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Ales Consultant KONDOR+

CV n°090520V001
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

Formal Education
1991 - 1995 Master of Science: Mathematical and Computer Simulations
Graduated from the Charles University of Prague, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, the spe¬ciali¬sa¬tion of Mathematical and Computer Simulations in the Science and Engine¬ering. Most im¬por¬tant topics were classical and modern numerical methods for non-linear problems and partial dif¬ferential equations.

1993 Half year scholarship staying at the University of Pavia, Italy

1986 - 1991 Master of Science: Teaching of Mathematics and Physics
Graduated from the Charles University of Prague, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, the spe¬ciali¬¬sation of Teaching of Mathematics and Physics.

Knowledge and skills overview
• Financial markets
• Risk management
• Reuters product range, mainly Kondor+
• Sybase SQL programming
• UNIX Bourn shell script programming
• Perl scripting
• PostScript language (basic)
• VBA programming (Excel, Windows VB scripts)
• .NOT framework C# programming
• General project management skills
• English language, driving license

A series of articles on financial theory with focus on FX and MM position keeping, interest rate risk and margin trading was published in the magazine Financni Management 1-3/2006, 6/2006, 2/2007.

Internationally Recognized Certifications
1994 Microsoft Certified Instructor

1996 Microsoft Certified Professional

1998 Reuters General Market and Product Certification

1999 ACI Dealing Certificate

2000 ISMA General Securities Market Certification

Expériences professionnelles

2005-Today Freelance Financial Systems Consultant

01/2006-Today Commerzbank Prague, position: Kondor+ Consultant
Outsourcing treasury management system, Reuters Kondor+ administration and maintenance.
Clarifying and recalculating Kondor+ results, like market values and profit / loss calculations, bond accrued interest, cost of carry, Gap Analysis etc.
Development of SYBASE T-SQL code, K+ Open Reports, UNIX Bourn shell scripts, Perl scripts.
Takeover of old report scripts, their enhancements.
IT administration tasks: establishing SYBASE backup routines, full UNIX UFS file dump procedures, building scripts for creating UNIX user logins, installation of some simple UNIX software like Adobe Reader, maintaining Kondor+ standard documentation (HTML and PDF format).
Troubleshooting Kondor+ KplusBatch error messages.
Administration of internal contribution server (DDS) with the contribution tool Reuters Powerplus Pro.
Administration of Reuters DACS system. DACS daemon installation on Kondor+ servers.
2.5 mandays per month.

03/2006-Today LBBW Bank CZ, position: Kondor+ Consultant
Reuters Kondor+ remote implementation in Prague with access to Vienna server (12 users, small project, one man show).
Explaining Kondor+ functionality, mainly FX position keeping.
Building workaround for the local currency CZK profit loss calculations, retrieving Czech cen-bank official rates (SYBASE T-SQL development, FTP script and MS Excel small VBA development).
Adding functionality for back office: client confirmations based on Kondor+ database with layouts built in MS Excel.
Customisation development, e.g. adding margin trading functionality to Kondor+, nostro account cash flow reports, FX position for local currency CZK (Vienna server uses EUR), etc. (Mostly SYBASE SQL, UNIX Bourn shell and Perl development.)
Troubleshooting Reuters Dealing 3000 interface.
After finishing project, occasional support about 1-2 man days monthly.

09/2007-Today PreFIS – Ministry of Finance Czech Republic, position: TREMA Consultant
TREMA Finance Kit (Wall Street Systems) treasury management system support, occasional support about 1-2 man days monthly.

09/2006-03/2009 PreFIS - National Bank of Slovakia, position: TREMA Consultant
TREMA Finance Kit treasury management system implementation.
Leading business workshops, analysing client requirements.
Creating formal description of the target functionality.
Suggestion of solution architecture and data models for e.g. auctions procedures, mandatory minimum reserves, eligible assets management etc.
Architecture for calculating Value at Risk RiskMetrics datasets based on historical data in a database for VaR calculations (planned Perl development).
Creating strategy for static data and deals migration from legacy systems to the new one.
The contract is not directly with NBS, it goes via a consulting company PreFIS, Bratislava. Utilisation 11 mandays per months.

07/2007-12/2008 Komercni banka Prague (Societe Generale), position: Kondor+ Consultant
Business analysis, preparation SKK to EUR changeover in investment banking systems (Kondor+, Reuters BO system KTP, other in-house interfaced systems). Building documents: Expressions Of Needs, Test Targets, Test Scenarios, Test Data, Project Plan etc.
Approx. 5 mandays per month

01/2006-01/2006 DEXIA Bank, position: Kondor+ Consultant
Short change project realising Kondor+ and Kondor Global Limit (KGL) responsibility move from one department to another one.
Kondor+ application, administration and custom reports development training for the new Kondor+ administrators.
Building sample SQL custom scripts with automation using Kondor+ ReportBatch and UNIX Bourn shell script.

02/2005-12/2005 Vseobecna Uverova Banka, position: Kondor+ Project Manager and Consultant
Migration from TREMA Finance Kit to REUTERS Kondor+ and KGL (24 users).
Starting as a Reuter’s employee, finishing the project as a freelancer.
Building project plan, preparing weekly project management meetings, managing Reuters consulting resources from SK, CZ, RU and F.
Configuration for FX and MM markets: writing business studies with agreed configuration.

Supervising a junior consultant configuring security market.
Clarifying yield curve calculations, profit loss methodologies, cost of carry etc.
Creating the strategy for migration weekend, keeping continuity for positions, PL, cost of carry on FX positions.
Development of batch deal interfaces from Kondor+ to data warehouse system and portfolio management system (SQL, UNIX sh script development).
Architecture and development for interfaces to Kondor+ (KplusImport utility automated with PERL script).

Transferring market values to back office system (Kondor+ report script, using ReportBatch and UNIX sh script for reformatting the results, FTP transfer script).
Kondor+ Custom Windows development for extra data saving and adding functionality to Kondor+ deal capture (e.g. more details on stock exchange brokerage fees, changing default values selected on MM deal capture).
Development of external calculation of cost of carry index and importing to Kondor+ database using KplusImport (PERL scripting).
Writing documentation after development of each customisation.

1997-2005 REUTERS (full time regular job)

2000 – 2005 Job position: Senior Treasury Solutions Consultant

1997 – 2000 Job position: Customer Relations Executive

The main projects:
06/2004-01/2005 PPF Banka, position: Kondor+ Consultant
o REUTERS Kondor+ and Kondor Global Limits (KGL) implementation
o Acting as a business consultant (FX, MM, yield curves configurations, PL on bonds, other methodologies description, limits configuration, etc.)
o Acting as a Kondor+ developer (K+ Custom Windows, K+ Open Reports, K+ deal tickets, custom calculations on limits utilisation).

09/2002-05/2004 Komercni Banka (daughter of Societe Generale), position: Kondor+ Project Manager and Consultant
o TREMA Finance Kit migration to REUTERS Kondor+KTP (49+10 users)
o Project management, project planning, weekly PM meetings, organising work for Reuters consultants from CZ, SK, RO, PL, RU, F.
o Acting as a business consultant (PL methodologies, configuration possibilities, static data configuration, establishing workflow procedures etc.)
o Acting as a developer (Kondor+ Custom Windows, Open Reports, market values transfer to BO system using Kondor+ Financial Server, UNIX sh scripting, customisation of Kondor+ deal tickets using manipulation of PostScript code)
o Interface Kondor+KTP: configuration, customisation of fields transferred from Kondor+ to KTP (BO system). Building reconciliation utility in MS Excel VBA Application with usage of SYBASE SQL stored procedures and ORACLE SQL code.
o Supervising junior consultants who were building KTP confirmations and KTP accounting rules.

11/2001-03/2002 CSOB (daughter of KBC Bank), position: Project Manager and Consultant
o Reuters Treasury Solution – Automated Dealing implementation
o SYBASE based electronic trading systems between CSOB and clients and branches over the Internet for FX deals
o Project planning, application configuration, building SQL scripts for reporting

1997-2000 Customer support activities
o HYPOVEREINSBANK Kondor+ project: End user trainer
o COMMERZBANK Kondor+ project: End user trainer
o SLOVENSKA SPORITELNA Bratislava (daughter of Erste Bank) Kondor+ project: End user trainer
o ERSTE BANK Prague Kondor+ project: End user trainer
o Supporting other Reuters products: Reuters Terminal, Reuters Xtra, PowerPlus Pro, Reuters 3000 series, Dealing, etc.

1993-1997 Freelance Computer Trainer
o Training Lotus 1-2-3, MS Excel and other Microsoft products
o A couple of direct clients like pension fund VYSEHRAD and also co-operating with COMPUTER HELP, s.r.o., the first certified Microsoft training centre in Prague