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Photo Abdellatif
Abdellatif - Chef de projet GSM CV n°160113B002
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

2010-2013: Master in Management of Telecom from National Institute of Post and Telecommunications (INPT, Rabat) & Telecom Sud Paris.

1999-2000: High diploma in Data processing and Telecommunications From the University CADI AYYAD, Safi, Morocco.

1998-1999: Specialized training in Electronics from the TECCART INTERNATIONAL 2000 in Quebec CANADA

1992-1994: Bachelor in Physical Sciences (Electronics) at Chouaib Doukali University, Faculty of Sciences in EL Jadida, Morocco.

1990-1992: DEUG in Physical & Chemistry Science at the Chouaib Doukali University, Faculty of Sciences in EL Jadida, Morocco.

Skills and knowledge
• Telecommunication: LTE, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, CDMA2000, WDM, SDH, Antennas.
• Network: Cisco CCNP Certificate R&S, Cisco CCNA Certificate R&S, Protocol TCP / IP, IPV6, Dynamic routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP and BGP), ATM, MPLS.
• Operation system: Windows, UNIX.
• Programming languages: C, JAVA, Shell.
• Modeling Language & Data Bases: UML, MERISE, ORACLE, MySQL.
• Software: Huawei software & tools (M2000 Client, LMT, CME.

• Languages: Arabic, French and English.

Expériences professionnelles

 May-2015 to present: OMC Engineer of SRAN Project within QitSolution subcontractor of FINATECH GROUP, for MEDITEL Operator MOROCCO. (HUAWEI Technologies)
 Preparation of scripts files to configure Huawei 2G BTS / 3G NodeB / 4G eNodeB using the CME of Huawei.
 Multimode DBS3900 (2G/3G) Configuration, Commissioning and supervision installation (Operation & Maintenance)
 2G BTS configuration (Abis interface based on IP and TDM) using CME software and execute it on BSC6900GU using Web LMT.
 3G Node B configuration (Iub interface based on IP and TDM) using CME software and send it to subcontractor to execute it on site.
 3G Node B configuration (Iub interface based on IP and TDM) using CME software in RNC side g using mml commands in web LMT.
 Establishing the neighbors 2G EXT, 3GEXT, 2G2G, 2G3G External, 3G3G External.
 Analysis Radio performance a good KPI of site.( PRS)
 Coordination with Optimization team and perform optimization parameters changing.
 Follow up the site installation and configuration and ensure that meet customer requirement.
 Perform Troubleshooting/ fault diagnostic and problem solving.
 Transferring the competence of RNC & NodeB & OSS OM to the local engineers.

 August-2014 to April-2015: OMC Engineer of SRAN Project within GLOBACOM subcontractor of Telcabo, for MEDITEL Operator MOROCCO. (HUAWEI Technologie)
 Integration of the Huawei equipment 2G ,3G and 4G of BTS3900 / BTS3900A into customer RAN network and into iManager M2000 VER200R013
 Configuration and test of external alarms.
 Upgrade/update of the Huawei equipment.
 Troubleshooting during and after the integration.
 BTS Commissioning.
 Alarm clearance and troubleshooting.
 New features activation and network expansion.
 RET&TMA configuration.

 February 2013 – July 2014: OMC Support Engineer SRAN in Operation & Maintenance Dept, Ericsson MOROCCO TECHNOLOGIES for IAM project Cling up Marrakech:
 Cling up of the swap sites SRAN
 Commissioning and Integration new sites Ericsson 2G&3G.
 Coordination with the RF team for Drive Test
 Experience as an OSS/BSS engineer in Ericsson GSM network.

 OMC Activities: SRAN PROJECT.
 Support OMC in project Motorola swap of Single RAN
 Collect the needed information to create script for configuration of the nodes/ solutions.
 Commissioning and integration of new site, RBS (2000, 3000, 6000) 2G & 3G via OSS and on site.
 RBS Swap, 2000 and 3000 to RBS6000 (6102,6201,6202 and 6601) via OSS.
 Support of RBS integration on site.
 Configure: DUG 20 01, DUW 20 01, TCU 02 01.
 Activation EDGE, RBS and TRX Extension
 RBS supervision and maintenance
 Analyze KPIs (RBS&BSC).
 Generating KPIs 2G/3G and statistic handling of Huawei (Multi-Vendor area).
 Generating Alarms of Huawei (Multi-Vendor area).
 Re-homing of the sites.
 Integrate new parameters cells (LAC, CI, and EA) of BTS into MSC.
 Troubleshooting in the OSS.
 Implementation Band DSC1800 on the all sites GSM900.
 Activation third Carrier on sites 3G.
 Handling of BSC up gradation/expansion activity.
 Planning of bandwidth for new site and up gradation of present network.
 Responsible for O&M of Ericsson GSM network, which include BSC-APG40, BTS and transmission network.
 2G/3G Rehoming and Babysitting.
 Upgrade to new software at BSC.
 Creation and configuration DT and MO scripts for CELL in EVO BSC.
 Implementation the frequency plans (PDF).
 Generating KPIs 2G/3G and statistic handling.
 Generating DUMP CDD&MO.
 Trouble shooting of alarms.
 Change and update parameters.
 Perform configuration, and integration tests.

 January 2013- February 2013 : Huawei Morocco
 I have been worked in project of Swap Single RAN Huawei in Mohammedia and Casablanca with 3GCOM.
 Installation & Integration the new OSS Huawei in Maroc Telecom
 Execution of Whole Reliance GSM, TTSL Swap & Motorola in Morocco.
 Installation & Commissioning of Huawei GSM BTS (3900).
 Installation Battery bank, power plant.& Complete Electrical work
 Creation and configuration for Huawei BSS elements (BTS312, BTS3012, BTS3012A, BTS3012AE, BTS3900, BTS3900A, DBS3900, Abis, Ater/Hiway assignments, and SS7 in transcoder side) - Using BSC32 (R3 & R8) and BSC6000 (V9R3, V9R7, & V9R8C12), and BSC6900 (V9R13) platform

 October 2012 - December 2012 : Nokia Siemens Networks
 Installation, commissioning and integrated of 3 BSCs and 6 transcoders Motorola With Globacom

 May 2011 - April 2012: Nokia Siemens Networks Solutions Engineer MOROCCO
 Experience on Nokia 3G NodeBs: installation, commissioning and integration.
 Experience on BSS interface and monitoring tools: BTS Manager, Element Manager, NetHawk, BSC MML, D-Bus analyser, TEMS.
 Participate in FOA projects like I-HSPA, HSPA+, Dual carrier, All IP IuB, IuCs, Cell PCH, Extensions & NSN IPRAN Service Integration (IP-RAN Projects Maroc Telecom)
 Migration des WBTS Node-B de l’ATM Transport à l’IP RAN (Région Rabat, Salé).
 Working on the Flexi BTS project as a Senior Systems Engineer.
 Coordinating/participating in customer site visits for pro-active meetings, field operations, fault investigation, data retrieval and network trials/support.
 Implementation and Configuration of In building solution ( IBS )
 BSS Planning for indoor building solution (IBS)
 Verification of Installation & Commissioning of NEs prior to handover to O&M
 IU-flex / IUCS/IP testing
 Pre-On air testing for all NodeB's ; Data collection and Interference check
 Participated in customer meetings and proposed Managed Services solutions as per customer requirements

 December 2003 - May 2011: Motorola Senior BSS Engineer MOROCCO
 Installation of Indoor, Outdoor, BTS, BSC”s and in building solution (IBS) of Motorola.
 Installation, commissioning, integration of Motorola GPRS equipment (PCU, SGSN, GGSN, CommHub) for Morocco Telecom Project in Morocco.
 Managed and supervised hardware screening facility for Motorola GSM BSS equipment Technical Trainer of Motorola BSS products for customers
 BSS Re-configuration & Troubleshooting of BSCs & RXCDRs & BTSs
 24 Hours on call engineering for maintenance and troubleshooting.
 Supervising the agreements with Subcontractor companies.
 Assisting the survey team for the new sites
 Supervision of all the work to get them completed according to drawing
 Coordination with the RF team for Drive Test after the New Site Integration to assure the call quality, call handover.
 L1 Training to local Engineers.
 Managing Regional Teams
 Design new Motorola BSS plat form at existing networks
 Provide support to Field Operation on troubleshooting of BTS (configurations, antennae selection etc.)
 Provide technical expert support in customer live networks, including weekly rotations in 24/7 emergency on call/ on duty support;
 Acceptance Test for BTS & BSC & TRX & RXCDR Sites
 Supervision of the installation of the BTS FTK Sites.
 Showing the performance of the Equipment Installed to the Service Provider (Client).
 Support for team operation in the redeployment of the network (BTS, BSC, and RXCDR) and controls the issuance of all work orders.
 Provide Technical Training support for newly joined Engineers BSS Network Operations; maintenance and project IP / ADM: NSP team support.
 Generate technical reports & Work well in a team environment.
 Exemplify experience in leading and managing hardware implementation teams through all phases of the development life cycle.
 Report possible hardware problems to BSS engineers and perform troubleshooting as well as rectification of fault found for BSC, XCDR and PCU.

 Responsible for Health check for the entire Motorola BSS (BSCs, RXCRs, BTSs)
 Hardware Support Module management under NSP (NW Support Program)
 L-1 Technical support to O&M teams on Motorola BSS
 L-2&3 Support for Motorola BSS

 Support for the project swap BTS Siemens / SABAFON Project (Survey, process, and planning the migration).
 Commissioning, Integration of the BTS, BSC and RXCDR (Mukala_BSC; Adan_BSC; Haja_BSC &Qaten_BSC).
 Provide Technical Training support for newly joined Engineers BSS Network Operations.
 Daily Events Analysis & HW Issues Report generation
 Troubleshooting & Maintenance of the network

 Installation & Integration of Motorola Incell, MCell, Horizon & Horizon 2 BSS platform.
 Installation of GSM RF Antenna Systems and implementation of Site Radio Design, adhering to Antenna Gain, Azimuth, Height and Orientation requirements.
 Sweep test of the Antenna Systems using Tektronics & Anristu Site masters for verification of VSWR and Antenna coupling.
 Transceiver expansions of the existing GSM Base Stations for capacity enhancement.
 Conducting routine maintenance of Motorola BSS platforms, performing checks like Receive Level Offsets and TX power measurements.
 Operation, maintenance and expansion of existing Base Transceiver Stations.
 Installation and verification of a links for Siemens MSCs with Motorola BSS.
 Performing Commissioning of Motorola BTS, BSC & XCDR
 Conducting post activity health verification through statistics monitoring and drive test logs
Designing and implementation of power systems and backup battery banks for BSS Network Element.

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