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Photo de Mohamed, Consultant technique UNIX SOLARIS

Mohamed Consultant technique UNIX SOLARIS

CV n°140721B001
Études et formations

• June 1994: baccalaureate mention well.

• December 1999: University of Sciences and technology Houari Boumedienne Bab-ezzouar (U.S.T.H.B): Engineering degree specialized in Computer Science.

• VERITAS Volume Manager.
• Solaris Operating System Administration for Experienced Unix Administrators
• Sun Cluster 3.2 Administration
• Administration and manage HP storage High Level: HP P9500.
• Administration and Manage SAN director SN8000c.
• AIX-Installation and administration for UNIX Professional.
• IBM HACMP System : Administration I : Planning and Implementation
• HP-UX system and network Administration I/II/III
• VMware vSphere :Installation and configuration
• HP OpenView Operations for UNIX I/II (advanced Administration)
• Managing MC/ServiceGuard
• Administration of network services and security for Red Hat Linux (RH-253)

Arab: written: well spoken:Well,
French: written Well, spoken:well.
English:written: medium spoken: medium.

Domain Skills
• Unix/Linux administrator: Solaris , HPUX and AIX for unix and redhat, suse for linux , supporting system in Level 1 and 2.
• Install, support and administer system based in cluster mode (Serviceguard, cluster suite and HACMP,VCS).
• Install, support and administer systems in virtualization mode (LDOM, zone, vpar ,vmware).
• system Architect :
- Generating the highest level of system requirements, based on the user's needs and other constraints such as cost and schedule.
- Interfacing with the application users and implementation engineers, so that any problems arising during design or implementation can be resolved in accordance with the fundamental design concepts, and user needs and constraints.

• SAN and storage Administrator :
- Configure and administer Storage Area Network (SAN) and associated components; including Fiber Channel switch administration.
- Maintain storage aspects of new server integrations, storage allocation, and change management.
- Setup procedures to consolidate storage of data from different platforms and storage.
- Solving Intermittent SAN Performance Problems from end to end (Storage, Servers and SAN switches ).
• SHELL scripting.

Expériences professionnelles

March 2005- present: Ooredoo Algeria (Wataniya Telecom ALGERIA).
Senior UNIX Administrator/Storage administrator:
• Installation, configuration and administration Unix-based servers :HPUX, SOLARIS,AIX and linux-based servers.
• Troubleshooting level 1&2 for all UNIX.
• Configure and administer Storage Area Network (SAN) and associated components.
• Writing technical Implementation, Configuration and Administration procedures.
• Implementing a security based System policy in our servers under LAN and DMZ.
• Supporting the application’s owner during the tests pre-prod and production period.
• Setting Up a High-Availability Load Balancer for web services: SOA, NEDJMA.NET
• Installation and managing Cluster HP MC ServiceGuard, RedHat cluster suite and AIX HACMP.
• Analyzing and optimizing systems performance.
• Configuring and managing Storages for different constructors: HP (P9500,EVAs,XPs), IBM(DS4700) ,oracle and EMC storage..
• Managing & administering HP Openview (OM).
• Help and training a supervisory staff.
• Reporting and interpretation critical server KPI.

January 2002 to February 2005: E.E.P.A.D (Internet Service Provider)
Project Manager:
• Developing Web applications within Windows and Linux.
• Installation and administration of UNIX/LINUX servers (DNS Server, web server, Mail server, Squid and Firewall server).
• Implementation of RADIUS server (Freeradius) within Linux (redhat) and using Mysql.
• SHELL Scripting.

November 2000 – January 2002: M2I-services
Development engineer:
• JAVA developer.
• Web developer (ASP, PHP and JSP).

Technologies Qualification
• Operating Systems : Solaris (all versions) ,HP-UX (All versions), AIX 5.3,6.1, Linux (RedHat ,Ubuntu , Débian, Suse, …) Windows 2K,2003, windows 7
• Filesystems/Volumes Manager: Vxvm,Vxfs , Jfs2, ufs, zfs. NFS, Zpool.
• Storage: HP P9500, EVAs, DS4700, StorageTek, EMC Calriion CX4-120,CX300.
• Virtualization :Oracle Zones, Oracle VM server (Ldoms), Vpar (HPUX), Vmware
• Cluster : ServiceGuard (HPUX, Redhat), HACMP, cluster suite.
• Monitoring Platform: HP OpenView Operations
• Programming languages :Shell, Perl, PHP, java
• Office:OpenOffice, Excel, Word, Powerpoint...

Global Projects Reference
Consolidating and migrating all servers and storages under old cascading Fabric SAN to the new Fabric SAN Director SN8000c with minimum of downtime.
- Preparing the new architecture of migration of all servers and storages that are in old fabric.
- Migrate the storages controller by controller without any downtime and verify the new redundancy of all paths
- Migrate all servers one by one without any downtime.

Consolidating and migrating a project named “Revenue Assurance” from VM vmware to Oracle VM using Ldoms and containers.
- Installing and patching Solaris 10 U10.
- installing the required Ldoms package and upgrading the firmware level to the latest version.
- Define architecture (Using zoning/ldoms).
- Creation of 2 secondary ldoms (uses for production and test vm)
- Creation of 2 zones in ldoms uses for test and product application.
- Supporting the application’s owner during the tests and pre-prod period.
- Supporting DBA oracle during the installation of oracle 11g.
- Documenting final implementation/installation reports.

Installation and implementation of project named “Interconnect”: PREP 6.0 (cluster environment) and WBMS.
- Validation installation documents.
- Define cluster architecture for sub-project: PREP 6.0.
- Installation and configuration HPUX v3 in 5 servers.
- Installation and configuration Mc/serviceguard 11.19.
- Installation and Configurations of HP StorageWorks EVA 4000
- Configuration and activation of needed alias, zones on SAN Switch
- Writing final reports.

Implementation of the Project “Mediation” (cluster environment).
- Validation procedures and installation documents.
- Define cluster architecture.
- Installation and configuration HPUX v2 in 3 servers
- Installation and configuration of Mc/serviceguard 11.17
- Installation and Configurations of HP StorageWorks EVA 6000
- Configuration and activation of needed alias, zones on SAN Switch
- Set up and configuration of 4 packages: Oracle, MZP, EC1 and EC2
- Writing final reports.

Installation MMG application in Clustering Linux Redhat environment.
• Validation procedures and installation documents.
• Installation and configuration Redhat 3 Update 5 in 4 servers,
• Installation and Configurations of HP StorageWorks MSA1000
• Installation and configuration of cluster « Cluster suite »
• Configuring and integrating application MMG and Database services in Redhat cluster suite.
• Writing final reports.