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Compétences techniques
Études et formations

 70-300 - Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures
 70-542 – Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 : Application Development
 70-630 - Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Configuration
 70-431 - TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - Implementation and Maintenance
 70-305 - Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
 70-316 - Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
 70-320 – Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft .NET Framework
 MS Partner Academy : Understanding and Positioning the New Features of Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 for Technical Pre-Sales Professionals
 SharePoint 2010 Ignite formation in Berlin (October 2010)
 MS Partner Academy : Understanding and Positioning the New Features of Office SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation for Technical Pre-Sales Professionals

 Technical expert for SharePoint and Microsoft development
 Specialized Presales & Architect in SharePoint 2007-2010 & Office Communication Server 2007
 Knowledge of Ms Business Intelligence products
 Project leader for various works
 Great interest for all related Internet, new technologies and databases aspects.

 Creator and owner of the “SharePoint Specialists Luxembourg” group on Linkedin (150 members): ********?gid=123376
 Creator of the “SharePoint UserGroup Luxembourg” with 6 others members – Current activity: President of the Usergroup

 Technical, organizational & financial aspects of the Cloud Computing solutions: Microsoft technology – Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), Azure…
 Integration of FAST search solution in SharePoint 2010

 French and Spanish mother tongues.
 Knowledge of English (technical English).
 Dutch, school background.

Expériences professionnelles

Mai 2011 – Now: Freelance SharePoint Expert
 Looking for Architecture (Infrastructure & Development), Project Management & Business Analyst in SharePoint and associated technologies (SharePoint, Unified Communication & Business Intelligence).
 Freelance Specialized Senior SharePoint consultant & Technical Project Expert SharePoint
 For Luxembourg and Belgium

 Missions & projects
o Migration planning – Document Management company
Prepare the migration to SharePoint 2010 with, technical and business level.
 Propose new architecture, propose functional migration planning …

o Business Intelligence – European Organization (Bank) – Luxembourg
Creation of a BI solution within SharePoint 2010 in order to create a “One bank, one truth” business application. Creation of KPI, scorecards, dashboards.
Use of PerformancePoint 2010, SQL Analysis Services and Reporting Services.

 Creation of a unique repository of KPI for the bank with definition, calculation rule, data owner… Use of workflow in order to validate or cancel change request on this repository.
Creation of an InfoPath Form in order to collect/sourcing of manual indicators (KPI); data is stored on SQL Server and redesigned to cubes.

o Search performance improvement – Document Management company
Improve the search (crawl – indexation) of SharePoint 2007 on several millions of documents
 First tests (with improvement of hardware and configuration) are : Average of +/- 2 millions of documents in 10 hours in a full crawl and 5 hours for Incremental

o Train Change Request – Rail management – Luxembourg national company
Creation of a complete “Train change request management” within SharePoint 2010. InfoPath form is used to retrieve and create “Change Request” with .Net code; WCF web services are used to create business logic and connection to database; data are stored on SQL in order to provide easier access to other applications. SharePoint workflows are used to:
 Validate change request
 Keep up-to-date information between Intranet (where trains administrators works on change request) and Extranet (where customers create change request)

 Training & workshops provided
o 10174A : “Configuring & Administering Microsoft SharePoint 2010”
o 50354B : “SharePoint 2010 SharePoint Designer”

2010 – Mai 2011 : DELOITTE LUXEMBOURG: ASSISTANT MANAGER // SharePoint Expert
 European Organization Luxembourg – Study of opportunity for an Extranet solution - Expert in Enterprise Portal and SharePoint solution
• Provide a preliminary study including the project limits and opportunities, identification of key stakeholders, development and assessment of the project objectives in business cases (with the project economic value)
• Formalize a scoping paper that will compile the key objectives of the project
• Contribute to the definition of the project charter; provision of selected solutions; formalization of the project initiation document (PID); and, identification of possible quick wins
• Design of the project roadmap including what, when, and how the functionalities would be implemented
• Provide a gap analysis between the current architecture and the requirements of the extranet

 Insurance Belgium – Business Analysis and creation of a proof-of-concept for a tactical Document Management platform within the “Solvency II” program.
• Identification of business needs and requirements through interviews and workshops; transposition in technical feasibilities; security governance; architecture of the solution; creation of several governance process based on best practices and specificities of the program (“What is the process for a security access demand/change for a particular workstream behind the Solvency II program”…). Training of several end-users and administrative roles.

 Deloitte Luxembourg – Creation of several commercial and technical documents for presales and promotion of the Deloitte solution.
• Internal advises for the Knowledge Management Solution based on SharePoint

 European Organization Luxembourg – Collaboration strategy around Corporate platform - Expert in MS SharePoint solution
• Definition of strategic functional objectives in regards to information collaboration with aims to offer innovative collaboration environments
• Design of the functional strategy in a functionality and organisation development roadmap
• Alignment of the IT strategy in relation to information management and collaboration and identification of the IT enablers for MS SharePoint
• Design of the IT development roadmap including what, when, and how the functionalities

 SharePoint Presales & Technical Project Expert
o Architect SharePoint & Senior Microsoft Consultant
o Presales - spécialisé en technologies SharePoint, Unified Communication & Business Intelligence

- Several Presales on SharePoint 2010: Presentation of our solution: validation of new functionalities of SharePoint 2010 (during the beta period), creation of prototype (Poc)…
o Document management – Business intelligence (Performance Point) – Record Management – Integration of FAST - New architecture and infrastructure – Specific problematic on development in .Net – Workflows and organizational solutions…
- Creation of several “Plaquettes commerciales” for SharePoint 2010: presentation of our SharePoint 2010 solution
- Unified Communication – Architecture, deployment, topology, external access, integration with existing infrastructure, with Tandberg solutions…
- SharePoint 2007 Application Development & Architecture - Specific development to SharePoint 2007. Architecture discussions with specific problematic.
- SharePoint & Microsoft Business Intelligence Suite - SQL Server 2005 (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), PerformancePoint Server 2007 & Integration with SharePoint (Excel Services, KPI, DashBoard…).
- Visual Studio 2008 & VSTS 2008 - News and improvements VS2008 & VSTS 2008 for .Net developers
- Several Technical Offers
Creation of technico-commercial offers based on the presale discussion

- Microsoft SharePoint 2010 event: Presentation of our solution for SharePoint 2010, first feedbacks on our projects with SharePoint 2010… This event was piloted by me and we receive 85 customers for this event.
- Microsoft Unified Communication event in collaboration with Microsoft Belgium: Demonstration of the new functionalities of Office Communication Server (OCS) – Exchange 2007 – Communicator – Integration with Office & SharePoint
- Microsoft SharePoint & Kofax integration event: Demonstration of Right Management Services with Office 2007. Presentation of a complete Document lifecycle (Create, share, search…)

- European Organization Luxembourg – Implementation of SharePoint 2007 in a service of the European Communities. Coaching of 2 developers on a SharePoint Workflow project.
- Fiduciaries
Analysis, architecture and planning of several projects in .Net. Coaching of 4 internal developers.
- Insurance
Performance Audit for a business application in .Net (Architecture: SQL Server, DB2, ORM – Nhibernate, SSIS). Planning for the realization of the audit conclusions.
- Microsoft Competencies
Management of the partner competencies “Information Worker”. Win “Spécialisation Portals and Collaboration” competence.

- European Services Belgium (Eurocontrol)
o Bid : Part of the team that has made the technical response of the tender - Specific with SharePoint 2010
o My part of the project: Technical analysis of the migration of CIRCA to SharePoint 2010 within Eurocontrol
- European Services Luxembourg
o Creation of a specific prototype with SharePoint 2010: Record Management & technical propositions in order to migrate a line-of-business application
- European Services Luxembourg
o Creation of a prototype with SharePoint 2010: Uses of document management functionalities.

- Banking Sector – Luxembourg
o Technical audit of SharePoint architecture: Search, Databases size projection, infrastructure…
- Telecommunication Sector – Luxembourg
o Creation of a “Purchase Order management” with InfoPath & SharePoint 2010. Presales, Offer, consulting and coach of the developer.
- Banking sector Luxembourg
o Important infrastructure changes for SharePoint 2007 (Cluster SQL 2008 & Windows 2008 R2…)
- European Organization Luxembourg – Implementation of SharePoint 2007:
o Specific problematic: Architecture, Variations, RMS, Backup/Restore, WCM, Index management, security aspects…
o High-Level consultancy : Infrastructure, Intranet topology, collaboration sites, backup and restore procedures, variations, security, deployment of Content types, high-level development – 4 environments (Dev/Integration/Test & Prod) for 1000 users.
- Public – Luxemburg services
Analysis and development of a specific WebPart for SharePoint. TimerJob for CRM integration & WebPart for visualization (SPGridView with filter…)
- Insurance
SQL Server 2005 Migration & integration with SharePoint 2007. Migration of several reports from Access to Reporting Services 2005. Creation of SSIS packages. SSRS integration with SharePoint in order to manage/view reports from internal portal.
- Banking: Fund Management system in Moss 2007
Development of a “fund processing” solution in SharePoint – Creation of several WebParts and a deployment solution. Uses of Job Timers.
- Public Sector: Migration WSS 3.0 to MOSS 2007
Specific migration of WSS sites 3.0 to SharePoint Moss Portal. Uses of the “Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment Namespace – SPExport – SPImport” functionalities.
- Internal project: “Nakami” Project
Architecture for an extranet solution with Moss 2007.
- Bid : Response to BID with SharePoint 2007 & integration with other technologies
Create infrastructure …

- Telecommunication
Technical Audit of an OCS environment with 2 Edges Servers for A/V conferencing, External Access… Recommendations and planning (architecture) for the Release 2 of OCS. Integration between OCS and Tandberg hardware solutions.
- Fund management
Analysis and Risk management for an Office migration from 2002 to 2007.
- Internal project : Centre de competence Microsoft : Establishment of the internal “Centre de competence Microsoft” – Development & Architecture – Sogeti Luxemburg
- Banking Sector: Microsoft Certificate Server
Update of an entire solution: Creation of certificates from “Certificate Server” (Windows 2003 - “Xenroll”) for Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Vista compatibility.

01.2008 – 02.2008 – ACANE CONSULTING – LUXEMBOURG:
 Microsoft MSDN Event 15 January – Luxemburg – Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2008
Creation of a presentation: Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio Team System 2008; Integration with SharePoint; Database & architect version.

 Performance Point 2007
Self-study of the new solution. Creation of a PPT presentation.


 Internal IT Portal Solution - SharePoint 2007
Creation of a new “Internal IT Portal” Solution based on SharePoint 2007 and used to store documents, tasks, calendar information by projects. Used with Groove.

 Creation of a “SharePoint 2007 Seminary”
Creation and presentation of all samples for the SharePoint 2007 Seminary for Vision in February 2007 (50 people).
Several presales for Vision: SharePoint 2007. Creation of PPT presentation and scenarios.

 Training: Development on SharePoint 2007
Creation and training of a course to understand the specific development philosophy on SharePoint 2007 (no MOC available).

 Meeting Management solution
Development of a solution of Meeting Management based on SharePoint 2007 (MOSS). InfoPath Forms and Workflows.

 Migration of Public Folder solution to SharePoint 2007
Creation of a new application based on SharePoint 2007 to migrate a collaboration solution based on public folder in Exchange 2003. Development of a download solution (select files, compresses files on the fly and notification) and uses of Time Job in SharePoint 2007. Use of Live Communication Server 2005 for web-presence solution. Analysis of an “Automatic Site Provisioning” solution with Workflow.

 Internal migration ISA 2004 to ISA 2006
Migration of Firewall and Proxy from ISA 2004 to ISA 2006. Use of SSO solution on ISA 2006 (domain and certificate).

2006 - 2007 - TELINDUS - LUXEMBOURG:
 SharePoint 2007: Meeting Management
Development of an entire solution of Meeting Management based on SharePoint 2007 (MOSS). Uses of SmartPart, Event Handlers, features, workflows and SharePoint Solutions package.

 SharePoint 2007: “Mailboxes de groupe”
Migration of a Notes application to SharePoint 2007 (Beta). Use of email-enabled “Discussion list”. Bank account, part of a RDP program in Exchange 2007 beta.

 Business Performance Management
Development in C# 2005, SQL Server 2005, Reporting services 2005 and Analysis Services 2005: Web application for creating professional business reports. Participating to the BPM project on Cartesis Solutions (configuration and some development).

 Shareholders
Development: Web application for determining payments of Arcelor Shareholders.

 Accounting
Development: Web application to edit/view “Reporting and Consolidation Manual” for the Accounting section. Use of SQL 2000 Notification Services to maintain and send notifications to selected users.

 Brussels
POC: Windows SharePoint Services 2.0
o Development C#: Log Events from Documents libraries integrated to WSS.
o Reporting: Reports integrated to WSS with Reporting Services 2000
o Configuration: WSS for a specific Document management (Intranet/Extranet)
Specific development: Application for SharePoint mobile users using BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Services from Microsoft).

 Strategy
Creation of a Business Intelligence System (Intranet in C#). Complex web-platform to analyze structured data for the Strategy section. Reporting (text and graphics) send to PowerPoint for best presentation.

 Rational ClearQuest
Upgrade of IBM ClearQuest product. Update of SQL Server 2000 database.
Installation and Configuration of Windows 2003 Server.

 Internal “Time Tracker” solution
Creation of a secured portal website: Track time worked on projects.
Use several technologies: ASP.Net, SQL Server, Reporting Services…

 WSS 2.0
Installation and configuration of Windows SharePoint Services 2.0.
Consulting & configuration of SQL Server 2000 databases

 Internal: SharePoint Portal Server – Project Server – Reporting Services – Analysis Services
Installation and configuration of SharePoint Portal Server 2003 with Project Server 2003. Use of Reporting Services and Analysis Services
Creation of InfoPath forms in relation with SharePoint Services.
Configuration of ISA Server 2004 – SSL – VPN - IIS / Windows 2003 server

1999 – 2004: FREELANCE - BELGIUM:
 Windows/Internet development, network administration & Webmaster.
 Project management & realization of projects based on various Microsoft technologies
 Creation of applications in VB.net, Asp.net and « Crystal Report » of Configuration & daily management of servers (fileserver, web, extranet…) – Windows 2000/2003, Exchange and SQL Server 2000.
 Configuration of all Windows platforms (98-Me-2000-XP)
 Configuration & use of SUS (Software Update Services), GPO (Group Policy objects), AD, DNS, IIS, DHCP, Wins, …
 Configuration & use of Terminal Server and VPN (PPTP), or PC Anywhere for managing servers.
 Configuration of routers & firewall: WatchGuard Firewall X500, Cisco 800 series (use of CLI & SDM), Symantec Firewall Appliance…
 Consulting for creation of complex networks for various company
 Configuration and use of Microsoft Office Programs 2000/2003 (Excel, Access, Outlook…): Add-ins…

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