business Analyst SWIFT Portfolio – Technology Services
o Separation from ABN Amro activities, liaised among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies
and operations at RBS
o Merged local branches Luxemburg and Switzerland messages from SAA 6 hubs to HQ RBS Amsterdam
o Brought new interfaces/connections and validated testing (LPM by Logica...)
o Managed SWIFTNet certificates within SWIFT PKI infrastructure
o Updated management procedures and hand over to offshore (India) maintenance teams

Oct 2006 – June 2009
Syntesys (formely OnFin), SWIFT Service Partner, Paris FR
Technical Expert Consultant for Banks and Corporates across EU – SWIFT Certified
o On-site SWIFT technical and business consultancy for several customers onto different architectures
o Assisted new customers to setup entire new connection to SWIFT
o Helped customers to write internal processes guides
o Wrote operational audits on demand and provided technical support
Business Analyst for Banks and Corporates
o Participated in main projects involving SWIFT (migration from ETEBAC to FileAct, Ma-CUG subscription, Target2
subscription, etc.)
o Assisted customers to join Euroclear Single Platform CCI system through SWIFT

Dec 2004 – Sept 2006
Diamis, joint-venture of Atos Euronext and Steria, Paris FR

June 05 – Sept 06
Software Developer for Cristal Solution, cash management banking software (connections to
Step2, EURO1 and Target2)
o Responsible for the Cristal version used by clearing house EBA for EURO1 system
o Wrote technical specifications for EURO1 End-of-Day settlement module been integrated into the core version of
Cristal software and minimize impact changes
o Developed the EURO1 End-of-Day settlement module
o Participated to EBA testing on-site with operations team

Dec 04 – May 05 SWIFT IT Project Manager at Euro Banking Association (EBA), Paris FR
o Installed and setup SAA/SNL on UNIX AIX HACMP cluster environments
o Managed migration project, met mandatory SWIFT delivery deadlines
o Supported EURO1 End-of-Day Settlement process by dealing with EBA operations team

April 2001 – Nov 2004
Capgemini, Financial Services Unit, Paris, France FR

May 04 – Nov 04 SWIFTNet Migration IT Project Manager at Banque de France, Paris FR
o Installed and setup SNL/SAG on several UNIX servers
o Rolled out SWIFTNet users and trained Security officers to new PKI certificates architecture
o Wrote installation and operations guides

Dec 03 – May 04
Software Developer at EDF, Paris FR - billing software for French customers
o Developed C, ProC, SQL programs for interfacing EDF data (XML files) to/from Oracle database on UNIX AIX environment

July 03 – Nov 03 SWIFT IT Technical Expert at Banque Postale, Paris FR
o Installed and setup of SAA/SNL on UNIX AIX HACMP cluster environments
o Wrote installation and high-availability process guides
o Wrote business impacts according to the new functionalities implemented by SWIFT

Jan 03 – June 03
AML Business Analyst at Société Générale, Paris FR
o Evaluated business requirements for meeting OFAC and Anti-Money Laundering compliance
o Chose successfully one Anti-Money Laundering Filter Solution between several solutions (Fircosoft)
o Wrote Fircosoft Filter ADK components installation and operation guides
o Wrote user guide for compliance

April 01 – Dec 02 Software Developer – CRIPS, liquidity management software (connections to Target2,
Euro1, Step2)
o Wrote programs in C, ProC and NSDK languages, based on a client/server architecture
o Wrote technical specifications prior to development