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Photo d'Abdelaali, Ingénieur Télécom CISCO

Abdelaali Ingénieur Télécom CISCO

CV n°200706A001
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

Education & certification
2003-2008: BAC +4 / Master / diploma higher, Application Engineer in IT, Electronics, Electrotechnics and Automation (I.E.E.A), Option: Electronics University My Ismail Meknes, Faculty of Science and Technology Er-Rachidia _FSTE_
July 2003: Bachelor's Degree in Experimental Sciences Meknes Academy, Hassan II Rissani High School.

• Training Installation and commissioning of ZTE OTN ZXMPM721
• Training NG-WDM technology Alcatel-Lucent: 1830 PSS 36/32/16
• Training in principle and commissioning of GPONGXF5-576F
• Training: Installation and commissioning Huawei FH RTN 620 PDH Huawei
• Training: Occupational Safety and Health Management System OHSAS 18S001 Standard
• Training on the ISO 9001 standard
• Training Technologies NGSDH Hybrid (MSTP+) OSN 1500, 3500, 7500, iManager U2000 O&M
• Certifications: Wireless (Single RAN), Environment (power system) and Datacom HUAWEI technology.
• Certificate of Huawei Access Network (MSAN in Hardware & Software
• Certificate: coach manager

Engineering Software:
Transmission Network: PDH, SDH, FH, XWDM, OTN, MLTN, RTN620, XDSL, FTTX, XPON ….
Access Network: MSAN MA5600T, MSAN UA5000, DSLAM MA5600&MA5603, DSLAM MA5100&MA5103, and DSLAM OF SU, IP RAN CX600-X8 & CX600-X16, NE40, AGG Switch, ME60. MSAN C300M, ISAM
7302/7330, GPON GXF5-576F, RBS 3G 3206.6000, 3900,
Energy equipment: acceptance of services provided by equipment supplier with IAM customer.
Datacom: IP RAN CX600, NE40, ME60, CX600-X8 & CX600-X16.
Networks Protocol: TCP / IP, DHCP, FTP, Telnet, IGMP, LACP, DNS, SNMP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP and Inter-VLANMPLS / VPN routing, IGP, Softswitsch, Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8,10), Word, Power Point, Excel ...)
Telecommunications Tools:
1 Optix iManager T2000 V2R5, V2R6, V2R7 & iManager U2000
2 N2000, Optix Navigator, Smart Applications
5 POMC and OMN for BTS & BSC de ZTE
8 NetNumenU31R20V12.12.20T22_SP002 ZTE
9 AUTOCAD, Source Mapp, GPS, Mobile Trace
Arab: Native language French: Upper Intermediate English: Intermediate (Technique)

Expériences professionnelles

2009-Present: SIRECOM, engineering company and telecom networks. Casablanca

Regional engineer Project --IAM MSAN/FTTH/XPON Access Project

⦁ Maintenance preventive period 2013,2014 and 2015 of the MSAN C300M & MA5600T (Hard & Soft)
⦁ Commissioning of MSAN equipment: C300M&MA5600T and 7302 ISAM
⦁ Support of MSAN (technologies HUAWEI - ZTE - NOKIA)
⦁ Troubleshooting Hardware Control, Software of different MSAN functionality
⦁ Integration, Software Commissioning of services offered by MSAN PO1-PO20
⦁ Survey, installation, integration, reception, migration and administration of the MSAN.
⦁ Commissioning and Troubleshooting the MSAN: VOIX configuration, VOIP, XDSL, IPTV, (Triple Play)....
⦁ Broadband services (broadband) such as ADSL / ADSL2 / ADSL2 +, SHDSL, VDSL2 and GPON
⦁ Narrowband services (narrowband) such as PSTN, ISDN, IP fax, CES, modem.
⦁ Acceptance: verification of installation and integration (Outdoor & Indoor sites)
⦁ Migration: Physics (subscriber lines) and logic (Swap to MSAN / Softswitch_TSS)
⦁ FTTH network modeling (creation of sites, Optical lines, Telecom supports)
⦁ Control of civil works: preparation of bases, digging, finishing ...
⦁ Infrastructure management: Sites, Technical Points, Cables, Civil Works Engineering
⦁ Cross connection , patching and monitoring of optical routes

Regional engineer Project - Transmission Engineer: Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, Zte, Ericsson
Job Responsibilities:
⦁ Management of the extensive installation phase for WDM ZTE ZXMP721 Dx62/61 IAM Project
⦁ Implementation of Optical Connection Diagram for Morocco IAM OTN PO1&2 Project CW 3.1/RW2.1/2/3
⦁ Verification of the fiber connection of the sub-rack for each NE
⦁ Team planning for different missions according to the project
⦁ Provide technical support to different teams in the project.
⦁ Finalization the work in progress and statement of acceptance PV and correction of anomalies.
⦁ Tests, Troubleshooting of Technologies WDM ZTE ZXMP721
⦁ Acceptance, tests, Troubleshooting of Technologies SPO 1460 and OMS 1600 & 1664 ERICSSON-MAROC
⦁ Familiar with Ericsson_SPO_1400_14B_-_LCT_and_LCTS_Operators_Reference
⦁ Working on the Traffic Nodes and on Ericsson (Optical & Electrical) transmission equipment
⦁ Hardware installation of the Transmission Tack (TMR) both Indoor and Outdoor.
⦁ Survey for the new installation Optix OSN, SDH, NGSDH Hybrid MSTP+, WDM, ACCES NETWORK, CPE
⦁ Survey, installation SDH OSN-1500/2500/3500/7500, DWDM, BWS 1600G,T2000 O&M & Microwave
⦁ Acceptance with customer all product HUAWEI : 155Mbits/s, 622Mbits/s,16x2Mbits/s,2.5Giga/s
⦁ SWAP SDH & NGSDH and DWDM technologies of Maroc-Telecom and Orange and Inwi
⦁ Commissioning of NG-SDH Ericsson (RW & CW), Cross connection and diagram of ring NG-SDH
⦁ Installation the NG-WDM technology Alcatel-Lucent: 1830 PSS 36/32/16
⦁ Upgrade & Downgrade the boards Packet Service & TDM Series SPO Ericsson.
⦁ Monitoring, installation & commissioning all types of transmission equipment OSN 3500/1500, Metro1000
⦁ End to End Patching and testing of E1’s
⦁ Familiar with the SDH and DWDM Architecture, Interface and Protocols
⦁ DWDM and SDH network service planning
Project coordinator
⦁ Management, implementation and acceptance of project FH & SDH Huawei and Ericsson technology.
⦁ Identify customer needs and review their requirements.
⦁ Preparation and execution of the implementation master plan based on : time, cost, quality , KPIs
⦁ Team planning for different missions according to the projects (3G, FH, IPRAN, MSAN ....)
⦁ Realization of technical documentation for acceptance and tests NG-WDM: ALCATEL-LCENT
⦁ Achievement of Progress Report, Quality report and Activity repo
⦁ Responsible and Project Coordinator Survey Engineering and 3G Radio SIRECOM-Ericsson
⦁ Quality control of the work carried out, analysis and evaluation of the reports provided by the teams

Application Engineer -- Wireless & Transmission department:

⦁ Installation and Commissioning of RBS 3G 3206 Ericsson, RBS commissioning, SWAP
⦁ Installation and Commissioning of the links ML TN; Node, High Capacity Ericsson Traffic
⦁ 2010 and 2011 PACTE Survey Maroc-Telecom (DR Agadir) SIRECOM-Ericsson (more than 50 sites)
⦁ 2009 EDGE Qualification Survey and Maroc Telecom network coverage quality
⦁ Survey Transmission / Survey Radio / Survey Engineering / Survey Audit / Survey optimization
⦁ Installation and Commissioning of ML TN 2P / 6P / 20P, ML HC, (ML TN, RTN 620 ...)
⦁ Realization of Survey sites for new installations and extensions NG-SDH, NG-WDM