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Photo de Yassine, Data Scientist PYTHON

Yassine Data Scientist PYTHON

CV n°200805Z001
Compétences techniques
Études et formations

University curriculum
• 2014 - 2017: Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics - Pau and Pays de l’Adour University (France) & Hassan I University of
Settat (Morocco).
• 2010 - 2013: Engineer in Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences - Faculty of Sciences and Technologies,
Mohammedia (Morocco).
• 2008 - 2010: University diploma in Applied Mathematics - Faculty of Sciences and Technologies, Errachidia.
• June 2008: High school diploma in Physics and Chemistry Sciences - Abi El-Kacim High School, Ouarzazate

• Machine Learning: by using Python “Scikit Learn” or R:
– Supervised learning:
∗ Regression: linear, multiple linear, polynomial, SVR, decision tree, and random forest.
∗ Classification: logistic regression, K-NN, SVM, naive Bayes, decision tree, random forest and XGBoost.
∗ Evaluate the results by using some metrics such as confusion matrix or precision score.
– Unsupervised learning: Clustering by using K-means or hierarchical clustering “agglomerative ”.
– NLP “nltk”: cleaning the texts, create the bag of words, and apply classification models.
– Reinforcement learning: UCB and Thomson sampling.
• Deep Learning:
– Supervised deep Learning: ”keras” with Tensorflow backend
∗ ANN: Create the input, hidden and output layers, compile by using optimizer ’gradient/stochastic gradient
descent’ and fit the model.
∗ CNN: Image preprocessing, convolution, max pooling, flattening, full connection, compile and fit the model.
∗ RNN: Initisalize the RNN, create the LSTM layers, the output layer, compile and fit the model.
– Unsupervised deep learning: ”PyTorch”
∗ Self-organizing Maps
∗ Boltzmann Machine
∗ AutoEncoders
• Computer Vision: OpenCV, SSD and GANs by using PyTorch.
• Mathematical softwares : GetFEM++, Matlab, Octave.
• Programming: C, C++, Python, JAVA, Visual Basic.
• Databases: SQL, Merise (Power AMC), PostgerSQL, MySQL.

Scholarships and awards
• July 2018: Best defended thesis - in 2018 in mathematics and computer science in Hassan I University (Morocco).
• February 2017 - July 2017: Erasmus+ - a scholarship for funding my research internship at Granada Univ., Spain.
• 2014 - 2017: Excellence scholarship - a scholarship awarded by the C.N.R.S.T, Morocco.
• 2014 - 2017: Campus France - a scholarship for funding my stays of the cotutelle convention with France.
• 2011 - 2013: Rank 1 - in the second and the third years of my engineering training.

• Y. ********, Approximation by enriched conforming and nonconforming finite elements, thesis, 2017.
• B. Achchab, A. Agouzal, A. Guessab, Y. ********, An extended family of non-conforming quasi-Wilson elements for solving
elasticity problem, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume 344-345:1-19, 2018.
• M. Bachar, A. Guessab, O. Mohammed, Y. ********, New Cubature formulas and Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities
using integrals over some hyperplanes in the d-dimensional hyper-rectangle, App. Math. and Comp., 315:347-362, 2017.
• A. Guessab, Y. ********, A unified and general framework for enriching finite element approximations, chapter of the
Progress in Approximation Theory and Applicable Complex Analysis, Volume 117 of the series, Springer Optimization
and Its Applications, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-49242-1 22, pp 491-519, April 2017.
• B. Achchab, A. Guessab, Y. ********, A new class of nonconforming finite element for enrichment of Q1 element on convex
polytope, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume 271, 657-668, 2015.

• Y. ********, Extension and construction of Quasi-Wilson and modified Quasi-Wilson finite elements, Conference talk in
the Fourteenth International Conference Zaragoza-Pau on Mathematics and its Applications Jaca, Spain, September 12
- 15, 2016.
• Y. ********, B. Achchab, Linear elastic isotropic problem with a new family of finite elements of Quasi-Wilson type,
International Conference talk in Numerical Analysis and Optimization Days (JANO11), Beni-Mellal, Morocco, 27 - 29
April 2016.
• Y. ********, A general approach for enrichment of the nonconforming finite element in any dimension, Conference talk in
the 28th International Conference of The Jangjeon Mathematical Society, Turkey, 15 - 19 may 2015.

English: Read, Written, Spoken French: Read, Written, Spoken. Arabic: Native language. Spanish: Basic level

Expériences professionnelles

Professional Experiences

• September 2018 - up to now : Franche Comt´e University, France
Teaching and research assistant
– I teach the bachelor and engineer students: Analysis, Algebra, Probability & Statistics, Numerical analysis,
Mathematics tools for Physics/Economics/Earth Science.
– Research activities: Resolution of PDEs by using numerical methods, in particular, finite element method.
• July - August 2019 : Novosibirsk University (Russia)
Invited researcher
– Introduction of a d-dimensional quadrature formula which will be exact up to any order k, in progress.
• Mai 2019 : Laboratory of Mathematics, Franche-Comt´e university, Besan¸con, France
Developer: analysis of tweets about the Enedis company by using TextBlob in the framework of the week Maths-Entreprises
• 2014 - 2017 : Pau University France and Hassan I University Morocco
Ph.D. student
– I have introduced a class of enriched finite elements to solve elasticity problem in order to improve the convergence
properties and to avoid the looking phenomenon. Then, I have implemented one element of this class to test its
effectiveness to solve the above problem by using the C++ version of Getfem++ library.
– I have introduced an extension of many well known cubature formulas, such as, midpoint, trapezoidal and Simpson’s
formulas, to any dimension. Then, I have implemented them in two dimensions, by using Matlab, to test their
accuracy to approximate the integral of some test functions.
2011 - 2013 : Hassan II University, Morocco
Numerical simulations developer
– Programming the “Genetic Algorithms” with Matlab and comparison with Gatool and GUI.
– Programming the finite difference method and the finite volume method to solve the Poisson and Heat equations,
respectively, with Matlab.

• 15 April - 15 September 2015: OPERA laboratory, Pau, France
Programming of the forward and backward Gabor transform in a part-time internship with Matlab
• 20 February - 20 June 2013: LH Computer company, Casablanca, Morocco
Designer and developer of a web application for clinical management by using PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, and
• May - June 2012: the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries, Rabat, Morocco
Designer and developer of an application for “calculating extrapolation coefficient area frame” by using JAVA(NetBeans
IDE) and PostgreSQL.