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Photo Pascal
Pascal - Architecte ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT CV n°190105L001
  • Profil Architecte, Consultant, Assistant à maîtrise d'ouvrage - 59 ans
  • Domicile 3005 MELBOURNE (Australie)
Compétences techniques
Études et formations


2007 George Washington University Project Management –Risk Management Washington DC

1996 Joint Forces Staff College Compiegne

1994 Engineer school of Communications Information and Signal corps. Rennes
• Chartered Engineer in Computer Science and Electronics
• MA in Electronics and Computer Science for Command and Control
Specific trainings

2015 TOGAF certification
• TOGAF Certified (Level 2) 07/12/2015 Certificate
• TOGAF Foundation (Level 1) 27/10/2015 Certificate #
• MEGA Suite for NAF
• INCOSE training for SE

2006 NATO and Project Management Trainings
• MS project: ESI Virginia Beach PRINCE 2 Foundation. PMBOK Foundation Course Risk Management Course
• Logistic Course (NATO SCHOOL OBERAMMERGAU Germany)
• Orientation Course (NATO SCHOOL OBERAMMERGAU Germany)
• French Mother Tongue
• English: Fluent.

Expériences professionnelles

• 2018-2017 THALES AUSTRALIA – Solution Architect– MELBOURNE , AUSTRALIA
CMATS Solution Architect
• Development of the architecture of the future Civil Military Air Traffic System (CMATS) at System of Systems level. Development of a System Design Document using Capella (Eclipse Tool for Architecture) Implementation of a Model Based System Engineering Approach.

• 2016-2017 AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE – System Design Centre – ELANCOURT , FRANCE
System Architect SATCOM NG
• As part of the feasibility and risk mitigation study, development of the architecture of the future ground segment for the next SATCOM System of the French Armed Forces.

2013-2016 Lead System Architect National Security Shield Qatar
• Lead of the system Engineering team (9 Architects) including Architecture and Requirements. Consolidation of the architecture and requirement deliverables. Automated delivery of the SSDD; ICD and of the traceability between requirements Development of the architecture (operational, system and technical) of the border surveillance system NSS Qatar (SR 1.9). Definition of the design elements, modelling with MEGA suite for NAF. Integration of the requirements, delivery of the CDRL (based on MIL-STD 498 ISO 15288). Direction of a team of 4 architects. Interface with the customer.
Participation to the NATO IST 130 group on definition of NAF V4.0
• Support to the elaboration of the future NATO standard on NAF on architecture development integrating TOGAF. Lead and development of the part on “running examples implementing the Methodology NAF V4.
Participation to the NIAG SG216group on definition of Federation of clouds
• Development of the concepts and capability roadmap for development of federation of cloud technologies in NATO operations

System Architect C4I Operational design:
• Definition of the operational architecture of a C4I System (Strategic, Operational and Tactical). Modelling of the architecture with MEGA suite for NAF based on NATO Architecture Framework 3.1(NAF 3.1).
• Definition of the Logistic part of the operational architecture of a C4I System. Modelling of the architecture with MEGA suite for NAF based on NATO Architecture Framework 3.1 (Operational and Systems requirements management).
• Lead of the Human Machine Interface Integrated Project Team of a C4I System involving all stakeholders

• 2009-2011 CASSIDIAN System Design Centre ELANCOURT, FRANCE
System Architect:
• Early architecture study of the future systems for the French Forces (Système d’Information des Armées (SIA)) including infrastructure, communication and relationship with NATO programmes, NATO Network Enabled Capabilities ( NNEC), Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Information management).Accepted by the customer
• Study of EDA on Network Enabled Capability. Development of the Vision, the Overarching Architecture, the list of capabilities, services and main goals. Study accepted and relayed by EDA
• Development of the NATO Target Architecture (TA) of Deployable Communications Information System (DCIS) part of the Capability package CP 149.
• Chairman of C3 Integrated Project Team of the Net Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) coordinating the development of interoperable solutions and capabilities with NATO and Nations in the field of Command and Control Systems.

• 2005-2008 NATO Supreme Allied Command Transformation (NATO ACT) NORFOLK, Virginia, USA
Program Coordinator for Architecture Development – C4I Division:
• Definition of architecture development of Communications and Information Systems (CIS) with NC3A and NATO HQ C3 Staff (Average funding 1M€/Year).
• Integration of NATO architecture Framework V3 within ACT C4I division in ACT. Liaison with users' communities of interest, the nations and NATO representatives.
• Technical Design of the NATO Architecture Repository (NAR) providing an information share point for CIS capabilities.
• Definition and validation of a unique reference architecture portfolio for conducting capability developments.
• Chairman and member of NATO and multinational working groups related to C4I development and coordination
Staff officer Requirements Assessment-Future Capabilities Research and Technology Division:
• Definition of capabilities for Land and Joint activities, Capability requirements and capability gaps identification. Specifications of the Future Logistics information System for NATO (LOGFS) and of the concepts for implementing integrated logistics.
• Chairman of the LOGFS data management working group on the Information management of NATO Logistic data
• Member of the NIAG battle-lab and NNEC development studies
• 2002-2005 Central Directorate of Maintenance of the Army VERSAILLES, FRANCE
Information officer -Operational Maintenance Office –
• Technical delivery of the Maintenance Common Operational Picture Data Tool.
• Specification and development of a tool reporting technical readiness of the Army inventory

• 1996-2002 Maintenance Academy of the Army BOURGES, FRANCE
Chief Information Officer 2000-2002
• Management and Planning of CIS System of the school: 800 PC, 20 Networks. Security officer, Data Manager.
Director of the simulation LAB 1996-2000
• Technical Design, monitoring and project management of a training simulator “LEMO” (Maintenance training software) dedicated to maintenance officers in combat and operational situations. UML modelling, requirement management, tests, training and exercises build-up.-Requirement engineering, design and management of training and systems related to Regimental Information System for the part related to maintenance and logistic activities.

• 1994-1996 53rd Signal Corps Régiment LUNEVILLE, FRANCE
Commanding officer of the Maintenance Company
• Command of an experimental unit (150 men strong) implementing the Maintenance in Contact approach supporting Communication and C4I Systems. Planning and Management of maintenance activities for each equipment of the Regiment involved in the IS tactical network HADES. Fleet 3000 Major End Items responsibility of the 3 lines of support

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